A Year of Blogging


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A PowerPoint presentation by Eoghan Evesson dicussing his use of a Blog for the teaching of English in an Irish Seconary School.

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  • A Year of Blogging

    1. 1. „A Year of Blogging‟ Eoghan Evesson @NewEnglishBlog
    2. 2. Topics- What is a Blog?- Why start blogging?- How to start blogging.- Apps and software to integrateinto blogging and the teaching ofEnglish.
    3. 3. Section I
    4. 4. What is a Blog? Some definitions from @ProBlogger„A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data,arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.‟„A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Weblinks.‟„From “Web log.” A blog is basically a journal that is available on theweb. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone whokeeps a blog is a “blogger.”„„A weblog is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide who youget to know. There are many guides to choose from, each developsan audience, and there‟s also camaraderie and politics between thepeople who run weblogs, they point to each other, in all kinds ofstructures, graphs, loops, etc.
    5. 5. „A blog is basically a journal that isavailable on the web. The activity ofupdating a blog is “blogging” andsomeone who keeps a blog is a“blogger.” Blogs are typically updateddaily using software that allows peoplewith little or no technical backgroundto update and maintain the blog.Postings on a blog are almost alwaysarranged in chronological order withthe most recent additions featuredmost prominently.‟
    6. 6. Eoghan Evesson@NewEnglishBlogA Blog is like a digital archive. It isa way to make ideas and contentdigital for the purpose of logging,sharing and improving theidea/content.
    7. 7. Why start blogging?Interest C.P.D.- technology - 7 years teaching- audio/visual - best practice - ideas and inspiration - share work/feedbackProductivity- better processes- pupils- myself (teacher)- archive
    8. 8. How to start blogging1. Want to start!It’s like taking on a hobby that you are never really goingto give up, especially if you start a Blog for your school. Ifyou plan on starting a personal or teacher Blog there iscertainly less pressure. You own all the work. If you decideto pack up and close it down overnight that’s yourprerogative. If you start a department or school Blog itbecomes part of the makeup of the department. Archivedwork, examples and experiences will have to be maintained.Want to start. Have at least one person you can share andconsole with about all matters Blogging!
    9. 9. How to start blogging2. Virtual Personality- What is the name of your Blog? Is it personal ordepartmental ? Whether it is a personal or departmentalBlog I would suggest it is best to think of the Blog assomething that is once removed from you personally. It’scertainly part of a healthy work/life balance. When I’mBlogging I’m Blogging. When I’m me, I’m me.- You will need a new e-mail address. I would highlyrecommend setting up a Gmail account. It can really helpwith sharing documents further down the line.- Pick an email address that bears at least a resemblance toyour Blog.
    10. 10. Nota bene- Password and Username → Have ausername and try to stick with it. Youwill be joining multiple sites andapps. Having the same username isvery helpful. Have a ‘passwordsystem’. You obviously shouldn’t usethe same password for every site. I usea mix of 4/5.
    11. 11. How to start blogging3.Pick a Blog providerThere are many many free Blogging providers. In myopinion, you should choose either:Wordpress.com -Blogger -
    12. 12. Wordpress.comThis video might be all you need from today…
    13. 13. Blogger
    14. 14. English Teacher Blogs (Ireland) Courtesy of @evelynoconnorhttp://leavingcertenglish.netwww.sccenglish.iehttp://dgsenglishdept.blogspot.com/http://meighan.edublogs.org/http://6thyearenglish.tumblr.com/archivewww.juliecullen.weebly.com/english-class-bloghttp://www.cbcenglishdep.blogspot.com/http://collegebookclub.weebly.com/index.htmlhttp://newenglishirl.blogspot.com/http://calasanctiusenglish.blogspot.ie/http://bccnsenglish.com/about/sylvia-plath/http://5j2012msgreville.wordpress.com/category/english-education/www.stmarysenglish13.blogspot.iewww.stmichaelsenglishdept.tumblr.comhttp://ienglish.ie/http://pclm.weebly.com
    15. 15. Section II
    16. 16. Edmodo Available: (Online/Multiple OS)- Class organiser- Keep results- Collect assignments- Embed videos- Give badges- Post links
    17. 17. Twitter - Sharing - C.P.D. - Links - Resources #edchatie
    18. 18. YouTube- Resources- Upload Learn- Embed Code Create- YouTube EDU Teach YouTube for Schools
    19. 19. Google DocsKeep large Documents off your BlogI mainly use it for creating an http address for my documents.When I upload document to Google Docs I can then use thataddress to create a hyperlink on my Blog. You can also setpreferences about whether that document can be shared ordownloaded.Google Docs does have so many more applications though.See Edudemic.com and 50 Little Known Uses for GoogleDocs for 49 more!
    20. 20. Skitch (Available: Multiple OS)- Projects- Digital- Literacy- Classwork- Creative
    21. 21. Issuu (Available: Online)- You Publish!- Embed code- Project Work- Revision- Collaborative
    22. 22. Slideshare (Available: Online) - Easy way to publish Power Points on your Blog - Embed code - Project Work - Revision - Photography - Collaborative
    23. 23. Audacity and/or BuzzsproutAudacityAudacity is a great way to record audio. It is free to download.It has great features for layering multiple sounds if you arefeeling brave!BuzzsproutOnce I have recorded on Audacity I publish the track onBuzzsprout. It‟s not difficult. Once you have finished recordingon Audacity save the sound file. Then when you are inBuzzsprout find the file and publish it. This will then give youa nice embedding code for your Blog/Edmodo.
    24. 24. Popplet (Available: iPad/Online) - Mind Maps - Brainstorms - Revision - Testing - Long-term homework
    25. 25. ShowMe (Available: iPad/Online)- Audio/Visual- Poetry- Drama- Film- MediaStudies- Analysis
    26. 26. Book Creator App (Available:iPad/iPublisher) - Book publishing for iPad -Use pictures, audio and video - Revision tool - Class book - Create new content
    27. 27. Questions!? And/orThank You!