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StangaOne1 Company Presentation


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StangaOne1 Company Presentation

  1. 1. solid local centre management and strong technical training and retention plansover 10 years experience seamless integration ofin web & software development global developmentand digital outsourcing teams CMMI-based communication flow and project management 300 skilled and cost-effective employees
  2. 2. OVERVIEWoverview history StangaOne1 is a global provider of professional digital production and IT Founded in 1999, Stanga started building custom software & development services. As a trusted partner of leading software and interactive web technology solutions. In 2005 the company entered into a agencies worldwide, we provide the technological prerequisites for a timely joint venture with the large IT services provider One1 — a and effective implementation of our clients’ online campaigns and custom global enterprise with over 2500 employees worldwide. In development solutions. Our resultoriented approach, coupled with attention 2007 One1 became a shareholder in the company, and Stanga to detail, warrants a streamlined client experience and high-quality assumed the name of StangaOne1. Along with several strategic deliverables. acquisitions, in 2011 StangaOne1 was registered as a joint-stock company under the name of STANGA All technical development activities of StangaOne1 are based in Bulgaria: ◘ Experienced team of 300 employees allocated to location Bulgaria is a prime near-shore location known for its qualified different technologies technical resources, advanced infrastructure, digital expertise, ◘ 2 development centres – Sofia and Plovdiv and advantageous cost structure. As an EU member state, ◘ Highly qualified individuals, specialized in every aspect Bulgaria offers to businesses EU legal standards in taxation and of the web technologies invoicing as well as visa-free travel arrangements. We offer to ◘ Continued trainings and successfully completed our clients the advantage of the same time-zone location and certification programmes short travel time to/from our production centres. ◘ Our team members are perfectly fluent in English and/or French and the communication is made smooth by the involvement and dedication of our project managers ◘ Strong and experienced local centre managementoverview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 2
  3. 3. MOBILE & SOCIALweb development technologiesWeb & software development; intranet and extranet systems, web portals, e-commerce sites, online payment PHP, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Symfony,implementations, CMS, custom business solutions, etc. WordPress, Magento, Expression Engine, Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, PrestaShop, AJAX, XML, JSON,mobile application development .NET, C#, Silverlight, Kentico, Umbraco, Flash, Flex, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL server, jQuery, extJS, etc.and social network integration technologiesMobile applications for iPhone/ iPad/iPod, Android and Blackberry, mobile web sites, Facebook applications, social iOS SDK, Objective C, iCloud, SQLite, Android SDK, Java,network integration. Windows Phone, Facebook API, Twitter API, YouTube◘ Recent projects:, API, Dailymotion API, Flickr API, OpenGraph, HTML5, CCS3, services technologiesWeb design, standard flash banners, RM flash banners, HTML5 banners, banner and web sites localization, banner resizes HTML, HTML5, xHTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, cufon,and adaptation for different publishing platforms, flash web sites, online flash games, e-mail marketing, e-mail building, @font-face, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,Mini sites & landing pages design and development, HTML integration, content entry and publishing for diverse Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flashplatforms such as DoubleClick, EyeWonder, Eyeblaster, Unicast, Atlas, Pointroll, etc.◘ Recent projects: and testing servicesStangaOne1 is maintaining an outsourcing testing services department – a reliable partner for the clients’ QA resourcesproviding them with a full range of testing services that best suit each specific servicesDedicated teams implement diverse projects involving specific qualifications and competences corresponding to theclients’ needs. StangaOne1 is responsible for the recruitment the overall handling of those teams located at theStangaOne1’s headquarters in Sofia. Such teams are currently in place for worldwide clients such as Comverse, Alvarion,Orbotech, TEOCO, etc.overview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 3
  4. 4. CLIENTS & PARTNERSOver the years we have established partnerships of trust with key interactive, advertising and software agencies: Business Solutions for Internet Communicationsoverview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 4
  5. 5. BRANDSStangaOne1 is the preferred partner of trend-setting world-wide brands such as:overview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 5
  6. 6. ENGAGEMENT MODELSfixed price projects ◘ Turn-key solutions tailored to allocated project budget and preferred time-frame ◘ Total project costs are fixed in the beginning ◘ Undemanding in terms of client-end involvement and resources ◘ Responsibility for observing deadlines is assumed by StangaOne1managed teams: “time & material” ◘ Employing the services of a team of software specialists on an as-needed basis ◘ The client specifies requirements, monitors progress, and receives status reports on a regular basis ◘ StangaOne1 commits to managing the team and ensuring its optimal efficiency ◘ Weekly and monthly reports for the hours worked by each team member are sent to the client ◘ Client is billed based on exact hours worked by the team members during the monthdedicated teams ◘ A team of the resources required is selected together with the client ◘ The team is completely at the disposal of the client ◘ The client organizes the working processes in terms of time, priorities and complexity ◘ Optimal solution for companies that wish to extend temporarily their production forcesoverview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 6
  7. 7. APPROACH TO SOFTWARE PROJECTS maintenance maintenance agreement deploymenttimeline quality assurance technical documentation user guides development bug tracking reports technical notes system tests system sync email modeling daily reports planning & system & hardware weekly reports specification architecture test planproject analysis wireframes/specification project manualproject proposal project plan developmentfunctional analysistechnical analysis processTo lay the groundwork for the smooth realization of a new undertaking, we observe a StangaOne1 appoints a project manager with fluent English and/or French responsible for thetime-tested methodology. StangaOne1 uses its own developed methodology daily correspondence with the Client, preparation of reports and other project documentation.consistent with the CMMI practices for management of software projects. For each of Our experienced project managers make sure our Clients know the status of their project work atthe main stages of a project, we have developed process flowcharts with main all times. Our teams communicate real-time via IM, video-conferencing, and interactiveparticipants, requirements and tasks to be done, output and next steps. Various internal browser-sharing meeting capabilities. Our goal is to communicate with you better than your ownproject management tools are used by the teams, such as Dot Project, Mantis, MS internal teams. The project manager monitors the daily progress of the work and sends the clientProject, Active Collab, Base Camp, JIRA, Wiki and others. We ensure that our clients are daily and weekly reports for the completed tasks as well as for the planned work.well informed of the project progress at every step of the project. For every projectoverview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 7
  8. 8. CONTACTSproduction centers Bulgaria – Sofia 43 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia 1407, Phone: +359 2 819 60 55 Bulgaria – Plovdiv 13A Patriarh Evtimiy Str., Plovdiv 4000, Phone: +359 32 51 23 63sales offices France – Paris Phone: +33 1 82 88 25 77 Israel – Tel Aviv Phone: +972 3 976 78 00 UK – London Phone: +44 203 129 24 23 USA – New York Phone: +1 646 292 32 77 www.stanga.netoverview > mobile & social > clients and partners > brands > engagement models > approach > contacts 8