Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments


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The key discussion is on how to maximize Microsoft Enterprise Search with Office 365 and SharePoint hybrid deployments. It covers topics in the architecture, design, deployment and testing of these type of solutions. Learn from our experiences on implementing best practices and avoid common mistakes.

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Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments

  1. 1. Welcome Everyone! Thank you for joining us as we explore Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments Netwoven Confidential & Proprietary Information SharePoint Online and Hybrid Search Strategy
  2. 2. How to Ask Questions • Webinar content will last for 50 minutes followed by Q&A session which we will try to address key questions or we will follow up after the webinar. • If you have a question or an issue: • Type your question in the question window of the GoToWebinar control panel on the right side of your desktop • We will sort through the questions real time and present those most frequently asked to our panel at the end of the presentation • If you an issue, click on the hand • If you have a question that does not get addressed, we will post answers in our Netwoven blog or contact us via email . SharePoint Online and Hybrid Search Strategy Walt De Petris
  3. 3. Who is Netwoven Netwoven is a solution consulting firm serving large & mid-size enterprises We were founded in 2001 by former Microsoft executives Top domain experts from multiple industries and technology firms like Microsoft, Accenture, Oracle & Intel U.S. headquartered company with global development center Save the Children
  4. 4. Netwoven Services Customers TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION CONSULTING • Office365 Architecture, Planning and Implementation • Migration Services from earlier versions SharePoint or similar systems • Social and Search based solutions • Enterprise Content Management • Web, Intranet & Collaboration Sites • Big Data Management& Visualization • Integrated Digital Marketing • Platform Managed Services
  5. 5. About BA Insight   
  6. 6. 6 BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform Access to all enterprise content • Secure connectivity to a wide variety of systems High quality, consistent metadata • Automated classification and metadata generation Remarkable search user experience • Content visualization, presentation, and interaction Search-Driven Applications Knowledge Center Help Desk Intranet Portal Product Catalog Knowledge Integration Platform User Experience Engine Content Intelligence Engine Content Connectivity Engine
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  8. 8. Microsoft’s go-to ISV for Enterprise Search Focused on Search and SharePoint since 2004 Longtime Search Nerd • CTO, BA Insight • Senior PM, Microsoft • VP, FAST • SVP, LingoMotors Jeff Fried Passionate About • Search • SharePoint • Search-driven applications Technet Column “A View from the Crawlspace” Blog:
  9. 9. Drew Sutton • Principal Consultant at Netwoven • Enterprise Content Management and System Architecture Expert • Leads the Office 365 and Enterprise Content Management Practice at Netwoven • Worked for clients like Federal Reserve Bank, VMware, and Stanford Management Company • Served both Fortune 1000 & mid market clients as an IT strategist • Has worked with SharePoint since 2003 release • Extensive knowledge in Search, Workflow, ECM, Branding, Custom Solutions and Enterprise Architecture
  10. 10. Today’s Agenda • How are people moving to the cloud? – Market Trends – Patterns of Adoption • Search and Hybrid Cloud – Techniques for Unified View – Mechanisms with SharePoint 2013 • How to Succeed – Strategy – Examples • Wrap-Up • Expert Panel Q&A
  11. 11. How are people adopting cloud services? 39% of organizations are implementing or maintaining a cloud solution Only 8% plan a full deployment in the Office 365 cloud, but an additional 26% will move to a hybrid cloud, on-premises deployment Source: SharePoint Enters Its Awkward Teenage Years, Forrester. Source: CDW Cloud Report
