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#ImpactSalesforceSaturday Winter 20 Release Highlights Manish Thaduri 26-Oct-2019


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Winter 20 Release Highlights

Manish Thaduri aka sfdcFanBoy, a Salesforce Technical Architect, Consultant with over 10 years of experience in Salesforce technology. 7x Certified. Blogger, Speaker, and Instructor.

Date and Time
Saturday, October 26, 2019
12:oo pm

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Join us for #ImpactSalesforceSaturday a series of online Salesforce Saturday sessions.

We invite all – Developers – Administrators – Group Leaders – Consultants with advanced, intermediate or beginner level knowledge on Salesforce(Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, IoT, CPQ, Einstein, etc).

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#ImpactSalesforceSaturday Winter 20 Release Highlights Manish Thaduri 26-Oct-2019

  1. 1. New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group Winter 20 Release Highlights LEARN . SHARE . CELEBRATE . SALESFORCE #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Manish Thaduri aka @sfdcfanboy
  2. 2. About New Delhi Salesforce DG • First Revival Meetup in February 2016 • Twitter: • New Delhi Salesforce DG Trailblazer Community Group: • Facebook: #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  3. 3. What is #SalesforceSaturday • Started by Stephanie Herrera in Austin, Texas • Meetup every Saturday in a Coffee Shop or anywhere to share and learn about Salesforce • It’s now a global phenomena with more than 25 SalesforceSaturday Group over 5 Continents • For India, it comprises of Online Knowledge Sharing sessions and Trailhead Challenges #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  4. 4. Meet New Delhi Leaders Atul Gupta • 8X Certified • Salesforce MVP • Founder, CEO of CloudVandana Solutions • Community Manager at MentorshipCentral • More than 8 years of experience working in Salesforce domain • Author of “Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce) Certification Training” live on Simplilearn Nitin Gupta • 6X Salesforce Certified • Sales Cloud Consultant | Pardot Consultant | Marketing Cloud Consultant • Speaker | Blogger • New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group Leader #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  5. 5. Follow & Join New Delhi Salesforce DG • Join to know about future events and to RSVP: • Let’s start conversations on Success Community: • Follow us on Twitter: • Follow us on Facebook: • For all the content: #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  6. 6. About Me: Manish Thaduri #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Salesforce Technical Architect at Kalido, Singapore 7X Salesforce Certified Singapore Dev Group Leader Instructor | Blogger | Speaker – Ranked in Top 10 Developer Blogs 135 badges, 93K points, 3 Super Badges
  7. 7. Winter‘20 Release Highlights #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  8. 8. #ImpactSalesforceSaturdayBe Lightning Ready Starting in October ’19, Salesforce will turn on Lightning for all orgs on a rolling basis. What rolling basis means This means that users with standard and custom profiles with Lightning Experience User permission enabled will see “Switch to Lightning Experience” link and will also be automatically switched into Lightning regularly. For further details check out: be-lightning-ready-by-the-winter-20-release
  9. 9. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Scan your org for standard, custom, and global actions and buttons and move to Lightning Experience Actions Lightning Configuration Converter Lightning Configuration Converter
  10. 10. Mobile App Updates #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  11. 11. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Try out new Salesforce Mobile App & Win a free Astro Plushie • Try out the new Salesforce Mobile app in your Sandbox and get a plushie! • As a token of our appreciation, the first 1,000 admins to enable the new Salesforce mobile app on sandbox, complete the steps, and fill out the form will receive an exclusive Astro Plushie • Instructions: HCFYA/viewform
  12. 12. #ImpactSalesforceSaturdayApp Launcher for Mobile Apps Mobile apps now have an app launcher like we have in the full browser based experience which makes it easier to switch between apps from your mobile device.
  13. 13. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday List and Related List Components Are Optimized for the New Salesforce Mobile App • List View, • Related List – Single, Related Lists, and • Related List Quick Links components are optimized to support mobile navigation and the new Salesforce mobile app.
  14. 14. Lightning Flows Features #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  15. 15. #ImpactSalesforceSaturdayStart Flow on a Schedule You now have the ability to schedule an autolaunched flow on a specific date and time and schedule the flow to run once, daily or weekly.
  16. 16. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Activate Your Flow Without Leaving Flow Builder Activate your flow right in Flow Builder as soon as you’re done building and testing. You can also still activate and deactivate a flow version from the Flow Detail page.
  17. 17. #ImpactSalesforceSaturdayLightning Web Components Add Lightning Web Components to your Flow Screens You can add LWC to flow screens. This enables you to integrate components your developers have built or others out on the AppExchange to use within your screen flows. This is a preview feature. For more details: notes/rn_forcecom_flow_fbuilder_solutions.htm
  18. 18. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Configure Screens/Get Records Elements Without Creating Variables You no longer have to create and assign variables, but you can still opt to do so. When you add a screen component or a Get Records element to a flow, Salesforce automatically creates variables to store the output values.
  19. 19. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Contd.. To use values from a screen component later in the flow, start typing the API name of the screen component. If you don’t want to use automatically created variables, select Manually assign variables (advanced).
  20. 20. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Help Your Users Search for Records in Flows Add Lookup screen component. In Flow Builder, drag the Lookup component onto your flow screen. And the result!
