Better Business Brunch: Online Recruitment by Paul Rivera


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Paul Rivera presents how using online tools can help increase the efficiency of the recruitment process.

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Better Business Brunch: Online Recruitment by Paul Rivera

  1. 1. Online Recruitment Identifying, Assessing and Hiring the Best Talent Paul V. Rivera Founder and CEO, Kalibrr @privera
  2. 2. Partner with our clients to discover and utilize relevant technology Partner and invest in game changers Give back to the business community through learning events and resources
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  4. 4. “There will never be enough talented people who have the exact skills that companies need, because technology is changing at lightning fast speed and skills that were relevant five years ago (or even two years ago) are often outdated today.”
  5. 5. How did we get here? In 2007, Paul moved to Manila to setup a BPO that works with companies like, Goodreads, and TripAdvisor. He experienced the same pain points that large BPO’s like Accenture, IBM and Convergys on hiring entry-level candidates In 2012, he set out to solve the problem for the global BPO industry, starting in the Philippines.
  6. 6. Who are we? Paul Rivera, Founder & CEO -Started Open Access BPO in 2007 and grew the company to 300 employees with over $4M + in yearly revenue -BA UC Berkeley Dexter Ligot- Gordron, COO -Globally-published Workforce Development Policy Analyst -based in San Francisco, California -BA UC Berkeley, UC Regent Danny Castonguy, CTO -MBA from MIT Sloan, BS/MS in Computer Engineering and spent 3 years as a consultant for McKinsey & Company -BS/MS McGill, MBA MIT Tim Trutna, Software Architect -Previously a CTO at a California-based biotechnology company. -BS UC Berkeley
  7. 7. Recruiting the Right Talent Matters
  8. 8. It it Getting Harder to Hire Talent
  9. 9. Where is the Philippines Now? This is how MOST companies in the Philippines find talent: Newspaper Ads Headhunters/ Search Firms/Agencies Job Boards Job Fairs Internal Hires
  10. 10. How Traditional Recruiting Works
  11. 11. Change in Paradigm due to Technology Technology - It’s replacing traditional recruitment channels - it’s online and social - It’s changing the distribution model of job openings Competition - BEFORE: It as primarily PH companies recruiting talent - NOW: Multinationals are your biggest competition (and employer!) - NOW: Foreign countries continue to hire our best talent Service - Growing into a heavily service based economy * Recruiters who understand online sourcing will be ahead of the competition
  12. 12. Online Recruitment Ecosystem: Job Boards Jobstreet - #1 Job Board Recruitment in the Philippines, Millions of resumes - Get lost in the noise, lots of competition JobsDB - #2 Job Board in the Philippines - More visually appealing than Jobstreet Craigslist - A great place to find savvy job seekers 199 Jobs - New job boards, for jobs that are 199 PHP or less
  13. 13. Online Recruitment Ecosystem: Online Workforces oDesk - World’s largest online workplaces, 23,000+ Filipinos Freelancer - Hire programmers, developers and other roles on a part-time or project basis eLance -Over 2M Freelancers all over the world Craigslist - A great place to find savvy 99 Designs -Crowdsource your design requirements
  14. 14. Online Recruitment Ecosystem: Social Recruiting LinkedIn - 1.8 M users, a great way to reach out to professionals, managers, and executives. The biggest competitor of Job Boards. Facebook Ads - Your job ad can be seen by up to 33M Filipinos Google Ads -Targeted ads to people searching for specific ads - A great place to find savvy job seekers Twitter -Another method to syndicate your job postings to millions of people
  15. 15. Facebook
  16. 16. LinkedIn
  17. 17. Twitter
  18. 18. How Traditional Recruiting Works
  19. 19. Our Recruiting Platform
  20. 20. Resumes are only step 1— Skills you can demonstrate matter more!
  21. 21. End-to-End Solution
  22. 22. Global Potential Launch Market Size 3.5B in Global Labor Force by 2020 $250B Global BPO Annual total revenue and growing 10% per year $25B BPO Talent Acquisitions & Training TAM, 8M Total BPO jobs $16B Philippines BPO Market, 1M Total Jobs, Growing 15% Business Model $27B Talent Management – LinkedIn’s TAM (Job Boards, Recruiting platform, marketing services assessment) $287B Skills Development – Post and pre-hire training for new hires and continuous skill development
  23. 23. Thank you!