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New frontier Advisory Corporate Brochure


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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New frontier Advisory Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Helping investors with the manyopportunities that the alternativeinvestment markets offer on aglobal level.
  2. 2. IntroductionHere at New Frontier Advisory we aspire to bring our clients the finestassortment of alternative investments from around the globe. We utilise adiverse number of established and reputable contacts spanning all continents,in the pursuit of investments that minimise risk yet maximise profits.Our experienced team boasts 11 years of successfully providing anunparalleled service that encompasses the highest levels of business ethicsand due diligence.New Frontier Advisory has always operated as an independent consultancy. Weare not linked or associated to singular projects, but pride ourselves in scouringthe globe for prime investment opportunities that encompass our stringentlyapplied criteria.Clients needs and aspiration can differ massively and here at New FrontierAdvisory we appreciate that one selection does not fit all. We look to gain anin depth understanding of various projects intrinsic worth and merits. We feelthis allows our advisors to present ideal investment choices, with maximum fit,to clients.Every advisor encompasses an air of professionalism and discipline in spendingquality time with clients, in the constant pursuit of achieving a mutualunderstanding and admiration for clients needs, desires and risk stance. Thisis the approach that New Frontier Advisory has continued to adopt and is whywe remain a proficient and revitalized choice when selecting a wealthmanagement advisory.
  3. 3. Our InvestmentsAs an investor, New Frontier Advisory appreciate that various factors and considerationscome into play when selecting suitable investments. Two of the most vital elementsinclude security and the need for diversification.Security is fundamental in allowing our clients to not only feel assured upon entry,but to also provide confidence in the sustainability of the investment/commodity. It isbecoming increasingly common for clients to demand a prerequisite for social,environmental and ethical sustainability. We aspire to present all informationavailable to potential investors, to allow them to see the whole picture and generateastute choices and decisions.The needs and requirements of different investors, is always at the forefront of NewFrontier Advisories decision making. Be it short, medium or long term, our advisors canrecommend multiple strategies for exiting a desired investment in the clients optimumtime frame. Every client remains in total control of their investments and are never partof any collective investment scheme.All alternative investments offered by New Frontier Advisory qualify for a SIPP (a UKgovernment approved personal pension scheme) or any other pension portfolio. SIPPqualified products are heavily regulated given that the UK government offers numeroustax breaks. Utilising a SIPP for your investments allows for tax rebates on contributions,in the same manner as a personal pension. Any income from capital gains and otherassets within the scheme are tax exempt.When working with New Frontier Advisory you can remain assured that eachinvestment is SIPP qualified and fully structured in agreement with SIPP guidelines.Socially Responsible InvestingThe ideology behind socially responsible investing is that of a strategy encompassingelements of social, ethical and environmental considerations, while still retaining theoverall goal of maximising the return on investment. Investors are then able to makeincisive decisions based upon certain criterias that are of particular value and meaning.These factors can range from the level of corporate responsibility an organisationexercises, to their environmental practices and impact on local communities. Thereforeallowing investors to align ethical, social and environmental ideas to financial goals.
