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Summer 2006 Friends of Nevada Wilderness Newsletter


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Summer 2006 Friends of Nevada Wilderness Newsletter

  1. 1. From the Front lines: White Pine County update 2 I N S I D E take a hike: Explore and protect the White Pine Range 3 in the Field: Lend a hand, save a wild place 4 Why i love Wilderness: Kurt Kuznicki 6 Calendar oF events: Friends’ summer activities 6 Friends of Nevada Wilderness SUMMER 2006 Volunteers keep ‘wild’ Mail call / The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest will use public comment to create draft wilderness recommendations. Find out how you can help on page 8 the in wilderness Humboldt-Toiyabe forest needs your help Congressional wilderness designation is just the beginning. Making sure Find an wilderness stays wild update requires diligent work of recent on the ground. Friends successes of Nevada Wilderness and works to protect upcoming wilderness areas and projects on help them recover from Toiyabe Crest / Brian Beffort t page 4 impacts. But we can’t do it without volunteers. Friends would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, who have worked to protect the health and beauty of Nevada’s wildlands. We would also likeY to invite those of you who have not yet joined us for a volunteer work trip in our letters supporting wilderness roadless areas in Mount Rose / Brian Beffort wilderness. You can help wilderness are needed by August 1 to the new plan. At stay wild by joining one of Friends’protect millions of acres of Forest Service stake are more three stewardship programs: Adopt-A-wilderness-quality roadless areas in than 2 million Wilderness, Leave No Trace training,Nevada and eastern California. acres of high and Wilderness restoration projects. Officials at the Humboldt-Toiyabe peaks, deep They’re all free; all we ask is your timeNational Forest (the “HT”), which covers canyons, lush and passion for wild places. Whatever6.2 million acres in Nevada and California meadows and your interests and abilities, we have(the largest national forest in the Lower old-growth forests, which offer beauty, ways for you to become involved in the48), have begun revising their forest plan. clean water, wildlife habitat and bountiful protection and preservation of Nevada’sBy law, the HT must consider whether to opportunities for hiking, backpacking, wilderness legacy. Please join us!recommend wilderness designation for continued on page 8 continued on page 4
  2. 2. 2 OUR MISSION Friends of Nevada Wilderness is dedicated to preserving allqualified Nevada public lands aswilderness, protecting all present FROM THE FRONTLINES and potential wilderness from ongoing threats, educating thepublic about the values of — and White Pine public lands take center stage need for — wilderness, and As this newsletter goes update of the Friends of Nevada Wildernessimproving the management andrestoration of public wild lands. to press, the White Pine logo to more accurately represent our County Public Lands beautiful state. Additionally, the new look Northern Nevada Office bill should shortly be of the newsletter is the result of awesome PO Box 9754 introduced into Congress. design work of volunteer Laura Brigham. Reno, NV 89507 Once Friends of Nevada And last but not least, a big welcome and (775) 324-7667 Wilderness has carefully thanks to all our new members that joined Shaaron Netherton reviewed the entire bill, us this quarter and to all of our members Executive Director we will publish a special for getting involved – writing letters, Shaaron newsletter informing our volunteering, etc. Our many successes Netherton members on just what the bill provisions in protecting wild places in Nevada are Brian Beffort Conservation Director executive will do. because all of you made it so. director Statewide, the Humboldt Toiyabe Check this newsletter for upcoming National Forest has just come out with a wilderness stewardship and monitoring Pat Bruce list of forest lands that they believe have opportunities. These trips are great ways Field Project Coordinator wilderness qualities. While it is a good start, to give back to our state and meet folks our analysis shows that many important who share many of your same interests Richard Knox areas have been left off that list. Read more and values. You can also find out about Membership Coordinator about what you can do in this issue. volunteer opportunities on our website I’d like to give thanks to some special Southern Nevada Office volunteers who have really helped out Get out this summer and explore P. O. Box 230432 our organization. First, thanks to Sharon those wild places, be safe and wear your Las Vegas, NV 89105 Schafer, a fabulous graphic artist, for her sunscreen! (702) 650-6542 Susan Potts Southern Nevada Organizer Eastern Nevada Office Thank you, Sharon! 