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Grand opening slideshow - DRAFT

  1. 1. Grand OpeningOctober 27-28 2012
  2. 2. Saturday’s Events:
  3. 3. Sunday’s Events:
  4. 4. Board of Directors
  5. 5. Bark & BloomBark & Bloom is the intersection of passionate flower growing and acompulsion to make floral art. Their art is made from locally grown flowers,decorative branches and re-purposed materials. Local and sustainablematerials are the ingredients they use to produce simple, seasonal andnatural arrangements. They use what they find and what they grow, andsupplement from like-minded growers. Bark & Bloom’s preference is tosupport Iowa growers and then expand to earth-friendly national growers.They specialize in growing multiple varieties of pussy willow alongside anarray of colorful decorative curly willow branches. Their branches areharvested in winter and early spring. Even when Iowa flowers are scarce,they can add vessels of color and texture to your home, office and events.Visit with Anne Armitage, grower-designer-entrepreneur, at NewBo CityMarket to chat about flowers, trees and planning your event. Alan Peterka,grower-designer-tech-support-husband, works mostly behind the scenes -but if you see him, say hello! They love to learn from other growers andgardeners, Anne and Alan strive to inspire in others the joy and wondernature inspires in them.
  6. 6. Betty & Bobos Better BreadsBetty and Bobo’s Better Breads is new! As new as the NewBo City Market. Created from anenjoyment of eating good bread & quality pastries that have always been a part of Jerrys home, hemade the decision to join NewBo and bake for the whole community.Jerry will feature sandwich breads with a variety that will meet everyone’s taste. Lean breads thatbegin with a preferment and take more time and attention before they reach the oven resulting in aflavorful bread without added oils and sweeteners.He will offer a selection of Biscotti, Take and Bake Scones, Bread mixes to bake at home, bulkgranola and more as our business unfolds.Neighborhood, restaurant, and small market delivery will be added in January.Betty and Bobo’s is named after Jerrys mother and uncle, who enjoy bread better than they canbake, it but always appreciate a good loaf of fresh bread.The company philosophy is the Golden Rule.Their ingredients are high quality, the products are delicious, the prices are fair, & the service willbring a smile to your face.
  7. 7. Big Boy Meats
The idea of Big Boy Meats first started in a very hot state fairsheep barn in Sedalia, MO. Cori Craig and Nathan Leinstayed up half of that sweltering June night talking aboutCorriedale sheep (of course!), meat, and renewing theirfriendship after not seeing each other for more than 20 years.A week and a half later, Nathan was approached on ProjectA.W.A.R.E and was asked about the care of two little lambs.As the conversation progressed, WendyZimmermann, Director of Operations at the NewBo CityMarket, talked about her major project. Phone numbers wereexchanged, Cori and Nathan spent a few more late nightstalking, and in August of 2012, Big Boy Meats was founded!
  8. 8. Caribbean KitchenPatrick Rashed was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Iowa to go to theUniversity of Iowa. He graduated with a teaching degree and a masters degree in socialwork. "He opened the restaurant with his wife Danielle and three boys PJ, Tavian, andDeAndre"His three boys and his wife who are his world. His favorite thing to do in his spare timeis going to watch his children in any activity they are participating in.Cooking Jamaican food is in Patrick’s blood. He was named after his Grandfather, whowas an excellent cook – His nickname was Fishmon. He would go to the parks and sellprepared seafood, which always sold out. Patrick’s (the younger) first job was at 12years old working in a Jamaican market for a Rasta Mon. He only served “Ital”(vegetarian) food.Patrick has been a vendor for the past 7 years going to festivals around the Midwest. Hetakes great pleasure in knowing that someone has enjoyed what he prepared forthem. Using fresh local ingredients is so important to the flavor of your dish no matterwhat style of cooking your doing. He wants people to feel that same warmth he feelswhen they eat our food at Caribbean Kitchen: He wants them to feel at home.
