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Discover deep insights with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery


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Topic: Discover deep insights with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery

ImpactSalesforceSaturday Session
by @newdelhisfdcdug

Speaker: Jayant Joshi

a. What is SFDC Einstein Analytics?
b. Let us build great Visualizations using Einstein Analytics
c. Discover Deep Insights with Einstein Discovery
d. Demo and QA

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Discover deep insights with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery

  1. 1. New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Discover deep insights with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery (Einstein Learning Series – Session 2) By: Jayant Joshi LEARN . SHARE . CELEBRATE . SALESFORCE 60 Minutes
  2. 2. About New Delhi Salesforce DG • First Revival Meetup in February 2016 • Twitter: • New Delhi Salesforce DG Trailblazer Community Group: • Facebook: #ImpactSalesforceSaturday
  3. 3. What is #SalesforceSaturday • Started by Stephanie Herrera in Austin, Texas • Meetup every Saturday in a Coffee Shop or anywhere to share and learn about Salesforce • It’s now a global phenomena with more than 25 SalesforceSaturday Group over 5 Continents • For India, it comprises of Online Knowledge Sharing sessions and Trailhead Challenges
  4. 4. Meet New Delhi Leaders Atul Gupta • 8X Certified • Salesforce MVP • Founder, CEO of CloudVandana Solutions • Community Manager at MentorshipCentral • More than 8 years of experience working in Salesforce domain • Author of “Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce) Certification Training” live on Simplilearn Nitin Gupta • 6X Salesforce Certified • Sales Cloud Consultant | Pardot Consultant | Marketing Cloud Consultant • Speaker | Blogger • New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group Leader
  5. 5. TIME Topic ‘05 Introduction & Background AGENDA ‘10 What is Einstein Discovery plus ED Demo ’05 Q & A and Wrap-Up ‘40 What is Einstein Analytics plus EA Demo
  6. 6. About Me: Jayant Joshi Professional: - SFDC Managing Delivery Architect - Around 14 Years of overall experience and 9+ years in SFDC - Currently Working in Capgemini and have worked in Accenture, Deloitte Consulting and IBM earlier. - Have worked in India, US, Canada, and Germany. - Passionate about SFDC - Among Top SFDC Certified People in World (19X) - Regularly contribute to Salesforce related articles on Social Media - Upcoming Public Sessions on SFDC Topics in India and Germany - Mentoring around SFDC Topics - Enterprise Architecture/TOGAF - Additional Skills: SFDC Commerce Cloud, Machine Learning, IOT, TOGAF etc. Hobbies include Travelling (Have visited 24 countries so far), Sky Diving and Astronomy. 1-2 Min
  7. 7. Recap - Session 1  What is AI and Machine Learning?  CRM Specific AI Use Cases  Einstein Use Case  How Salesforce Einstein use machine learning? Einstein Products  Demo on few Good Einstein features 2 Min Recording available at: WA 29.06.2019 1 Min
  8. 8. What is Einstein Analytics? 10.08.2019 10-15 Min
  9. 9. A brief History of Analytics 2-3 Min We will revisit this slide...
  10. 10. What is Einstein Analytics (EA)?  Easily import the data to Einstein Analytics  Get great visualizations using charts and dashboards  Explore your organization’s data and get interesting insights.  Export data from EA  Query data with Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL)  Use Apex to pull data in real time to your Einstein Analytics dashboard. 2-3 Min • Native • Embedded • Fast • Mobile
  11. 11. Einstein Analytics – How it work? 2-3 Min
  12. 12. Einstein Analytics – Use Cases 2-3 Min • Combine various data sources (e.g. your Salesforce org’s, your cloud data warehouse (AWS Redshift) etc.) • Create various types of visualizations (charts, dashboards) on your combined data • Create interesting insights on your Opportunities by combining data across different Orgs using Einstein Discovery • Share the results with your Team using chatter • Use Einstein Analytics Mobile App for viewing results on the go
  13. 13. EA - Layers 1 Min
  14. 14. Einstein Analytics – Data Layer 2-3 Min Data Recipes, Dataflows, Data Sync A dataset is a collection of related data that is stored in a denormalized, yet highly compressed form that is optimized for interactive exploration. A dataflow is a set of instructions that specifies what data to extract from Salesforce objects or datasets, how to transform the datasets, and which datasets to make available for querying.
  15. 15. Einstein Analytics – Designer Layer 2-3 Min App, Lens, Dashboards Lens Dashboard
  16. 16. Einstein Analytics – Intelligent Layer 2-3 Min Stories A story is the output of Einstein Discovery's comprehensive statistical analysis of your EA dataset. - Represents a collection of insights around a metric (outcome) that highlights any of the following: important trends, explanations on what may have influenced those trends, comparisons between factors, predictions on future outcomes, and suggested actions that may improve outcomes.
