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Ca trpa-bill

  1. 1. ​ MEMORANDUM Via Electronic MailDATE: ​TO: ​ ​Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson ​Senator James A. Settelmeyer ​Senator David R. ParksFROM: ​, ​SUBJECT: ​This memorandum is directed to the four remaining members of the Legislative Committee for theReview and Oversight of the TRPA and the Marlette Lake Water System. RECENT CALIFORNIA LEGISLATION RELATING TO TRPAOn Friday, February 22, 2013, Senate Bill 630 was introduced in the California Legislature bySenator Fran Pavley and Senator Darrell Steinberg, President pro Tempore. Senate Bill 630 setsforth a contingency plan for the California TRPA to assume the duties and powers currently heldby the bistate TRPA for the portion of the Lake Tahoe Basin within the State of California if theNevada Legislature does not repeal Senate Bill 271 (Chapter 530, Statutes of Nevada 2011) duringthe 2013 Legislative Session. Below is a link to the text of S.B. 630: attached is a document prepared by staff of the California Legislature, “Fact Sheet: SB 630.” SENATE BILL 271 (CHAPTER 530, STATUTES OF NEVADA 2011)Following is a summary of the conditions set forth in S.B. 271 regarding the Tahoe RegionalPlanning Compact (the Compact) and an updated Regional Plan for the TRPA. provides for thewithdrawal of the State of Nevada from the Compact under certain circumstances. This withdrawalwill take effect on October 1, 2015, unless the governing body of the TRPA adopts an updated
  2. 2. Regional Plan and certain proposed amendments to the Compact, which are outlined below.  Voting changes: • To adopt, amend, or repeal environmental threshold carrying capacities, the regional plan, and ordinances, rules and regulations, and for granting variances for the ordinances, rules and regulations would change from four members of the TRPA Governing Board from each state to nine members total. • To approve a project, the affirmative vote is reduced from five to four members from the state in which the project is located, but the total votes required remains nine members.  Regional Plan must reflect the Lake Tahoe Basin’s changing economic conditions and the economic effect of regulation on commerce; and  Set forth in the Compact that a person who challenges the Regional Plan has the burden of proof to show that the plan violates the Compact.The Governor of Nevada may issue a proclamation extending this withdrawal deadline to October1, 2017. The bill specifies that if Nevada withdraws from the Compact, the Nevada TRPA willassume the duties and powers currently held by the bistate Agency for the portion of the LakeTahoe Basin within Nevada; any approval for a project that was issued by the TRPA remains valid.Please note the TRPA adopted an updated Regional Plan on December 12, 2012, and the SierraClub and the Friends of the West Shore filed a lawsuit challenging the updated Regional Plan onFebruary 11, 2013. 2013 NEVADA LEGISLATUREThe Senate Committee on Government Affairs has requested bill draft number 22--726 to repealS.B. 271. Please contact me by email ( or by telephone (775684-6825)with any questions regarding this memorandum./gn:Attachmentcc: ​Eileen G. O’Grady, Chief Deputy Legislative Counsel, Legal Division, Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) ​Heidi Chlarson, Principal Deputy Legislative Counsel, Legal Division, LCB ​W ayne Thorley, Program Analyst, Fiscal Analysis Division, LCB