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Winning the Pitch: Who Do Ad Agencies Call When They Want To Win?


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We help our clients, agencies, design firms, consulting firms and marketing communications companies of all types and sizes win their pitches. We usually get called in when it’s what we call a defining moment meaning a win here will often re-define who your firm is because of the type of account and its importance to your firm’s future. Some people call it the pitch you have to win. We want to help you win that pitch.

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Winning the Pitch: Who Do Ad Agencies Call When They Want To Win?

  1. 1. Are you ready to win or lose your agency’s next pitch? Why pitch? A win can transform an agency, re-energize it, get it noticed, and a win shows you off to prospective clients and search consultants. But it all starts by winning. Here we present some reasons to call the world’s leaders in helping marketing firms win…
  2. 2. Want to win your big pitch? Want to REALLY win it? Call in some support! We show you how to WIN! Not just play the game…
  3. 3. Look at all you’ve done to get here  Reached out  Found a prospect  Built a relationship  Assembled the talent  Added the resources  Fought for the opportunity  Invested in the new business talent  Supported the new business effort  Covered the cost of new business losses
  4. 4. Is your agency presenting the wrong stuff?  Are you showing what you’ve done or what you could do?  Are you presenting capabilities or are you showing results?  Are you talking about yourself or the client?  Are your people showcasing the work or are you showcasing your people?
  5. 5. Top 10 reasons to call Sanders Consulting Group 10) The account is larger than you normally pitch for 9) You have lost the last few pitches you made 8) The account is not in a category you are familiar with 7) A search consultant is involved 6) Your pitch presentation resembles a Chinese fire drill 5) Your pitch strategy puts stress on creative to "win it." 4) You are up against some serious competition 3) The term "personality profiling" means nothing to you 2) The agency hasn't made a formal custom pitch in a year 1) You really want to win this pitch If you answer "yes" on any of the above, then we recommend an immediate call!
  6. 6. Recent categories where we've won  Telecommunications  Pharmaceuticals  Quick service restaurants  Casual dining  Banking and financial  Business to business  Energy  Consumer products  Packaged goods  Tour and travel  Real estate  Media only  Design only  Branding only  Direct only  Consulting only  Creative only  Integrated
  7. 7. Our experience shows in the results  In any given year we will help a firm like yours win its largest new business pitch  Over the past 2 years we had a streak of 26 wins in a row  Our average over the past 4 years is $200 million in wins per year  Here’s where we can help: First visits with prospects RFP/RFI stage Agency tours Formal presentations Contract negotiations
  8. 8. Here’s how we start  Free 15-minute phone consultation to help us evaluate your situation  Free follow-up feedback with: Options What’s needed to win Next steps Action plan for you to follow
  9. 9. I’ve worked on new business all my life. I know how tough it can be, all alone, trying to win the big one… Unless you know the tools, tips, and techniques I have developed in over 30 years of winning big! The first thing you need to do is call Sanders Consulting Group. Let me show you how we helped agencies win! Stuart Sanders Chairman Sanders Consulting Group
  10. 10. Brought to you by the Sanders Consulting Group  Operating over 30 years, helping over 5000 agencies  Known around the world as the leading new business consulting firm  Working with some of the best managed agencies on the globe  Selected as the new business training provider to the largest agencies in the world  We show you how to win, not just play the game Visit e-mail: Call 412.897.9329 Bob Sanders President Sanders Consulting Group New Directions For Agency Growth
  11. 11. One Last Reminder What separates great marketing agencies from all the others is not better thinking! It’s the ability of those agencies to pitch their ideas better. And great work won’t sell if it’s not pitched properly. The inability to pitch has consequences that reach far and wide.