  12. 12. Hybrid Cloud Adoption - “Cloud on your terms” Why Hybrid? • Flexibility • On-Premises customization • Significant footprint in Remote locations • Regulatory reasons • Manageability On-Premises
  13. 13. Hybrid Cloud Adoption Patterns – O365 Search bridges the silos created by cloud adoption -> Adopting Hybrid Cloud is a search project Split User Split Workload An organization splitting users within a workload (Exchange or SharePoint) between On-Premises and Online Users on any of the workloads (Exchange, SharePoint or Lync) in the cloud while using other workloads On- Premises 1 of every 4 EPG customers is licensed for O365, will be 1 of every 3 by June 2014, adopting in two patterns: Across O365: • Exchange • Lync • Yammer • OneDrive • SharePoint Within SharePoint: • Mysites • TeamSites • Extranet • Intranet • Focused Sites • Services Farms
  14. 14. Hybrid Search
  15. 15. Mechanisms: Index versus Federate – Control relevance and navigation – Control how often the index is updated – Control what metadata is crawled – Support content processing/enrichment – Ensure speed of response – Control the load on the source system Advantages of crawling content Advantages of federating queries – Get at content that you can’t crawl – No additional capacity requirements for the content index – Large Crawl processes do not absorb Bandwidth
  16. 16. SharePoint 2013 Search Architecture Notes: Cannot crawl external content from O365 CEWS not available from O365
  17. 17. Knowledge Integration Platform - Indexing Connectors Metadata Enrichment Change Log Security Mapping Search Optimized API Targets Unified Search Index
  18. 18. New Mechanisms in SharePoint 2013: Result Sources Notes: No interleaving of results from sources (result blocks) Refiners from one source only Limited relevance control Promoted Result (Visual Best Bet) Office 365 Results Block Promoted Result (Best Bet) Search Core Results Scopes and Federated Search in SharePoint 2010 are now known as “Result Sources” in SharePoint 2013
  19. 19. Combines refiners (adding ones with the same values) Creates new source refiner on the fly     Interleaves result sets across sources by relevance order Knowledge Integration Platform Federate Across Search Engines
  20. 20. Windows Azure Active Directory User On-Premises Identity Ex: DomainAlice Federation AD Non-AD (LDAP) Directory Synchronization Single identity and sign-on for on- premises and office 365 services Identities mastered on-premises with single point of management Directory synchronization to synchronize directory objects into Office 365 Secure Token based authentication Office 365 Identity Management
  21. 21. Recap: Mechanisms for Hybrid Search • Indexing • Crawl content from an on-premise search farm • Uses BA Insight O365 Connector (Can’t crawl O365 with OOB SharePoint Connector) + Provides uniform content processing, relevance, and latency – Requires higher bandwidth and footprint • Federation • Send queries to multiple search instances and combine the results • Can use OOB Remote Result Sources OR • Can use BA Insight Federator (interleaving) + Lower bandwidth, small footprint, sometimes the only way possible – Only as good as the weakest link (no content enrichment in O365) • Can support cross-version hybrid scenarios (SP2010 on-prem, SP2013 in cloud) • BA Insight product must be installed on-premise • Federation requires one SP2013 server on-premise • Federator can be installed on SP2013 server or SP2010 server
  22. 22. How To Succeed! • Plan and define your strategy – Understand and select the correct Pattern of Adoption – Understand and select the correct Implementation option/s • Take advantage of your move • Ready your team for the change before you execute • Continually coach your users • Continually analyze, gather feedback and tune your search service and index
  23. 23. Strategy Workshop • Successful search implementations begin with the definition of a strategy • Understand your organization’s current pattern of adoption • Does it make sense to change that pattern of adoption? – Factors to weigh: • Licensing and Operations Costs • Complexity and amount of on-prem content and customizations • Unified View of external content required? • Team readiness for change • Feature Requirements – Content Enrichment, External Access, Advanced WCM, etc. • Must you combine patterns of adoption?
