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Better Business Brunch: Smart Retail by Cameron Priest


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Cameron Priest, CEO of TradeGecko shares his insights on Retail.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Better Business Brunch: Smart Retail by Cameron Priest

  1. 1. Smart Retail Using Technology to Increase Your Sales and Grow Your Profits
  2. 2. • New Zealander based in Singapore • TradeGecko is my 3rd company • Providing the power of Walmart’s supply-chain to SMEs • Faced similar problems in previous business • Thousands of users world-wide Cameron Priest
  3. 3. Why Invest in Retail Tech? Increase Sales and Cut Costs @newleafph #smartretail
  4. 4. Customer opens subsidiaries in 4 additional countries and increased sales by 600% A customer halves the quantity of stock on- hand by accurately managing forecasting A customer saved 3.5 Million pesos by reducing order processing staff from 4 to 1
  5. 5. Good Processes = Growth & Profit Real-time actionable insights Accurate stock-control Reduce stock obsolecence @newleafph #smartretail
  6. 6. A week of spreadsheets The Spreadsheet Cup 33 sheets 2 minutes just to open due to size 6 months free to the worst spreadsheet
  7. 7. The Software Options
  8. 8. The Better Alternative Cloud-based systems that offer you what you need at a fraction of the cost @newleafph #smartretail
  9. 9. Real-Time Snapshots of your inventory and sales allows you to view fastest & slowest selling products and take action, today. @newleafph #smartretail
  10. 10. Economic Order Quantities report enables you to purchase what you need, when you need it, reducing the cost of holding too much stock @newleafph #smartretail
  11. 11. HOW DO I WORK SMARTER? (How do I make more money?) @newleafph #smartretail
  12. 12. Top 5 KPIs to Optimize • Cost & Profitability of products and customers • Lead time of items and sell-through rates • Inventory turns • Total landed costs of items • Deliveries to time, cost & quality If you’d like to see actual research let me know after the talk @newleafph #smartretail
  13. 13. Others • Optimization of stock • Having the right goods at the right time • Having the data in a centralized database • Have a reporting engine that can provide actionable insights • Real-time sales & inventory data @newleafph #smartretail
  14. 14. Real-time supply chain software that tracks sales, purchasing, inventory, creates reports and gives actionable analytics to your business @newleafph #smartretail
  15. 15. Tradegecko SuperpowersTradeGecko’s SUPER POWERS
  16. 16. Other Tools • Xero Accounting • Shopify E-commerce • Dropbox • Google Apps • PayrollHero @newleafph #smartretail
  17. 17. THANKS! Thank you! Try it out and I’m excited to hear your success stories. _____________________________ Contact us: Twitter: @TradeGecko Visit: Email: