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Composiçao: "world work" em inglês


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Composiçao: "world work" em inglês

  1. 1. It all starts on the first day of school. Our future part of this step, whichteach us to grow and preparationfor the future. Each student has their style of learning, but they must bear inmind that our journey is alsoto define our future. the job a day later we will choose, depends on all thework that existed in the years of schooling. when I finally finished the secondary school, we prepare for a newphase, which we have options, for exemple: to follow a university, get a job or not do anything. the option"not doing anything" appeals to many people because it is the easy way out, but the problem is that we all needmoney to have a normal life,and not doing anything does not satisfy that request. the option "get a job" isa difficult change, because every day that passes more country is in ruins and the difficulty of finding a job ishigher. Finally, the last optionwas to "go to college" is probably the most difficult choice, because itinvolves more studies, more dedicationto these studies and less time for our personal things. there is a higherprobability to have the "dream job".the despair of young teenagers nowadays to get money is increasingly moreevident, each with their reasons,but in particular, to help families pay the costs, have their own independence,so they can pay for college, fortheir things and even outputs, ... employment of any person is part of it, andwhy we should choose something that we like and make us "out of bed" thinking it will be another great day. Inour lives, each of which is a"command and control", and only then will it ever be happy, doing what we wantand not what others want for us.