Social Media for the SEO Minded


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We recently spoke at the Austin Internet Marketer's Meetup; this is the abridged version for those who couldn't join us.

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Social Media for the SEO Minded

  1. 1. social media welcome to the austin internet marketer meetup [today's presenters:] benn rosales, @bennrosales lani rosales, @laniar
  2. 2. social media let's talk about social media:
  3. 3. social media how not to be a seo expert in social media [ 3 tips to avoid looking like every other seo expert: ]
  4. 4. social media 1. don't call yourself an expert .
  5. 5. social media [rather: “i'm a seo strategist ”]
  6. 6. social media 2. don't use smarmy lines like “ i'll get you to #1 in google”
  7. 7. social media [rather: “i'm #1 in google” or “my clients are #1 in google” and prove it ]
  8. 8. social media 3. don't spam in social media
  9. 9. social media [rather: target folks with company websites and get to know them ...
  10. 10. social media ...this makes you approachable to questions that open doors organically ]
  11. 11. social media QUESTION: how much time should you spend reaching clients?
  12. 12. social media [social media is about your clients reaching YOU .]
  13. 13. social media [if you could send mailers every day for free , would you?]
  14. 14. social media [if instead of mailing, you could have folks walk into your office every day...
  15. 15. social media ...wanting service, would you take that instead ?]
  16. 16. social media [social media is your office store front, so man your office ]
  17. 17. social media QUESTION: where should you not waste your time ?
  18. 18. social media [the biggest waste of time in social media is simply diving in ]
  19. 19. social media [the best use of time is in listening ]
  20. 20. social media QUESTION: who should handle web presence in your business?
  21. 21. social media [a person who is not only passionate about people, but about your brand]
  22. 22. social media QUESTION: is it a full time job to handle social media effectively?
  23. 23. social media [connecting with your consumers in your online storefront is a full time job]
  24. 24. social media [use technology that allows you to be in more than one place at a time]
  25. 25. social media QUESTION: is it too late to start now?
  26. 26. social media [typically, those late to the game win because the book on don'ts has been written for them]
  27. 27. social media [think about it: apple, google and dell]
  28. 28. social media QUESTION: do you plan or just jump in?
  29. 29. social media [would you go into battle without a game plan?]
  30. 30. social media [do you often underestimate your competition?]
  31. 31. social media [do you give advice to your consumer before listening to the question?]
  32. 32. social media QUESTION: what is the key to success?
  33. 33. social media failure is primarily caused by companies not understanding the culture and offending
  34. 34. social media success is primarily caused by companies being adding value
  35. 35. social media Thanks for listening!
  36. 36. social media Let's connect! [email_address] @bennrosales, @laniar