SCG Buildng Brand Chemistry


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Over the years I've given many presentations on the changing roles of advertising, marketing, and branding. Here are just a couple of thoughts designed for folks not immersed in the crazy world of marketing or who are just getting started.
Branding 101
Changing Roles of Marketing & Social Marketing
Listening Power
Organizational Roles & Responsibilities

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SCG Buildng Brand Chemistry

  1. 1. Brand Chemistry Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  2. 2. • Declining effectiveness of mass advertising ( TV only 35% as effective in 2010 vs 1990 : Source McKinsey) • Fragmentation of media and distribution Key channels Marketing • Proliferation of new digital technologies • Consumers in control of the on/off switch Trends • Huge issues of spam, authentication, privacy, data protection • Clients under pressure to turn “spend” into “investment” • Agency polarisation: few global groups, many local specialists • Need for right message, right customer, right time, right channel • Need to deliver both brand building and measurable response • … Blah blah blah… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin: Source: Wunderman
  3. 3. Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  4. 4. kinda says it all… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  5. 5. What Is A Brand Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  6. 6. Logo? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  7. 7. Logo + Product? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  8. 8. Logo + Product + Advertising? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  9. 9. Experts Say It’s: a name given to a product or service a trademark or trade name that identifies a product, a distributor, a producer or a manufacturer. a unique and identifiable symbol, a brand is a mixture of attributes, tangible and intangible, symbolised in a trademark, which, if managed properly, creates association, name or trademark value and influence. "Value" has different interpretations: from a which serves to differentiate marketing or consumer perspective it is "the promise and delivery of an experience"; from a business perspective it is "the security competing products or services. of future earnings"; from a legal perspective it is "a separable Both a physical and emotional piece of intellectual property." Brands offer customers a means to choose and enable recognition within cluttered markets. trigger to create a relationship between consumers and the the Clicquot the article itself, bestvessel whichThat is thethe article, the wrappermark branded on brand, etc., the the brand, etc. contains merchant's or excise product/service. which covers it, the cork of the bottle, etc., to guarantee its being genuine, etc. Madame Clicquot, of champagne notoriety, died in 1866. He has the brand of villain a recognizable kind; in his looks. It was once customary to brand the cheeks of felons with an F. The custom was abolished by law in 1822. "there's a new brand of a name, term, design, symbol, hero in the movies now"; jargon product name, such as the for those things associated or any other feature that with a identifies one seller's good or "what make of car is that?" image or concept in customers' service as distinct from those of minds about what it means to them other sellers. The legal term for product identification by brand is trademark. A brand word, name, symbol, design, a name, number, term, sign, symbol, design, or may identify one item, a family of items, or all items of that or a combination of these. combination of these seller. elements… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  10. 10. you Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  11. 11. Your reaction to this: Men – what do you feel? Ladies – what do you feel? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  12. 12. Simple Brand Triangle Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  13. 13. • Soft Drink • Refreshing • Carbonated • Caffeinated Attributes • In a Can • Sold Everywhere • Cold • Etc… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  14. 14. Personality: or Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  15. 15. • Diamond • Carat • Cut Attributes • Clarity • Color • Price • Etc… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  16. 16. Feeling or Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  17. 17. Strong Brand Personality Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  18. 18. What is Chemistry Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  19. 19. Stuff? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  20. 20. Stuff + Action? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  21. 21. Stuff + Action + Reaction? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  22. 22. Brand Chemistry brand + you + someone else… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  23. 23. • Buzz • Websites • Viral • Blogs • Twitter Brand • Advertising Chemistry? • Experiences • Social • Word of Mouth Blog: • Promotions Twitter: Linkedin: • Partnerships
  24. 24. Nope.. Just tools Needed: Relationships Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  25. 25. Relationship=Listening [and responding] Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  26. 26. Dell Hell One blog One bad experience… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  27. 27. Chatter… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  28. 28. To mainstream… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  29. 29. Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  30. 30. How do you build good Chemistry? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  31. 31. Just Listen [and respond] Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  32. 32. strong brand Building + Brand FUEL FUEL [and responding] Chemistry =chain reaction Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  33. 33. • Buzz • Websites • Viral • Blogs • Advertising FUEL • Experiences • Social • Word of Mouth • Promotions Blog: • Partnerships Twitter: Linkedin: [and respond]
  34. 34. Questions for your team: • How can we stay connected to what people are talking about? And want to talk about? • How can we create more ways for people to talk directly with us -- and us with them? • How can we help people close to the brand communicate in conversational ways? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  35. 35. More tools everyday… Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  36. 36. changing world = changing roles old role new responsibility market research listening, reciprocity branding, messaging conversation strategy business building ideas advertising stand out in innovative ways visible, different public relations engaging influencers advocates sales presentations communicate brand pov, build conversations Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  37. 37. Okay, what to do… • Know your brand + fuel • Change roles and responsibilities of marketing • Listen to what is being said about your brand • Make conversations someone’s job • Reward and spread positive • Make it repeatable • Have a “quick response team” for negative Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  38. 38. gets it Blog: executes it Twitter: Linkedin:
  39. 39. Dell learned how Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  40. 40. “It’s this simple. You are a brand. You are in charge of your brand. There is no single path to success. And there is no one right way to create the Brand Called You. Except this. Start today. Or Else.” (Tom Peters) Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  41. 41. • Brand character • Brand personality Know • Brand actions about • Brand image your brand… • Brand style Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  42. 42. And Listen… [and respond] Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  43. 43. At twelve I kissed a girl for the first time. As a real gentlemen I asked her “May I kiss you?” She said “OK” and so I kissed her. That’s marketing… Years later I kissed another girl. Not only did she give me her ‘OK’ but this girl was actively kissing too. That’s chemistry Blog: Twitter: Linkedin:
  44. 44. Questions? Blog: Twitter: Linkedin: [and respond]