1313 1/2 Avenue I Ely, NV 89301 (775) 289-8898 (office) Fresh look for Friends’ logo (775) 293-1007 (cell) We have always loved our Joshua tree logo, even Pete Dronkers though we understand that it doesn’t represent Eastern Nevada Organizer all of Nevada. Thanks to the wonderful Board of Directors talents of Sharon Schafer, our logo now Karen Boeger, Rural Vice-Chair better represents Nevada’s wonderful Hermi Hiatt, State Chair Bart Patterson, wild diversity. Sharon is the artist of the Southern Vice-Chair mural at the new Mt. Charleston visitors’ Roger Scholl, Northern Vice-Chair center, and of many T-shirts at Red Rock Canyon Marge Sill, Secretary at-large and Mt. Charleston. Thank you, Sharon! If you’d like Bob Abbey to contact Sharon, and see some of her art, you can Peter Bradley John Hiatt email her at Ron Hunter Macaire Moran Sarah Perrault
  3. 3. 3 TAKE A HIKE IN THE CURRANT MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS Explore, protect, enjoy Mail call Your letters can protect the White Pine Range Additions to the Currant Mountain Currant Wilderness and other Mountain proposed wilderness is one of areas in the White Nevada’s Pine Range should great wilder- be addressed in the ness jewels. upcoming White Pine County public lands bill. Please write Nevada’s Congressional delegation; tell them why you support wilderness for the White Pine Range Complex. Senator Harry Reid 400 So. Virginia Street,W # 902 hen Congress designated Getting there Reno, NV 89501 Phone: 775-686-5750 The White Pine Range stretches between Highway 50 east of the 36,000-acre Currant Fax: 775-686-5757 Eureka, and Highway 6 between Ely and Tonopah. Mountain Wilderness in The most scenic country is on the southern end of the range 1989, they helped protect Senator John Ensign and is most easily accessed from Highway 6: From Ely, drive 26one of Nevada’s great mountains, but 600 East William St., miles toward Tonopah on Highway 6. Turn right/west on Forest # 304they didn’t go nearly far enough in Service Road 1163 (if driving from Tonopah, turn left/west 22.5 Carson City, NV 89701protecting all of the land that deserves miles past Currant on Highway 6), then drive 8 miles west on Phone: 775-885-9111wilderness in the region. 1163 to the White River campground, which is the only designated Fax: 775-883-5590 Friends of Nevada Wilderness and campground in the area; this beautiful campground has 10 sites,the Nevada Wilderness Coalition have pit toilets, cooking grills and costs $4 per night. Representative Jim You can also access this region from Highway 50: About 48proposed additions to the Currant Gibbons miles east of Eureka (40 miles west of Ely), turn south toward theMountain Wilderness and additional 400 S. Virginia Street, Illipah Reservoir, then continue south on Forest Service Rd 400.wilderness areas along the White # 502 There is a designated campground at Illipah Reservoir, with 14Pine Range, stretching north toward Reno, NV 89501 sites, shelters and grills.Highway 50 – all totaling more Phone: 775-686-5760 Although there are no designated trailheads in the region, there Fax: 775-686-5711than 150,000 acres. Together, this are numerous opportunities for hiking and exploring; hike to anwilderness complex will conserve enticing high point for a view of what makes this area so special.large tracts of wildlife habitat for sage Note: The nearest services are in Ely and Eureka. Whengrouse, elk, and other species, as well traveling in this area, you need to carry all your own food, wateras ample opportunities to hike, hunt, and shelter. Watch your gas gauge. High-clearance vehicles are recommended; roads may be impassible from weather or misuse.and camp in big, wild and beautifulcountry. Find out for yourself why we think Managing agencythis area is so special. This region is US Forest Service, Ely Ranger Districta great place to explore by vehicle or (775) 289-3031; foot. Maps: Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Ely Ranger District, west half. Brian Beffort
