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Trading Market Technicals 3 day professional trading class


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Trading Market Technicals 3 day professional trading class

  1. 1. Trading Market Technicals• Have you ever entered into a trade from an indicator triggering a buy or sell signal, only for it to reverse in the other direction?• Have you ever entered into a counter trend trade, only to be left behind in the red?• Have you ever taken a breakout trade, only for the price action to reverse and again leave you with a loss?
  2. 2. Trading Market TechnicalsIf you have been trading for I know because it happened some time now, then the to me until I learned how to prior scenarios have read the markets. happened to you.
  3. 3. Trading Market Technicals• “Magic” or “Holy Grail” indicators and trading setups mean nothing if you do not learn how to time these setups.
  4. 4. Trading Market Technicals• Many traders get whipsawed around or enter into trades based on false signals triggered by the “fail-proof system” or “holy grail” indicator they have been taught to use.• The reason is because many traders are not taught to read the pulse of the markets.
  5. 5. Trading Market Technicals• When you learn to read the markets, you will then know when a buy, or sell signal, from your favorite indicator has a greater probability to follow through.• This in return will bring your P/L into the green.
  6. 6. Trading Market Technicals Trading Market Technicals Trading Market Technicals is a 3 day course with over teaches you how to read 24 years of experience the pulse of the markets behind it. so your entries are timed properly.
  7. 7. Trading Market Technicals• This unique course teaches you to trade like a professional.• You will learn key strategies, price patterns, and trading scenarios the professionals use.• But more importantly, this course will teach you how to read and time the market, so you enter with the highest probability of success.
  8. 8. Trading Market Technicals• Most traders pick the correct direction to trade, but their timing is off.• Timing your trades is the most important thing to learn, and yet it is not taught to new traders.• If you take the time to learn how to read the markets, this knowledge will allow you to: • Pass on a breakout that is a fake • Pass on all of the false buy or sell signals from your chosen indicator • Pass on the counter trend trade that decided to breakout and continue the trend • When to fade or trade in the direction of the morning gap
  9. 9. Trading Market TechnicalsEnroll in our 3 day TraderEducation Course….• If you would like to learn how the professional traders trade.• If you want to discover what the professional traders look for when trading.• And to improve your skills as a trader, and be consistently profitable.Because….SuccessfulTrading comes from GreatEducation!
  10. 10. Trading Market Technicals• We are expanding our 3 day professional trading class into: • Denver, CO • Milwaukee, WI • Seattle, WA• Go to the following link store/ to register for one of our professional trading classes or go to to register for one of the free webinars about Trading Market Technicals.“This is a great class. Paul gets right to the point as far as trading techniques with Market Indicators,Chart Patterns and reading the charts. He keeps the class very interactive so all your questions getsanswered. The class moves at a steady pace but all topics are covered thoroughly. Paul also makesplenty of time to look at real charts so although you have a book to reference back too you also seereal trades happening on live charts. I learned so much in 3 days and felt I could apply this class to mytrading immediately. Highly recommend and enjoyable.” Rod Y. Thank You!