  9. 9. The ChillThe Chill is a new venture for young entrepreneur Sydney Rieckhoff, age 14 of Cedar Rapids.When Sydney first heard about the NewBo City Market, she asked “Who will be doing the icecream? Is that something I could do?”Sydney loves ice cream and has enjoyed the “research” of finding the best flavors to offer at NewBo.Sydney has visited over 20 ice cream shops in 4 states over the past few months to make sure thatshe gets it right. She even had the chance to sample ice cream on a trip to Ireland and England inJune. According to Sydney, “European ice cream is a little different than what we have here.American ice cream is a little thicker and creamier, but the ice cream in Europe explodes with flavor.I’m going to see if I can’t find or make ice cream that has both qualities.”The Chill will feature at least 12 different flavors of ice cream that will change with the season. “Wewill have great milkshakes and we will make our own waffle cones on site,” adds Sydney. “ I wantto feature items that will appeal to kids – even if they are very old kids – like my grandpa.”Gourmet fudge, vintage candies and homemade sundaes with fresh fruit will round out the offeringat the Chill.Another cool thing to check out at the Chill is its celebration of local artists on its website and videowall. “We want to honor the artistic heritage of the neighborhood. We will hold contests for localartists of all ages and let our customers decide the winners. Our winners will get the chance to befeatured on Chill t-shirts, and I will personally reward them with plenty of free ice cream. I can’twait to start.”
  10. 10. Christopher Ryan ConfectionsChristopher Oetker grew up loving to bake.He hails from a small town in Central Iowa. After graduatingKirkwood Community College with an AOS in Culinary Arts, heand his future wife Anna moved to Chicago where he attended theprestigious French Pastry School, instructed by Sebastien Cannoneand Jacquey Pfeiffer, two world renowned pastry chefs.Christopher and Anna returned to Cedar Rapids, where he hasbeen creating special occasion and wedding cakes from his homeunder the name Cakes By Christopher since 2004. This year marksa transition for Cakes By Christopher to Christopher RyanConfections at NewBo City Market. Christopher will still offer hiswonderful wedding and special occasion cakes, along with manyother tasty treats, including gluten free and vegan options, usinglocal and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  11. 11. CR PopcornMost people will assume the “CR” in popcorn’s shop’s name stands for CedarRapids. However, these are also the initials of a 5th grade boy from Jackson ElementarySchool, Carter Rieckhoff. “It’s pretty cool that my initials match my hometown,” says Carter, age 10.Carter loves his popcorn. Ever since he was old enough to eat it, he just couldn’t getenough. Microwave is just fine, but Carter prefers what he calls “real” popcorn with butter made onthe stove by his dad. If there is something Carter loves more than popcorn, it might be rootbeer. Popcorn and root beer together. . . is a recipe for a happy tummy.Come and taste CR’s incredible cheddar corn, caramel corn and fresh popped buttered popcorn. Trythe famous Five Seasons or NewBo blends, and sample one of our rotating exotic flavors like garlicand parmesan, caramel apple or honey mustard. Carter’s Root Beer Vault contains over 20 varietiesof root beer made by craft breweries from around the country.CR Popcorn Shop will have everything you need for a refreshing snack at NewBo City Market, or wecan create a special gift for you to share with a friend. One gallon and 3 gallon gift tins are availablewith your favorite popcorns and root beers.Carter is looking forward to meeting you in his store at NewBo City Market. “ I went to theUniversity of Iowa’s entrepreneur camp this summer to learn how to run my own business,” statesCarter. “I’m pretty sure I can do it, and then I want to open a coffee shop, a pizza place, a toy storeand then a hotel. I have big dreams.”
  12. 12. The Egg BasketCarlena and Jim Minor have been providing eggs and farm freshchickens to friends and relatives for over thirty years. They beganproviding free range eggs to local residents through farmer’smarkets for several years. The Egg Basket is a continuation of agrowing need for a healthy egg and dairy alternative.The Egg Basket will feature a variety of eggs includingchicken, quail, duck, and goose. They will also carry dairy productsfrom Kalona SuperNatural, formally known as Kalona Organics.These dairy products contain organic, grass-fed milk from localsustainable farms.The Egg Basket will also carry local honey, sorghum, gluten freebaking mixes, and handmade chocolates.
  13. 13. Saturday’s Events:
  14. 14. Sunday’s Events:
  15. 15. Frontier Natural Products Co-opFrontier has been the leading supplier of natural andorganic herbs, spices, teas & aromatherapy productsfor over three decades – recognized for high qualityproducts, organics and social responsibility. Weconduct our business with unwavering integrity andare dedicated to making a positive impact on theenvironment.