  4. 4. 4 Lend a hand, Volunteer for wildernessUPCOMING TRIPS save a c o n t i n u e d f ro m p a g e 1 Saving Nevada’s wild forests wild sp Friends’ new Forest Project August 5, Black Rock Coordinator, Angela Dykema, will workDesert. Join Friends and the with volunteers to provide the ForestBLM for a restoration project Service with monitoring, inventory andin wilderness. Details TBA. restoration work in wilderness areasFor information, call BrianBeffort at (775) 324-7667. across Nevada. We’re also looking for volunteers to visit and evaluate roadless August 23-27, Pine areas affected by the Forest Service’sForest Range. Join Friends forest plan revision (see the lead articleand the BLM for a restoration in this issue).project on one of Nevada’sgreat mountain jewels (come Adopt-A-Wildernessfor the full trip, or just a Nevada’s a big state, with diverse,couple days). Green grass, rugged and remote wildlands. Fundinghigh lakes, sweeping views; to manage these areas is limited.Nevada doesn’t get prettierthan this! For information, call Adopting a wilderness will let youPat Bruce at (775) 324-7667. explore wilderness and play a vital role in keeping it wild. By visiting September 30-October your adopted wilderness a few times1, National Public Lands a year, you can get to know the area’sDay, Stevens Camp and beauty and report damage to the area’sthe High Rock Canyon managing agency.Wilderness. Join us for our If you have a favorite place, or if you’dbiggest volunteer event of the like to find a new favorite, take the nextyear – good work, good food, step and adopt it. Friends of Nevadaspeakers and stargazing.Details TBA. Wilderness will provide you with all the information you need to monitor andMore trips to be protect your adopted wilderness.announced soon ... Checkout our website, Leave No Leave No Trace camping and hikingfor updates. techniques will help you enjoy your wilderness experience while reducing your backcountry footprint. These trainings are provided with the help of the BLM and the Forest Service during backpacking and car-camping trips in Nevada’s wilderness areas. There are struggling wildlife populations, Friends Trained volunteer several courses offered this year. Check of Nevada Wilderness is joining the guzzlers in wilderne the schedule on our website. BLM, Nevada Department of Wildlife, NDOW with inform and the Fraternity of Desert Bighorn. obtained from their Adopt-A-Guzzler In March, volunteers met at the Arrow Consider adopting a Without healthy wildlife populations, Canyon Range in northern Clark County in wilderness in Nev wilderness is a lonely landscape. To to learn how to inspect and repair big- excuse to explore wi provide quality habitat for Nevada’s game water developments (guzzlers). the wildlife before th Find out more about Friends’ stewardship programs at our website, www To get more details or sign up for a trip, contact Pat Bruce at (775) 324-7667 or p
  5. 5. 5 Clockwise from left: Our man Louispace shows how much fun working in the Black Rock Desert can be. Thank you A proud crew relaxes after work well done to everyone in the Mormon Mountains. Shaaron Netherton who has ever working on the Thomas Creek Trail. volunteered to keep I LDERNTISS W RA ON E Nevada RESTO wild. Not only are you Mormon Mission On March 25, 2006, Friends of A few hours and volunteers can keeping wildness make a big difference, as you can Nevada Wilderness volunteers and BLM tell from these before and after staff completed a series of projects in shots from Mount Grafton WSA. the Mormon Mountains Wilderness alive on Nevada’s near Mesquite, Nev. While one team restored a sensitive ecological area from illegal vehicle damage, another removed landscapes, overgrown bushes from a sensitive archaeological site, helping to reduce wildfire damage to the artifacts. perhaps more Mt. Grafton Goodness Up the North Creek drainage in the importantly, Mt. Grafton WSA, illegal vehicle use is creating “hill climbs” in the heart Friends of Nevada Wilderness of the wilderness. In June, Friends coordinates with land you’re keeping teamed up with the BLM to disguise two management agencies to identify illegal vehicle routes with boulders and areas in wilderness that need rs can now monitor downed material, then rehabilitated the some TLC—areas that have been it alive in our ess areas, providing stream zone by transplanting wild rose impacted by irresponsible off-roadmation that cannot be and native bunch-grasses, erasing both vehicle use, invasive species, fly-over inspections. routes in a couple of hours. and/or vandalism. Join us and hearts! a guzzler somewhere With the work out of the way, we other like-minded volunteers as vada. It’s a great headed back to the campsite for chicken we work to help these scars heal. ild Nevada and help stew, black forest cake, stargazing and Restoration projects are a fun and heir water runs dry. storytelling around the campfire. rewarding way for people to truly experience Nevada wilderness. We work hard, camp under the stars, and take time to enjoy the area while we’re out there.
