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Запознайте се с новите характеристики на Windows 7 в синтезиран вид:

- UAC (User Account Control) – прецизно настройване
- BitLocker Data Encryption за преносими устройства за съхранение на данни
- AppLocker - създаване и прилагане на правила за ограничаване на изпълнимите приложения
- Повишаване на сигурността чрез Windows Defender
- DirectAccess – по-добра свързаност за отдалечени потребители
- По-добра навигация и организираност, благодарение на обновените Тaskbar и Control Panel
- Windows Backup & Restore
- Ефективен troubleshooting с помощта на: Problem Steps Recorder, Performance Monitor, Event Viewer, Windows PowerShell 2.0

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Windows 7 in 60 minutes - New Horizons Bulgaria

  1. 1. Windows 7 в 60 минути 30 декември 2010 Дарин Йончев MCT, MCITP, MCSE, Security +
  2. 2. So let’s begin
  3. 3. Windows History Release date Version Support 1990 May Windows 3.x Unsupported 1993 July Windows NT Unsupported 1995 August Windows 95 Unsupported 1998 June Windows 98 Unsupported 2000 February Windows 2000 Unsupported 2000 September Windows Me Unsupported 2001 October Windows XP Current for SP2 and SP3 2006 November (VL) 2007 January (retail) Windows Vista Current 2008 February Windows 2008 Current 2009 July 22 (VLK), 2009 October 22, (retail Windows 2008 R2 Current 2009 July 22 (VLK), 2009 October 22, (retail) Windows 7 Current
  4. 4. Graphic user interface New Taskbar (Super BAR) Aero Peek Jump lists Desktop snap Libraries Instant search and Federated search Screen resolution is one click away No side bar … and GUI is faster then ever 
  5. 5. User Account Control Settings in Group policy Two type of user group (Standard Users and Administrators Type of Elevation prompt Consent Prompt Displayed to administrators in Admin Approval mode when they attempt to perform an administrative task. Request approval Credential Prompt Displayed to standard users when they attempt to perform an administrative task. Require user name and password.
  6. 6. UAC Security Settings Never notify UAC is off. No notifications appear during software installation or when making manual changes. Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop) When a program makes a change, a prompt appears, but the desktop is not dimmed. Otherwise, the user is not prompted. Default - Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer When a program makes a change, a prompt appears, and the desktop is dimmed to provide a visual cue that installation is being attempted. Otherwise, the user is not prompted. Always notify me The user is always prompted when changes are made to the computer, including new software installations.
  7. 7. UAC Group policy settings
  8. 8. BitLocker To Go BitLocker To Go extends BitLocker Drive Encryption to portable devices, such as USB flash drives, and is manageable through Group Policy. An administrator configures Group Policy to require that data can be saved only onto data volumes protected by BitLocker (device is read only ) You can use encrypted USB flash drive in previous version OS but Read-only You can unlock the drive using one of the following methods: A Recovery Password or passphrase (complexity is configurable in Group Policy) •A Smart Card Always auto-unlock this device on this PC
  9. 9. BitLocker To Go Group Policy
  10. 10. AppLocker AppLocker ® Enables IT professionals to specify exactly what is allowed to run on user’s Desktop. Rules defined based on attributes derived from a file’s digital signature, including the publisher, product name, file name, and file version. A user interface accessed through an extension to the Local Policy snap-in and Group Policy Management snap-in. An audit-only enforcement mode that allows administrators to determine which files will be prevented from running if the policy were in effect. Default rules: All users to run files in the default Program Files directory. All users to run all files signed by the Windows operating system. Members of the built-in Administrators group to run all files.
  11. 11. Applocker Group policy
  12. 12. Direct Access benefits: Provide remote users with seamless access to company, internal network without VPN connections. Manage remote computers when every time they have Internet connectivity, even if the user is not logged on. Remote desktop, remote assistance Distributing software updates Apply group policy on computer in internet DirectAccess separates intranet from Internet traffic, which reduces unnecessary traffic on the intranet. Support multifactor authentication methods. Configurable to restrict which servers, user and individual applications are accessible.
  13. 13. Direct access Prerequisites Windows server 2008 R2 with two network cards DNS and AD DS running on Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 PKI infrastructure Windows 7 Enterprise of Ultimate on clients IPv6-over-Ipsec, ISATAP, Teredo and 6to4
  14. 14. BranchCache Helps reduce WAN link utilization Improves file transfer time Supports SMB, HTTP,HTTPS and BITS. End-to end encryption between clients and servers (SSL, IPsec) Cached content is encripted Transparent to the users
  15. 15. BranchCache scenarios Distributed caching mode Cache is distributed across client computers in the branch. Peer-to-peer architecture Suitable for branches that do not have a local computer running Windows Server 2008 R2. Hosted Caching Cache resides on a Windows 2008 R2 server that is deployed in the branch office Client computers that need the same content retrieve it directly from the server Content is available even when the client that originally requested the data is offline.
  16. 16. BranchCache requirement Windows Server 2008 R2 is required either in the main server location or at the branch office, depending on the type of caching being performed. Windows 7 Beta Enterprise is required on the client PC. BranchCache is off by default. Configure it manually (netsh) or by Group Policy Set firewall rules (UDP 3702, TCP 80)
  17. 17. News in Networking New features: Multiple Active Firewalls Every connection may have separate firewall profile settings. Home Group Share files in home scenario. Password protected. VPN Reconnect Automatically re-establishes a VPN connection when users temporally lose internet connections. Transparent to users.
  18. 18. Troubleshooting Notifications Area Action Center Problem Step Recorder Resource Monitor Reliability Monitor Event Viewer System Restore Unified Tracing
  19. 19. Back up and Recovery Windows Backup allows you to capture all files, specific files, and system files (system state) Store backup file and folders in a zip format. System image backup enables recovery of the entire computer. Stored in VHD format. Free space is validated before the backup is started The Startup Repair tool is preinstalled and help recover systems that do not start. System restore display application that will be removed or added prior to restoration
  20. 20. Group policy for Backup
  21. 21. PowerShell 2.0 Build in Windows 7 .NET managed scripting language Interactive command line shell and a graphical Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) Uses the standard management protocol WS management for remote execution of cmdlets. Can be used to create Group Policy logon, logoff, startup, or shutdown scripts Supports partitioning using modules Includes transactions support
  22. 22. Virtual machine integration Create and Mount .vhd from Disk Management in Windows 7 New boot loader with ability to boot from .vhd files XP mode and Windows Virtual PC
  23. 23. А сега е време за въпроси
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