  16. 16. Get Fresh! JuiceWho we are:
Brendan and Kathy are both Iowa-grown food lovers with a passion forfreshness and a love of local food and flavor.Fresh inspiration:
Using the freshest fruits and vegetables available, working withlocal producers, Get Fresh creates delicious beverages. The health benefits come withthe territory…we make juices that taste great!It’s all about the juice! smoothies and extracted juice blends made from the best ingredients available freshly squeezed citrus juices iced teas fruit and vegetable-infused waters
  17. 17. Greyhound DeliPete hails from Minnesota, while Matt is from Illinois. Matt came to Iowa Cityfor school, and ended up falling in love with the state. Pete came upon Iowaby chance, while visiting friends he too became enchanted with the area andhas made Iowa his home. The two met when Matt bought a bicycle from thebike shop where Pete works.It wasnt long before the two became friends and Matt asked Pete to comework for him at his breakfast stand at the farmers market called, Griddle MeThis. The two operate the bicycle supported business on Saturday morningsand have developed quite the cult following.Both sharing a history in the service industry and a love ofgood, quality, wholesome food, they looked for ways to expand their visionand the NewBo Market concept seemed like the ideal setting to continue downthat path.Greyhound Deli will offer cuisine that the goes along with the pairs foodphilosophy: simple food, great ingredients, executed well. The two will bringa fresh, fun atmosphere to the market and are looking at this as a steppingstone into a bright future in the culinary world.
  18. 18. Iowa Soul Food Co. MarketMission: The Iowa Soul Food Company Market provides uniqueofferings of the African experience from around the world.Company Philosophy: The Iowa Soul Food Company Market(ISFCM) is about sharing African inspired foods and spices fromaround the world.The Market is designed to appeal to individuals that are passionateabout cooking and exploring cooking concepts from differentcultures.ISFCM is more than just a food company; they are communityexplorers, searching to expose the hidden talents of every dayculinary artist who have a passion for cooking and share theirfavorite dishes, recipes and ingredients with the world.
  19. 19. La ReynaAs their kids Alex and Katherine were preparing to enter High School &Middle School, the family decided it was time to relocate full-time fromChcago to Iowa and establish their business, a grocery store, in order toprovide a better quality of life to the family. What started off as a 250 sq. ftstorefront soon became a 2000+ sq. ft bodega and restaurant by 2002. In2005, the family fulfilled their dream of opening a restaurant in Iowa City.This move allowed Carmen to vend her famous pico de gallo and guacamoleat the local Farmer’s Market. Three years later, the Legaspi family is veryactive selling at Farmers Markets from Davenport to Des Moines. In 2012, thefamily decided they wanted to go back to their original businessmodel, small-town business, and relocated the restaurant to Vinton. Inaddition to managing the restaurant, La Reyna Food Products are sold at theNew-Pioneer Co-op and various Hy-Vees across the Corridor.Carmen and Carlos Legaspi have been in business for over 20 years and haveled the business in 3 very distinct communities. They are the “face” of LaReyna at the restaurant, at farmers markets, summer festivals, and via therelationships with retail outlets.
  20. 20. Saturday’s Events:
  21. 21. Sunday’s Events:
  22. 22. Morgan Creek ProduceMorgan Creek runs through our family’s 37 acre vegetable farm west of Cedar Rapids on Hwy 30- about 8 miles from the NewBo City Market - where we have a fresh produce market open dailyfrom 10am – 6pm through the growing season.Grower Bob Vanous transitioned from growing nursery stock to vegetables in 1998. Over theyears Morgan Creek has become the area’s fresh produce favorite, growing a wide range ofproduce from asparagus to zucchini. The Morgan Creek tradition continues as Bob’s daughterRobyn and her husband, Bill Rieckhoff, take the lead at the NewBo City Market. “Our family iscommitted to sustainable farming practices”, notes Bill. “Commercial growers grow for transportand shelf life. We can grow for taste. That is a huge plus for our customer friends”.At NewBo City Market, Morgan Creek will take the best of what we grow at our farm, and addfresh seasonal offerings from qualified partner growers. Robyn is excited, “We meet so manygreat farm families when we attend education events and later visit their farms. Each farm hassignature items – like our tomatoes, candy onions and sweet corn. At NewBo City Market we getto connect Cedar Rapids with the best offerings from local and regional farms. ”Education and outreach is our mission at Morgan Creek. Ask questions, try a sample of somethingnew, or come out for a field day tour at the farm. Please give us a call if your organization needsfresh produce for an event.Above all, be a good friend to your body - Eat Fresh. . .Eat Local. . . and Know Your Grower.