  6. 6. 6 Why I Love Wilderness / KURT KUZNICKI Friends W ilderness is about going back. Back to a simpler time, when I carried my youngest on my summer shoulders while the oldest held my hand as we hiked down the activities trail. Back to when I first met my wife and fell in love on a hiking trip long ago. Back to a time, spent climbingUPCOMING EVENTS peaks, and month-long backpacks with the best of friends. Back to a time when the greatest hero any boy could know, my father, Join Friends of Nevada Brian Beffort showed me how to catch a wild trout. Back Wilderness staff, board, fellow members and to a time when the entire world was Wild and coalition partners for the full of adventure. following events in Reno and Las Vegas: V O L U N T E E R heroes July 25, White Pine County legislation party, Great Basin Brewery, Sparks. Join Friends and other Wilderness Coalitionpartners from 6 to 8 p.m. as Without dedicated people, wilderness designation wouldn’twe examine the wildernessproposals in the White Pine be possible. We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to a public-lands bill. Call (775) 324-7667 for details. couple people who have made a difference in our efforts to conserve wilderness in White Pine County. August 5, Festival In the Pines, Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, Peter Druschke is a student Lee Canyon. Join Friends of geosciences at the University from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. of Nevada, Las Vegas, doing field in this celebration of the work for his dissertation in the Egan Spring Mountains. Call Range Wilderness Study Area in (702) 650-6542 for more southern White Pine County. As a information. critical resource of information to congressional delegation staff and August 19, Galena to our coalition, Peter has been the Creek Park (south/2nd most active in promoting the Egan entrance). Join us for a hike to Church’s Pond in Range. He’s spent so many weeks the Mt. Rose Wilderness, hiking around the area, he’s lostfollowed by a picnic among count. Keep it up, Peter! Pete Dronkers the pines. To RSVP or for more information call (775) 324-7667. August 27, Cathedral Rock picnic area, Upper Kyle Canyon, Mt. Neil Marchington, of Ely, has been to nearly Charleston. every proposed wilderness area in the county in Join us for a hike into the the last two years, looking for undiscovered caves. wilderness, followed by Providing photos, trip reports, and writing letters a picnic in the cool, high- to support wilderness designation for these areas, Nicole Marchington elevation forest. To RSVP Neil has been a widely heard voice – not only in (so we know how many Ely but in Washington DC as well. Living nearburgers to buy) or for more the Heusser Mountain proposed wilderness, Neil information, call was instrumental during the county commission (702) 650-6542. hearings that led to its official recommendation for wilderness. Thanks Neil!
