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How to work renewals all year long


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For Independent Insurance in the Senior Market, Medicare Annual Enrollment Period can be hectic. Learn how to work your client renewals all year long in the most efficient matter and sell more policies because (if done properly) you will have the time to invest in your clients!

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How to work renewals all year long

  1. 1. How to Write Apps All Year Long Michael Sams 1
  2. 2. Work Renewals Year Round ● When Should You Do it? ● What Do You Need? ● Where Should You Do It? ● How Do You Do It? ● Why Should You Do It? ● Also Extras at the end!
  3. 3. Why Work Renewals Year Round? ● You're going to be in a time crunch During AEP  ● Regular Client Phone Calls ● Client Part D Questions
  4. 4. When to Schedule Annual Renewal Appointments? ● Each Year for every client ● Do not wait for AEP ● Don’t forget to manage time expectations with your Client and make sure they know what to expect. (1 hour time slot)
  5. 5. What do you need? 1. CRM to manage client contact info and renewal dates and reports to prioritize appointment setting 2. Intern and Intern Call Scripts to efficiently schedule renewal appointment (GET at the end!) • If you have more than 100 clients an intern can really help with appointment setting 3. Prepare for an efficient use of time in the renewal meetings with clients 1. Have: The Basics of the policy • Type, Carrier, Number, Issue Date, Premium, Insured, Beneficiary 2. Understand: The Details of the policy • Make sure you know the ins and outs of their policy 3. Clarify: Put the policy in context for client • If you can put their policy in context based on who they are and the world we live in, you will know if the policy is sufficient 4.
  6. 6. Where? ● Schedule an In-Person Meeting (Not over the phone meetings) ● Prefer meeting at Client’s house ● Or in your office if they feel more comfortable
  7. 7. How? ● Ok, you are prepared: ● You’ve scheduled an appointment ● You’ve established an expected time limit ● You’ve made notes of the policy’s basic information ● If typed, you’ve printed this basic information to give to your client at meeting’s end ● You’ve reviewed the policy’s features and fully understand what is covered and how the policy works ● You have pinpointed gaps in coverage and have solutions that you’re ready to present ● Knock on their door and start your appointment ● DON’T MISS OUT and Grab the extras on the next slide!
  8. 8. Extras ● Complete Guide to Annual Policy Reviews for Independent Insurance Agents https:// agents ● How to Write Apps All Year Long ● Get the Intern Phone Scripts ● Learn about the New Horizons All Star Program ●