  23. 23. NewBo Beer & WineNewBo City Market is all about supporting the local community, andthat’s why NewBo Beer & Wine concentrates on local producers.The only anchor merchant located in the Event Space, just left of the bigrooster clock, NewBo Beer and Wine is both a retail beer and winemerchant and a tasting bar, specializing in Iowa Beers and Wines. What’smore, since most of Iowa’s great breweries don’t bottle their beer, NewBoBeer and Wine offers a “Growler Program,” where Iowa’s craft beersrotate through the bar’s four draught lines and are sold in half-gallon, refillable “growlers” (a.k.a. “little brown jugs”).While the wine program at NewBo Beer & Wine also concentrates onIowa’s growing vineyards, it also carries a small selection of otherAmerican wines, from the Midwest to the West Coast. Take it home bythe bottle, enjoy a full glass or just a taste.NewBo Beer and Wine is your go-to source for all your local favorites
  24. 24. NewBo Cheese Co.NewBo Cheese Co. is a partnership between Mary Krivit and Luann Gilman. Mary and Luann havebeen friends for many years and always talked of starting a business together. Mary grew up in asmall town in Illinois. Her dad was the local veterinarian and her weekends were spent helpinghim with his work on the farms. She graduated from the University of Iowa and from LoyolaUniversity with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Mary is married to Jeff and they have 4children. Luann grew up on a grain and hog farm in central Iowa. She and her sisters helped witheverything from walking beans to chasing the hogs back into the barn. Luann has a degree inAccounting from Iowa State University and is married to Peter. They have 3 daughters.Mary and Luann have both always had an interest in cooking and using local, fresh productswhenever possible. They were very excited about the NewBo City Market’s plan and saw this as theperfect opportunity to pursue their dream of owning a business together. The idea for a cheeseshop was a natural choice, given both of their experiences growing up in rural areas. Mary andLuann have scoured the back roads of Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota finding the very bestfarmstead and artisanal cheeses for their store. Overall, the cheeses they will carry in their store arefrom small family farms where the cows / goats are milked.and the cheese is produced on the premises. NewBo Cheese Co. will also carry accompanimentssuch as specialty crackers, preserves and olives. They are really excited to be part of the NewBoCity Market and the opportunity to promote small, Midwest farmers.
  25. 25. Wallace FarmsIn 2005, Nick Wallace returned “Back to the Land” to a farmthat was first tilled by his great-great-grandfather. Our farmin Keystone, Iowa, has been in the Wallace family since1894 and is now the homestead for Nick and his family, inaddition to being the centerpiece of Wallace Farms.Today, hundreds of customers rely on Nick and hisnetwork of family farmers to provide food that issafe, sustainably-raised, hormone and pesticide-free, andalways all-natural!We will be providing 2 deliveries each month to the NewboMarket. Simply go to and sign upto received our delivery emails. Pre-orders are made a weekbefore each delivery, hand-packed, and delivered to ourdesignated drop-off location right next to the market.
  26. 26. Pappardelle’s Pasta Brodie and Lorrie are so excited to be a part of the NewBo City market and to share their passion for bringing people back to the kitchen and eating at the family table. Brodie was a Division I wrestler for the University of Iowa. They know how important it is to fuel your body with nutritional and natural foods that satisfy. Pappardelle’s bold flavor profiles coupled with fresh seasonal ingredients from the market will be a winner every time! Their pasta is the basis of delicious, fast, simple meals that will make you and your family happy and healthy. Pappardelle’s Pasta is a gourmet pasta company. All pasta is made in small batches, using the finest flours and natural ingredients. Their pastas are all natural and some are organic, gluten free, or whole wheat. There’s ravioli, pesto and sauces too. Pappardelle’s has over 100 flavors of dry pastas for you to choose from. When you buy any of them we send you home with a tried and true recipe using that specific pasta. Eat and Enjoy!
  27. 27. P.H.A.T. Daddy’s @ The MarketMike Curry, Chef/Owner P.H.A.T. Daddy’s
Mike was born and raised in Marengo.He first became interested in the food industry while working in local restaurants as ateenager. After high school, he attended Kirkwood Community College and receiveddegrees in Culinary Arts and Food Management. After graduation in the summer of1987, Mike moved to Florida for a different look at the food industry. While there, heworked in various hotels, country clubs and restaurants.Jim Vido, Chef
Also a Kirkwood Community College graduate with a degree inCulinary Arts and a Bakery Certificate. Jim has worked at P.H.A.T.’s since May of 2008organizing catering events, updating the website and social networking, and workingon the new business adventures here at NewBo City Market. Jim is a Cleveland nativeand has lived in Iowa for eleven years.P.H.A.T. Daddys @ The MarketAlong with their own great sauces from their Marengo restaurant, P.H.A.T. Daddys @The Market will satisfy the deicated chile-head in you with a wide variety of hotsauces, salsas and chile-related products.