  7. 7. 7 DEDICATED TO WILDERNESS Remembering Mark in the Meadow Valley Range WSA in 1996. Mark Saylor W e at Friends of Nevada Mark named Wilderness mourn the passing of Friends Leaving a legacy Mark Saylor. He was a longtime of Nevada of wilderess supporter of wilderness and served on Wilderness as Howard Booth Friends’ Board of Directors and then as a beneficiary If you would like to State Chair from 1991 to 2000. of his estate, include Friends of Mark, who traveled all over the world, helping us Nevada Wilderness in strongly felt that Nevada’s wild places to continue your estate plans, your were worth saving. He enjoyed the desert, his passion attorney or retirement plan hiking, camping and exploring with his for wildlands protection into the future. administrator will need the Jeep many areas in southern Nevada. “When you see your time on Earth coming following information: Mark loved maps, and his work with to an end, you think about what matters to the Technical Committee on an intensive you,” he told Friends of Nevada Wilderness Name: Friends of Nevada inventory of BLM wildlands resulted in a few months before his death. “Wilderness Wilderness wonderfully marked-up maps to show is fun and inspiring, and I like the idea of Address: 1 Booth St., more-suitable wilderness boundaries. leaving something to a group I believe in.” Reno, NV 89509 He was a man of wide-ranging Mark, thank you for everything you’ve Tax ID #: 88-0211763 interests, from bluegrass to equal rights. done for Nevada. We miss you. Your He provided free dentistry to deserving memory, passion and generosity will For additional communities in the United States, Mexico live on in our work to protect Nevada’s information, please call and Africa through Doctors without wildlands. (775) 324-7667 Borders. Hermi Hiatt Yes! I want to keep Nevada wild by joiningBECOME A MEMBER Friends of Nevada Wilderness! I would like to learn more about: Name: ________________________________________________________ _____ Volunteering Address:_______________________________________________________ _____ A slide show at my company or club City: ___________________________ State: _______ ZIP: ______________ _____ Leaving a legacy Phone (day): _________________ Email: _____________________________ with a bequest _____ $25 Supporter _____ $50 Friend _____ $100 Superfriend _____ $500 Benefactor _____ Other _____ Monthly, charge my credit card Thank you! Payment by: ______ check ______ charge (Visa & Mastercard only) Card No.: _________________________________ Exp. Date: ___________ Signature: _____________________________________________________ Make checks and mail to: Friends of Nevada Wilderness, PO Box 9754, Reno, NV 89507
  8. 8. 8 www.nevadawilderness.orgHumboldt-Toiyabe Yosemite National Park. Mail call What you can do lPearl Peak. 60,000 wild acres inc o n t i n u e d f ro m p a g e 1 the southern Ruby Mountains; home to to keep Nevada’s bighorn sheep, ancient bristlecone pines, forests wildhunting, skiing, fishing and solitude. bountiful hiking and backcountry skiing. In May, the HT released a preliminary lJob’s Peak. 21,000 acres of gorgeous Please write a letter to the Humboldt-list highlighting roughly 1.5 million roadless mountains between Lake Tahoe Toiyabe’s Forest Supervisor by August 1.acres with “high” wilderness capability. and Nevada’s Carson Valley. Urge him to recommend for wilderness allUnfortunately, the HT also listed many lGeorge’s Canyon. 98,000 acres in the roadless areas identified as having “high”other wilderness-quality lands as having southern Monitor Range, near Tonopah. wilderness capability in the HT’s revised“low” wilderness capability. The HT will use lPine Grove South. 88,000 acres in forest plan. Please mention areas youpublic comment collected on these areas to southern Lyon County. have visited.create draft wilderness recommendations. lWilderness additions. The HT has For a list of roadless areas the ForestYour strong support will be necessary identified roughly 250,000 acres of high- Service s considering for wildernessto help both high-capability areas, and quality additions to currently designated recommendations, go to low-capability areas receive the wilderness areas. Expanding wilderness r4/htnf/projects/forestplan/index.shtml; orrecommendations they deserve. areas to include these deserving lands will and click on Here are a few of the remaining, significantly enhance Nevada’s legacy for the “Forest Service” link.unprotected wild jewels: people and wildlife. lThe Toiyabe Crest. 100,000 acres Despite their beauty and value to Send your comments to:adjacent to the Arc Dome wilderness recreationists, communities and wildlife, Forest Supervisorarea; home to the Toiyabe Crest National these unprotected lands face increasing Humboldt-Toiyabe National ForestRecreation Trail. threats from off-road vehicle use, 1200 Franklin Way lHoover Additions. 26,000 acres mining, development, and unwise energy Sparks, NV 89431adjacent to the Hoover Wilderness in exploration. Your support will help keepCalifornia; on the eastern boundary of them wild for future generations. NONPROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID RENO NV PERMIT NO. 318Friends of Nevada WildernessPO Box 9754Reno, NV 89507Return Service Requested