  17. 17. Dataflow 2 Min A dataflow is a set of instructions that specifies: - What data to extract from Salesforce objects or datasets - How to transform the datasets, and - Which datasets to make available for querying. Design Load Data Configure Start & Monitor Schedule Flow of SFDC and external Data based on data mapping Load external data into Datasets Download existing definition file Start Monitor Schedule the dataflows based on the suitable frequency Identify the Transformations needed Configure new definition file via Dataset builder, JSON, Manual upload Troubleshoot Errors
  18. 18. It is all about Visualization (well, almost) 1 Min
  19. 19. Charts and Reports 1 Min It is all about Visualization (well, almost)…
  20. 20. Time for a DEMO?  Einstein Analytics – Case Study 20 Min
  21. 21. Let’s talk about SAQL 2 Min Developers can write SAQL to directly access Analytics data via: • Analytics REST API Build your own app to access and analyse Analytics data or integrate data with existing apps. • Dashboard JSON Create advanced dashboards. A dashboard is a curated set of charts, metrics, and tables. • Compare Table Use SAQL to perform calculations on data in your tables and add the results to a new column. • Transformations During Data Flow Use SAQL to perform manipulations or calculations on data when bringing it in to Analytics. I had heard about SQL, SOQL, SASL but What is SAQL? 1 q = load "Opportunity_Dataset1"; 2 q = group q by all; 3 q = foreach q generate count() as 'count‘; 4 q = limit q 2000; Line No. Description 1 This loads the dataset that you chose when you created the chart widget. You can use the variable q to access the dataset in the rest of your SAQL statements. 2 In some queries, you want to group by a certain field, for example Account ID. In our case we didn’t specify a grouping when we created the chart. Use group by all when you don’t want to group data. 3 This generates the output for our query. In this simple example, we just count the number of lines in the DTC Opportunity dataset. 4 This limits the number of results that are returned to 2000. Limiting the number of results can improve performance. However if you want q to contain more than 2000 results, you can increase this number.
  22. 22. 1 Min SAQL Example q = load "Opportunity_DS1"; q = foreach q generate day_in_week(toDate(Mail_sent_sec_epoc h)) as 'Day in Week‘; q = group q by 'Day in Week‘; q = foreach q generate 'Day in Week', count() as 'count'; Calculate the Average Amount of an Opportunity Grouped by Type Use avg() to compare the average size of opportunities for each account type. q = load "Opportunity_DataSet1"; q = group q by 'Account_Type‘; q = foreach q generate 'Account_Type' as 'Account_Type', avg('Amount') as 'avg_Amount';
  23. 23. 1 Min How the components fit together?
  24. 24. 2-3 Min JSON – Yeah, We LOVE it… - The JSON defines the components of the dashboard and how they interact. - Modify a dashboard’s JSON file to perform advanced customization tasks that can’t be accomplished in the designer’s user interface, like: 1. Set query limits. 2. Specify columns for a values table. 3. Specify a SAQL query. 4. Populate a filter selector with a specified list of static values instead of from a query. 5. Set up layouts for mobile devices for a dashboard.
  25. 25. 2-3 Min Sample JSON File AlphaRobotiks Dashboard JSON File
  26. 26. Time for another DEMO?  Einstein Analytics 20 Min Hell Yeah!!!
  27. 27. What is Einstein Discovery? 10.08.2019 10 min
  28. 28. Brief Background 1 Min Source:
  29. 29. What is Einstein Discovery? Einstein Discovery provides answers to key business questions: • What happened? What was significant or unusual? • Why did it happen? What are the factors that possibly contributed to the observed outcome? • How do some factors compare with other factors? • What might happen in the future, based on a statistical analysis of the data? Is there a trend, or does this data represent an isolated incident? • What are some possible actions that could improve the outcome? 2 Min Story Model Metrics Outcome Variable
  30. 30. Let us revisit “A brief History of Analytics”… 2-3 Min
  31. 31. Another DEMO? Einstein Discovery 05 Min Let’s do it!!!
  32. 32. Next Sessions 10.08.2019
  33. 33. Einstein Sessions  Einstein – Use Cases and Products, 29.June > COMPLETED  Einstein Analytics and Discovery, 10.08 > Scheduled  Einstein Platform > To be Scheduled 1 Min Einstein Platform:  What is Einstein Platform?  Einstein API‘s  Einstein Voice  Einstein Prediction Builder  Demos
  34. 34. How to Learn Einstein? 10.08.2019
  35. 35. Einstein Resources  Salesforce Trailhead  Einstein Trailmixes  Salesforce Einstein Help 1 Min
  36. 36. Einstein Resources 1 Min
  37. 37. Sign-Up for Einstein Analytics Org 1 Min
  38. 38. Q & A 10.08.2019 Total Time: 05 Min
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