  4. 4. Sustainable InvestmentsSecurity is paramount to investors. Essential elements such as the sustainability andviability of an investment are as vital as financial profits, in making astute choices.Investments that combine robust economic performance with strong social orenvironmental performance have shown to be more successful over the long term.Here at new Frontier Advisory we believe that sustainability provides increased securityto our clients and bestows resilience in times of economic uncertainty.Green InvestmentsThe initiative of Green investments is aimed at confronting the global issue of climatechange through promotion of environmental practices, such as offsetting carbonemissions. It involves the development and application of products that encourageefficiency, especially in areas such as renewable energies and reforestation.Agricultural LandThe population explosion experienced over the last 50 years has placed huge demandsupon certain sectors, agriculture being one. The rapid increase has pushed demand tonew heights and thus the value of the land itself and the yields produced have quicklyrisen. These trends seem to know no limits and as a finite product the value andattraction is clear to all. Combine this with low level entry points and some of thelowest risk associated to investments.BiofuelsThe demand and need for Biofuels has sharply risen in recent years, they are nowconsidered a viable, commercial alternative to the commonly used fossil fuels.Investments into the research, development and production of Biofuels is now moreaccessible and profitable than ever. Governments around the world are becoming morereliant on alternative energy sources in order to meet strict carbon emission targets.TimberTimber as a commodity has remained a strong performer through a variety of economicconditions, producing lucrative returns. As an investment, timber has consistentlyoutperformed the majority of stock markets, while providing low risk and exposure, ithas remained one of the top 3 commodities in regards to investments. Investments intotimber promote sustainability by the offsetting of carbon emissions, encouragingreforestation and when performed successfully is a viable renewable source.VineyardsThe demand for fine wine has increased significantly and with the potentially generousaverage returns of 20% per annum, it is clear to see why vineyards/fine wineproduction is one of the most attractive alternative investments. Renowned for itsresilience against a variety of economic environments and under some circumstances,eligible to qualify for some tax advantages such as immunity to capital gains andincome tax.
  5. 5. Peace of MindHere at New Frontier Advisory we recognise that in the intrepid world of investments,creating an unsurpassed level of confidence and reassurance is imperative to movingclients forward securely.Every single recommendation and decision regarding investment vehicles complieswith the high standards stipulated by UK Law/Statute, concerned with the industry weoperate in. To ensure that our operations remain compliant, we employ various externalconsultants to oversee our proceedings, but more importantly to update and notify usof the every complex changing laws that create the backbone of our industry.In conforming to the Money Laundering and Fraud Act in the UK, we are rigorous inrequesting all documentation that the statute requires.New Frontier Advisory deal with only reputable and regulated brokerage houses,solicitors and banks. We continuously promote that our clients should undertake ahigh level of due diligence before entering into any investment. Our advisors are alwaysavailable to answer any questions and queries and enhance the transparency andsecurity of the investment.For our clients security and peace of mind, New Frontier Advisory do not handle anyfunds that our clients with to invest, but we ensure that only the very best dependablesolicitors and unparalleled banking facilities are in place. All of which arecomprehensively regulated under the FSA Financial Services Compensation Scheme.Under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 the Financial Services CompensationScheme was established as a wholly separate and independent body. It remains the UKsonly compensation fund regarding business conduct and the protection of consumerrights of authorised financial services companies.The Act states that any investment is protected via the Financial ServicesCompensation Scheme if an authorised investment firm is unable to pay claims againstit. Various types of investments are covered including Stock and Shares, Unit Trusts,Futures and Options, Personal Pension Plans and long term investments such asMortgage Endowments. Alternative Investments are deemed non-regulated markets.Here at New Frontier Advisory all investments offered in the UK and abroad are secureand protected under UK law, administered by British Solicitors, all of which aremembers of the UK Law Society.Our solicitors or recommendation and choice are formal award winners in their area ofexpertise and provide unrivaled security for our clients. We also deal with InternationalLawyers who undertake our overseas property investments, dealing with allconveyancing and legal due diligence necessary. Our UK based lawyers conduct andhandle all funds and contracts relating to our Alternative Investments. These invaluablecollaborations ensure that clients are not required to remit funds outside of the UK.Since our inception our focus has remained on asset protection and wealthpreservation. Our strategy for achieving these goals is based on a process of hedgingand spreading rick over several diverse projects. We look to build alternative investmentportfolios that are diverse, but encompass the intrinsic qualities to perform underdynamic economic situations.