  28. 28. Roasters CoffeeAt Roasters, you will never buy coffee that isnt fresh. Most of their varieties are kept onthe shelf no longer than a few days. They roast small batches every day to ensurefreshness. Absolutely none of the beans are sold beyond three weeks from roasting. Allof the coffees they buy are shade grown, avian friendly, high grade specialty beans.Every variety and blend offered at NewBo City Market will be Fair Trade or RainforestAlliance certified and USDA certified organic, and every decaf they offer will bechemical-free, decaffeinated using the swiss water process instead of harsh chemicals.Roasters buys the highest quality, freshest green coffee beans they can find, and passesthat quality and freshness along to each guest.They look forward to holding cuppings (formal coffee tastings) at NewBo City Marketand are excited about the opportunity it provides them to expand and educate some newfolks about the great wide world of coffee, as well as learning from all the new guestshow to improve our coffees for their specific needs.At the head of the NewBo City Market location is Amanda Steines. She’s been workingin coffee for the better part of a decade and has never been so inspired by her work asshe has been since becoming part of the Roasters family a few years ago. Shell be at themarket every day once it opens taking care of all your coffee needs.
  29. 29. Saturday’s Events:
  30. 30. Sunday’s Events:
  31. 31. That One Cupcake PlaceOnce upon a time, a young teenage girl complained she was bored and wanted something to do. Like allgood parents do, her foster mother quickly shot back and told her to do something productive. Theteenager decided to bake. One day in 1990, she noticed a tattered piece of paper that fell out of an old recipebook. It was yellowed, fragile and hand written with beautiful penmanship. The bored teenager baked thebest cupcakes ever from the recipe. Her foster mother told her the cake had not been baked that way sinceher own grandma was alive. 

It is an old family recipe from a time when cupcakes were made in actualcups in England, when people were too poor to make an entire cake. In fact, cupcake pans were notinvented yet! The teenage girl will never forget the warm look of approval on her foster mother’s face. Itwill forever be embedded in her heart.The teenager, now Teresa Pinkerton, has been baking this recipe since she was 14 years old. Friends andfamily have been telling her for a long time that she should start selling the yummy cupcakes. After severalweddings, graduations and birthdays the entire family decided to embark on this adventuretogether. They love what they do and they do what they love.

They have been grass roots, farmer’smarket and word of mouth so far. She did what John told her to do (finally), and she baked. When theopportunity to become the first dedicated cupcake place in Cedar Rapids came around, they jumped on theopportunity to be a merchant in NewBo City Market and are excited to serve the community.
  32. 32. Zaytoon Mediterranean GrillFor years they had been waiting for an authentic Mediterranean restaurant to open in their neighborhood. A placeto feast on juicy shish tawook (chicken kabob) sandwiches, gyros with creamy tzatziki sauce, tabouli salad piledhigh, addictive hummos with pita, and freshly squeezed mint lemonade. Decades later, they realized there wasonly one solution; to open their own restaurant…and so they did! Zaytoon (“Olive”) Mediterranean Grill is theplace to enjoy these and many more fresh, healthy, and delicious foods.They are excited to share their dishes with folks new to these flavors and those who already have the craving forMediterranean fare. Their creations were inspired by the food their mothers and grandmothers used to make forthem. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, many sourced locally, and some organic. Mediterraneancuisine is the perfect choice for the health conscious indvidual, as the majority of the food is made with naturalingredients including vegetables, herbs, grains, and hand selected quality meats.Albert Habhab, co-owner and master-griller, is looking forward to putting on his chef’s hat and taking his post atthe grilling station. He brings over 17 years of culinary experience to Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill, many fromshadowing his father in their family business along with perfecting recipes his mother shared with him as a youngadult. Jennine Seede, co-owner and self-proclaimed food critic, has her knives sharpened and ready to beginpreparations for her much acclaimed fresh fruit cocktail. Jennine’s experience is primarily in her home kitchenwhere she learned from her mother and grandmother about how to prepare Mediterranean food that would satisfytwo older (and very hungry) brothers.Albert and Jennine want their customers to feel good about what they’re eating. If there is something you want totaste, just let them know, they’re happy to give you a sample. As their grandparents would always say to themafter enjoying a delicious meal, “sah-tain” which meant, “may the food give you twice the good health”.