  24. 24. Patterns of Adoptions – Weighing your Options • Each Pattern of Adoption come with features and limitations – ask the key questions to ensure you have adopted in a manner that works: Situation All Cloud Hybrid – Split Workload Hybrid – Split User Content Enrichment Required X X Longitude Preview or other Server Side Search Enhancement X X Overburdened Infrastructure Team X Simple and Predictable Operation Costs X Workload Specific Compliance Rules X Function Specific Compliance Rules X Unified View of External Content required X* X* X*
  25. 25. Creating a Unified View • Content exists in many places • Each scenario has unique security, bandwidth, feature and operational challenges Content On-Prem O365 SearchIndex On-Prem Crawl On-Prem from On-Prem Crawl O365 from On-Prem O365 Crawl On-Prem from O365 Crawl O365 from O365 Multiple Federate across On-Prem and O365
  26. 26. Creating a Unified View - Continued One Objective: • To securely unify search & information access across hybrid on-premises and Office 365 environments Four solutions… pick the one or combination you need to meet your needs: SOLUTION #2 SOLUTION #3 SOLUTION #4SOLUTION #1
  27. 27. Solution #1 ( All Cloud) - Crawl O365 from O365 • Simple to Maintain – Single Index in O365 – Single Search Service to Administer • Bandwidth – Crawl load is within O365 Data Centers • Security and Operations – Homogenous – No need to support service traffic through firewall • Features – Index can only hold O365 Data, no Connectors to index other data – No Content Enrichment – Unified View via Result Sources doesn’t offer result interleaving – Data Residency may be of concern
  28. 28. Solution #2 - Crawl O365 from On-Prem (Single Index) • Hybrid scenario – Single Index On-Prem, anchored by On-Prem LoB systems – Single Tenant, fully owned search system (Including FAST). • Bandwidth usually manageable; audit recommended – Crawl scheduling and Crawl times – SLA from the provider is important • Security and Operations – None if within network • Features – Single Index with unified relevancy – Supports use of Custom Search Connectors to index other LOB and external data – Content Enrichment, Entity Extraction, Auto-Classification and other advanced search workloads supported
  29. 29. Federate O365 and On-Prem (Split Index) • Hybrid scenario – Split Index - Index On-Prem and Index in Office 365 • Bandwidth – Crawl load is split and isolated while Search query load hits both environments – Preferred approach when adequate bandwidth is a potential concern (audit recommended) • Security – Security trimming is performed at query time on results from both indices and depends on federated security • 2 Options for serving results – Search Center On-Prem – Search Center in SharePoint Online • Features – Unified Search Presentation without requiring central index – Supports data privacy & regulatory compliance objectives (e.g. adherence to EU Data Privacy Directive; avoidance of Patriot Act exposure)
  30. 30. Solution #3– Split Index, On-Prem Search Center • Security and Operations – No need to expose On-Prem Search Service or SharePoint sites • Features – On-Prem Custom Web Parts are supported (Longitude Preview), but only from On-Prem indexed content – Refiners show metadata but only from On-Prem indexed content – Federated data shown in a unified view, however interleaving is not a readily supported option • Recommended when wanting to integrate O365 content into your knowledge workers’ existing Search Center (whether SP 2010 or 2013) (2013) (2013) On-Premise SharePoint 2010 or 2013 Search Center (2010 or 2013 with BA Insight Federator) Value add with BA-Insight Federator: • Results can be interleaved with weights by results source • Refiners show metadata from all result sources • Custom web parts and UI components can be shown for all results • Federator’s extensible Query & Result Pipelines allows for custom logic to be implementing when federating (2013) (2013) On-Premise SharePoint 2010 or 2013 Search Center
  31. 31. Solution #4– Split Index, SP Online Search Center • Security and Operations – Must expose Search Service via Reverse Proxy • Features – Cannot use On-Prem Custom Web Parts (Longitude Preview) – Refiners show metadata but only from O365 indexed content – Federated data shown in a unified view, however interleaving is not a readily supported option • Recommended if Office 365 is used as the main content source and features required match (2013 with BA Insight Federator)(2013) (2010 or 2013)(2013)(Wave 15) Value add with BA-Insight Federator: • Provide results from multiple on - prem search services in a single result block
  32. 32. Patterns Of Adoption Recap • Predominant Hybrid Scenarios – Solution #1 – All Cloud – Solution #2 – Crawling Cloud from On-Prem – Solution #3 – Federating with On-Prem Search Center • Let’s take a look at some real world examples…