  6. 6. Here at New Frontier Advisory we aspire to provide our clients with all relevant and The United Nations have put into operation a Global Impact Charter, which consist ofsupportive information available and take great pride in our transparency of data. We ten universally accepted principles that revolve around the areas of human rights, labourensure that every investment undergoes rigorous and thorough levels of assessment practices, environmental issues and anti-corruption issues concerns. This charter wasand evaluation in order to qualify and be utilized under our reputable company name. introduced in the expectation that businesses would adopt and align their strategies to follow these important values.In our pursuit for excellence we have adopted an unrivaled recruitment system that hasfacilitated us in bring some first-rate employees to our company. These are the people The New Frontier Advisory Corporate Social Responsibility Principles are homogenisedwho we trust in to perform incomparable levels of research and more importantly due with the principles set out in the UN Global Impact Charter.diligence. Our business partners consists of experts from respected fields ranging fromeconomics, tax specialists, and risk analysis to political and social analysis. The employees, partners and associates of New Frontier Advisory remain committed to maintaining the principles set.An analyst’s role is to ensure that every potential new investment is meticulouslyscrutinised and evaluated for its fit into our comprehensive list of offered investments. It is our belief that by adhering to our strict principles New Frontier Advisory is able toIt is only then that it can be passed on to our team of solicitors, who must then operate in communities around the world as a welcomed and valued member. All in thecollaborate and negotiate the most advantageous position for our clients and ensure knowledge that our clients are investing responsible, in high-quality choice investmentsthat all parties are protected. that generate the returns they desire.It is only after these rigorous processes that an investment option can qualify andbecome eligible to our valued clients. This ensures that our enhanced due diligence Positive Social Impactproduces only the very best of what the market has to offer and is filtered down to • All activities of an organisation should be monitored to evaluate the impact upon localour clients accordingly. Leaving a high level of satisfaction is terms of generating safe, communities, contractors and and ethically sound investments. • In regards to cases that may involve consequences of a negative nature against local/indigenousImpartiality and Integrity people, cultural property or non local labour for examples, must undergo intense consultationWe undertake to transmit only relevant, accurate information to our clients. It is our and evaluation before any action is approved.belief that by inundating clients with too much can severely damage their ability toprocess and comprehend and can lead to misinterpretation and confusion. We ensure • Any businesses operating in communities should be operated with fairness, integrity andthat before any data is certified for release it is subject to strict conditions. honesty.To achieve a high level of impartiality we utilise not only our experienced in-house team Environmental Sensitivityof analyst, but employ a number of external specialists from each respective industry to • Business operations must incorporate competent procedures to limit or mitigate any negativereview and verify the potential quality and release of information. We make sure that impacts that may arise. For example: proficient waste management that limits the impact onall information is proficiently reviewed by external investment houses. While the use of local communities.independent solicitors ensure our investments are compliant with UK law. • The procurement and use of resources should remain sustainable through diligent management techniques, while the process of restoration and redevelopment should remain a priority whenA number of the investment options we offer and recommend may also be provided by and if the local community requires.other IFA’s, who charge a premium cost for utilising their services. New Frontier Advisoryis proud to offer all of our advice and expertise completely free of charge. Ethical Employment • Discrimination in regards to race, colour, gender, political loyalty or religion will not be toleratedSocial Responsibility • Employees contractual terms and conditions must comply with local laws and statuteAt the core of New Frontier Advisory is an organisation that holds the uppermost regard • When the law cannot protect employees, wages must be sufficient to meet basic needsfor operating ethically, environmentally and socially responsibly. Since our inauguration • All employees must be treated with respect and dignityit has remained our aim to provide not only investments that prove to be profitable andfruitful, but that also create areas of innovation, progression and development. We look • Employees must never be expected to work under conditions that may risk their health orto support investments that have the scope to enrich the local communities they are quality of lifeoperated in, while still providing the all important tangible benefits to our clientsfinances.Utilising the United Millennium Development Goals as an outline, here at New FrontierAdvisory we have assembled our own Social Responsibility Policy. More recently weapplied to be classified as a signatory to the United Nations Principles for ResponsibleInvestment.
  7. 7. New Frontier Advisory LtdCentral Point45 Beech StreetLondon EC2Y 8ADTelephone: (+44) 0207 953 9860Fax: (+44) 0207 953 9860Email: info@newfrontieradvisory.comWeb: