Twitter For Business


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Twitter For Business
Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use Twitter efficiently & effectively for YOUR business.
July 14, 2011

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Twitter For Business

  1. 1. By: Jennifer Taylor
  2. 2. As a business, you can use Twitter to quickly shareinformation, gather market intelligence and insights, andbuild relationships with people who care about yourcompany.
  3. 3. • Provides powerful ways to generate awareness• Connects you with your customers• Builds relationships with consumers
  4. 4. • Know what you want to measure before you engage!  Tie an activity to an end game.• Allows you to establish goals and objectives for:  Sales  Registrations  Referrals  Links  Reduction in costs and processes  Decrease in customer issues  Lead generation
  5. 5. • blogging • microblogging• bookmarking • music• business • news• community • photo• design • tech• entertainment • travel• health • video
  6. 6. Vision of Twitter:• Age 14: Fascinated with real-time physical information transfer—like couriers, taxis, and 911.• Age 15: Worked as a programmer and built several dispatch systems; wanted the same thing for his friends. Technology That Made It Possible: “AOL’s Instant Messenger was getting big and included this thing called “status.” You could set your “away status,” and you could see what your buddy list was doing at a glance. It was a dispatch system, but it was limited: There were only four status options. We took the concept of status and mixed it with the ubiquity of texting. We’re not building a social network; we’re allowing users to issue a series of personal newswires, 140 characters or less. The reason Twitter works is that we recognized patterns in the world. We listened, and we made those patterns more convenient.” ~ Jack Dorsey
  7. 7. • To follow somebody is to subscribe to their messages• A tweet is an individual message• A DM or direct message is a private message on Twitter• RT or retweet is to repost a valuable message fromsomebody else on Twitter and give them credit• Trending topics are the most-discussed terms on Twitterat any given moment
  8. 8. • Find people to connect with!• Reveals shared (and unique) friends and followers for up to 3separate users.• Venn diagrams and listings of all users.
  9. 9. Manage Lists
  10. 10. Manage Lists
  11. 11. • Leverage Other Profiles• Tweet and Tweet Often – But Create Space for Reactions• Be Conversational• Provide Value• Tweet in Peak Times• Be yourself and Tweet from the ❤
  12. 12.
  13. 13. ••••
  14. 14. Keeps track of conversations that mention you,your products, your company, anything, withhourly updates! You can even keep track of whostweeting your website or blog, even if they use ashortened URL (like or