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How Will Neurotechnology Impact Sports in the 22nd Century?


Published on Neurotechnology is likely to have a profound impact on sport. Here are some predictions for the next five, twenty and one hundred years.

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Published in: Technology
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How Will Neurotechnology Impact Sports in the 22nd Century?

  1. 1. The beginnings of these technologies are here right now, being developed by companies like Neurogress. Neurotechnology is already directly affecting how athletes train and excel but from here on out the possibilities will only become more amazing. HOWWILL NEUROTECHNOLOGY IMPACTSPORTSINTHE 22NDCENTURY? Today, neurotechnology is already beginning to play a direct role in how athletes train and excel. The way we watch and play sports will change tremendously over the next hundred years. Anythingthatbringsimprovementfaster withlesseffortisahot,marketable commodity. People will be taking advantage of the ability to directly tune their brains to optimize weight loss and muscle gain. Early research is already providing ample evidence that directly stimulating the vestibular nerve with a low-level current can tweak fat storage. PREDICTION1:IN5YEARS, “NEUROPRIMING”WILLBETHE NEW PEAKPERFORMANCE As companies like Neurogress work to develop simple, noninvasive methods of accessing our brains, getting this competitive edge may well be as simple as putting on a small headset. In the near future, Neurogress plans to create a full-fledged robot-android that can be controlled via a neurointerface. Sport today wouldn’t be the same without the physicality of huge bodies crunching against other, similarly huge bodies. Take a look at the crowds that show up to watch battle bots - and they are just glorified shoe boxes with blow torches stuck on top! Neurogress is developing technologies that could create a whole new genre of spectator sports. The “edge” in athleticism will come from other attributes: quick reflexes, cunning, intelligence and the ability to adapt. Sports will become a synergy of human brain and technological prowess, where the most perfect fusion of brain and technology prevails. PREDICTION2:IN20YEARS, PHYSICALRISKWILLBE NONEXISTENT PREDICTION3:IN100YEARS, WE’LLBELIVINGINTRON