  21. 21. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Make Your Flow Screens Dynamic with Conditional Visibility Add filter conditions and logic to a flow screen component’s properties to show or hide that component based on what a user enters or selects for flow resources like picklists or checkboxes.
  22. 22. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Use Flow Builder to Send Custom Notifications` Send customized notifications when important events occur. Previously, custom notification actions were fully supported only in Process Builder. Now the Notification Type IDs that you create in Notification Builder are available directly in the Flow Builder UI.
  23. 23. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Get Longer Element Labels, Improved Panning, and Drag Selection in Flow Builder
  24. 24. Reports #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  25. 25. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Count Unique Values in Report Results (Beta) No more Power of 1 trick. See distinct values your report returns with a unique count.
  26. 26. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Enable it
  27. 27. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Filter Reports Using Field Comparisons with Field-To-Field Filters Filter a report by comparing the values of two different report fields. In Setup, in Reports and Dashboards Settings, select Enable Field-to-Field Filtering in Reports (Lightning Experience Only) and click Save. For example, see which cases were modified after the closing date by filtering on cases with a last modified date after the closed date.
  28. 28. Developer Related #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  29. 29. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Lightning Web Components Lightning Web Components Open Source: LWC framework is now open source, empowering you to contribute your components to anyone, build enterprise ready components on any platform not just Salesforce and also explore other open source LWC to see if they will be a good fit for your needs.
  30. 30. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Lightning Web Components as Custom Tab Make a Lightning web component available as a custom tab in a Lightning Experience app and in the Salesforce app. Add the lightning__Tab target to the component’s configuration file. The <component>.js- meta.xml configuration file defines the metadata values for the component, including the setting to allow usage in a custom tab.
  31. 31. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Connect to your Customers with WeChat and WhatsApp (pilot) Let customers communicate with support agents using WhatsApp and WeChat. WhatsApp and WeChat are used to send messages internationally and agents reply using the Service Console. This feature is an add- on and available to customers through a Digital Engagement add-on. For more details please read:
  32. 32. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday New Object - Account Team Member Account Team Member object is also available in Process Builder
  33. 33. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Control Who Gets Read Access to Custom Metadata Types Use profiles and permission sets to assign read access to users for custom metadata types. You can grant API read access to specific metadata types for users and user profiles
  34. 34. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Lightning Record Pages for the Phone Form Factor Lightning record pages are no longer limited to Lightning Experience on the desktop! If your org has opted into the new Salesforce mobile app, you can see the same record pages on desktop and the mobile app.
  35. 35. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Record Page Component Visibility Rules Based on Device You can now show or hide a standard or custom component on a record page based on the device it’s viewed on.
  36. 36. Other Updates #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  37. 37. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Trailhead Simulator – Marketing Cloud For the first time, learners can get hands- on with Marketing Cloud in Trailhead. The new Trailhead Simulator enables users to practice • creating email templates, • sending emails, and more in a simulated Marketing Cloud environment.
  38. 38. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience For those of us who transitioned to Lightning Experience from Classic Salesforce, this feature has been long awaited! With Winter ’20, you no longer have to switch to Salesforce Classic to access the Recycle Bin. You can now view, restore, and permanently delete the items in your Recycle Bin and the org Recycle Bin.
  39. 39. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday View Opportunities Owned by Your Team with One Click in Lightning Experience Now users can mark tasks complete from list view. This means users can spend more time getting things done and less time crossing them off their list.
  40. 40. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Complete Tasks in a Single Click Now users can mark tasks complete from list view. This means users can spend more time getting things done and less time crossing them off their list.
  41. 41. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Save Ink and Paper with Printable View for Lists
  42. 42. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Add a Signature to Email Templates (Preview) With the new {{{Sender.Signature}}} merge field, email template creators can include a sender’s existing signature in an email template. The field is available wherever the merge field picker exists, including in emails, list emails, and enhanced letterheads.
  43. 43. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Minor Updates Increased Limits for Approval Processes Your org can now have up to 1,000 active and 2,000 total approval processes. Each object can have up to 300 active and 500 total approval processes. Manage Delivery Settings for Approval Requests Use Notification Builder to choose desktop and mobile delivery channels, including supported Salesforce apps, for standard notification types. Previously, Salesforce defined the delivery channels for standard notifications. Now you have more control over approval request notifications.
  44. 44. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Additional Resources • SFDCFANBOY Blog • Winter ‘20 Release Notes • Winter ‘20 Release Highlights Trailhead
  45. 45. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  46. 46. #ImpactSalesforceSaturday