  33. 33. Use Case A – All Cloud Search • Use Case: Contoso has a legacy On-Prem SP 2010 environment and O365 subscription – Overloaded Infrastructure Team – No 3rd Party Extensions in SharePoint On-Prem – No Advanced Search workload planned – Small number of custom WF’s supporting Business Process Automation and more to come – Savvy Development Team, but not familiar with CSOM, Display Templates, 2013 WF and Apps Model – SharePoint has organically grown to house a significant amount of content – some outside of the bounds of the initial planned Information Architecture, including Training Center
  34. 34. All Cloud Search – A Recipe for Success - Planning • Planning Migration to SharePoint Online – Search Strategy Planning – Information Architecture Planning – Governance Planning – Migration Planning • Ready the Dev Team with Fast Track workshop
  35. 35. All Cloud Search - A Recipe for Success – Config and UX • Configuration Components we can work with – Carefully leverage the pre-defined Managed Properties – Use Result Types to target and contextualize the content in your UI and customize Display Templates to keep OWA previews and add Managed Properties to UI – Use Query Rules to enhance queries through transformation and augment the result blocks to best serve the user queries Refiners: Search Result Types:
  36. 36. Use Case B – Split Workload • Use Case: Adventure Works has Exchange and Lync in the cloud and they have a SharePoint 2013 Farm On-prem – AW Customer Success Team uses Exchange Public Folders and some Group Mailbox Accounts to gather anonymous feedback and industry trends – Customer Success Team also extensively uses SharePoint to house and collaborate on Content – Customer Sensitive Data governed by EU Model Clause is stored in SharePoint – interleaved Exchange and SharePoint Results are required – Exchange Content must be preview-able and be enriched with CRM Data – Search only required from intranet
  37. 37. Split Workload – A Recipe for Success • Planning – Search Strategy Planning • Split-Workload Pattern of Adoption • Solution #2 - Single Index Implementation • Ensure Bandwidth availability and Content Freshness requirements are aligned – Information Architecture and Governance Plan / Review • Plan for Enrichment of Exchange Data • Install and Configure BA-Insight Exchange Connector • Create Content Enrichment Router • UX and Configuration – Search Schema, Result Sources, Display Templates, Refiners, etc.
  38. 38. Adventure Works On-Prem Search Center
  39. 39. Use Case C – Split User • Use Case: Adventure Works has Exchange, Lync and SharePoint in the cloud, however they also have a highly customized Customer 360 Portal in an on-prem SP2013 Farm. – Collaborative and Published Intranet Content is housed in very well structured and OOTB Site Collections On-Prem – High Priority requirement from the C-Team to enable external collaboration on selected Collaborative areas – Customer 360 relies heavily on Custom Connector to SFDC content – Customer 360 depends on some Exchange Mailbox content – Acme has Huge Volumes of Exchange Content, limited bandwidth to the internet and a 24 hour team using services and content – Budget is very limited
  40. 40. Split User – A Recipe for Success • Planning – Search Strategy Planning • Split-User + Federation Implementation – Migrating to SP Online over adding access gateway to intranet – Federation to isolate crawl load – On-Prem Custom Connector stays to enrich Customer 360 with SFDC – On-Prem Search Center Federated SP, Exchange and SP Online Result Sources – O365 Search Center for just O365 Content – No Reverse Proxy needed – Information Architecture, Governance and Migration Plan / Review • Quick IA Clean-up and Planning for Migration • UX and Configuration
  41. 41. Office 365 Portal and Collaboration Search Center
  42. 42. Customer 360 Search Portal On-Prem
  43. 43. Customer 360 Federated Search Center On-Prem
  44. 44. How To Succeed – Key Takeaways • Invest in defining your Search Strategy – This isn’t easy! • Pattern of Adoption scopes wider than search … weight the key business requirements and adjust if needed • Refine & Combine implementation options to balance investment with requested features • Some key extensibility and 3rd party tooling can offer significant operational and cost savings
  45. 45. Recap Today’s Agenda • How are people moving to the cloud? – Market Trends – Patterns of Adoption • Search and Hybrid Cloud – Techniques for Unified View – Mechanisms with SharePoint 2013 • How to Succeed – Strategy – Examples • Wrap-Up • Expert Panel Q&A
  46. 46. 47 Speaking Sessions on Mon, Mar 3  1:00-1:15pm Partner Theatre (Expo hall C/D) –  1:30-2:00pm BCSP Kiosk (SharePoint Pavilion) – Join BA Insight at SPC2014 Speaking Sessions on Weds, Mar 5  12:00-12:30pm BCSP Kiosk (SharePoint Pavilion) –  1:45-3:00pm Delphino 4005-4106 –  3:15-4:30pm Titian 2201-2306 – Visit us at Booth 1829
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  50. 50. Expert Panel Jeff Fried Chief Technology Officer BA Insight Matt Maher Solutions Architect Netwoven Pankaj Bose VP of Engineering Netwoven India Drew Sutton Principal Consultant Netwoven
  51. 51. Thank you from Netwoven & BA Insight Thank you for participating. Follow Netwoven: Read our Blog: Visit our website: Follow BA Insight: Visit our website: Read our Blog: