Counterfeit Electrical Products Selling Under Manufacturer BrandCounterfeiting has become a serious concern for electrical...
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Counterfeit electrical products selling under manufacturer brand


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Counterfeiting has become a serious concern for electrical industry and has a negative impact on the manufacturers and consumers of genuine products

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Counterfeit electrical products selling under manufacturer brand

  1. 1. Counterfeit Electrical Products Selling Under Manufacturer BrandCounterfeiting has become a serious concern for electrical industry and has a negative impact on themanufacturers and consumers of genuine products. When a counterfeit operation in a particularlocation ceases to exist, multiple units crop up in different locations, thus constantly affecting theoriginal product manufacturers’ reputations. . In fact detecting the fake items is a challenge even for the genuine manufacturers, and that is thereason why these counterfeit products are available easily in bulk. The use of counterfeit electricalproducts can cause grave safety hazards that can lead to loss of lives. According to Bernd Heinze,president and CEO of the Philadelphia-based Sequent Insurance Group, “The size of the counterfeitelectrical market is difficult to determine because we don’t know that a product is counterfeit unless ithas been previously tested, inspected or failed to perform its intended function,”“Most estimates, although conservative, project the amount of global counterfeiting of electricalproducts between $11 billion and $20 billion annually and between $300 million and $400 million inNorth America alone.”One of the biggest challenges faced by electrical industry is the physical danger to consumer apart fromthe economic impact on the manufacturer. The counterfeit product manufacturers play with the lives ofmillions as they produce inferior circuit breakers, conduit fittings, electrical receptacles, power cordsand extension cords. They violate the safety standards by replacing the expensive and durable copperwires with the thinner and cheaper versions to sell the products at cheap prices in the market. Due tothe cheap prices, the products are sold in bulk endangering innumerable lives. Counterfeiting and piracyof intellectual property is growing rapidly and when infringed upon, it becomes difficult for companiesto innovate and create breakthrough solutions that bolster the economy. Therefore having an IP Protection solution that extends beyond the legal department has now becomean indispensable part of manufacturing management. With internet providing wide-reaching consumers,it creates opportunities for counterfeiters to conduct sales online. They create online merchant sitesthat can be removed or relocated quickly. With increasing number of such e-commerce sites, it becomesdifficult for enforcement agencies to track the culprits.It has become important to deploy anti-counterfeiting solution that delivers convincing brandprotection results, and provides you with compelling brand reputation strategies. . Since counterfeitlistings often go on and off the Web within 48 hours, only real-time solutions can find all the violators.These real-time online fraud detection solutions deploy automated processes for consistentmonitoring of the online sites to detect the main source that indulge in counterfeit operations.Thus, a complete end-to-end brand protection solution that includes investigation and enforcementservices can identify and stop online counterfeiters and gray market offenders.Know more on: Sales Intelligence & Online Deduction Solution