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  1. 1. Location Based AdvertisingGeo location overviewUntapped opportunityFor business owners, if you arent listen and we cantfind you, your not getting customers.Ways to be found: Navteq, Teleatlas, supply mappingtechnology for googleMobile DevicesSmartphone adoption grew 60% and currently 76% ofpeople use mobile webIts free publicity for you, when people check in, its freeadvertising for yoUu. Its your job to know whose thereand to repined.-Foursquare- can leave tips for customers like to try thesalmon.Local search70% of people use search to find offline businesses**keywords= 70% of online searchers use localsearch**FoursquareAs a business owner you should pay attention are
  2. 2. people finding you, are there good reviewsOnce foursquare learns how to serve up real time adsbased or coupons based on location its going to bevery powerful for business owners or individuals. The good ones drive more traffic to the venue The bad? Well, consider is constructive criticism cim & fix the problemOver 60 Percent of Consumers Research Productsand Services Through MobileFoursquare is fun, you can unlock different badges.Super mayor if you have over 10 mayorships. Canleave tips for people, connect with people.1 check in/secondAnalysis tool for business owners: Can claim business,give incentives for people to check in, interact withcustomers and connect in a different way, be cool.If someones the mayor of your place, give them specialtreatment. When you have events, encourage people tocheck in.As a business owner you should think: "How can Iaward people to check in on foursquare."One check-in per secondAdvertise locally and be found when people searchlocal.Its very important as a business owner to see how yourbeing found on the mobile web.
  3. 3. Ads to people based on location.Business owners, claim your location.Reward your customers, give themes something backfor checking in.Real time coupons. Foursquare,Business ImpactLocation Based AppsHow to Maximize presenceThe futureNo minimum budget- Can spend as little as youd like- Adwords allows you to reach youraudience- Say your a store that sells dog treats- Can also use geographic targeting:
  4. 4. Will target big cities, with smallbusinesses-