Hybrid SharePoint Strategy with Office 365


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Join the team of experts from Netwoven and Microsoft to learn more about things you must know about taking a Hybrid SharePoint strategy as the industry moves towards cloud based computing.

SharePoint 2013 and its online counterpart via the latest rev of Office 365 has been in the market for quite some time now. IT decision makers must choose whether to deploy it in-house, use fully on cloud or use a hybrid implementation.

According to a survey – 55 percent of users intend to continue running SharePoint entirely in-house and only 10 percent plan to run it purely in the cloud. The remaining 35 percent are planning hybrid SharePoint implementations.

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  • Microsoft has been providing cloud productivity services for over three years, and we have had great success in the marketplace:40 million+ paying customers of Microsoft Online ServicesMore than 9,000 business customersMore than 500 government entitiesMore than 50% of the Fortune 50070% Exchanging from Notes16,000 partners committed to BPOSGlobal reach: Available in 40 countries and localized into 20 languagesDepending on your customer, you can pull specific customer references from this site and talk through in this slide: http://infoweb2007/onlineservices/evidence/Pages/CaseStudies.aspx.Some approved customer quotes:“The move to Microsoft Online Services will help cut operational costs by an estimated 30% and create a variable cost model that will provide increased flexibility in the future.” Ingo Elfering, VP, Information Technology Strategy, GlaxoSmithKline“Our users consistently rave about the move to Microsoft Online Services, providing familiar, intuitive solutions that we could trust with our business communications.” Chris Millington, Global CTO, McDonald’s Corporation“We looked at a variety of cloud-based offerings, and only Microsoft could meet our requirements for reliability. We have already started our rollout, and with Exchange Online, we will consolidate 42 e-mail systems into one, reducing our IT costs by at least 30%.” Olivier Baldassari, CIO, Rexel Group
  • Coca-ColaCoca Cola Enterprises (CCE) opted for the cloud and implemented Microsoft-based hosted worldwide intranet with messaging and collaboration tools. Employees can access their data and information from any device, boost their productivity, and focus on their customers.Story: With increasing competition in the marketplace, CCE needed a more effective way to collaborate with their employees, to increase their productivity, to enable better flow of information, and to create more time for sales persons to engage with customers. Their worldwide presence required employees and executives to spend numerous hours on the road every week, travelling to internal meetings. Microsoft Online Services technologies enable CCE to save travel expenses through online meeting tools and collaboration platforms that span time zones and geographies.Case study: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?casestudyid=4000004584Video: http://www.microsoft.com/showcase/en/US/details/470b9f4c-bac8-4be9-b22a-d1a6953ef6a7QUOTE: "Coca-Cola Enterprises needed to simplify its communication and collaboration technologies to provide better business value to our employees. Microsoft Online gave us the technology to do so and exceeded our expectations." John Key, Assistant Director of Communication and Collaboration Technologies, Coca-Cola EnterprisesStarbucksStarbucks continues to use Microsoft technology on-premises in its corporate headquarters, while rolling out 18,000 laptops using Exchange Online and SharePoint Online to store managers.QUOTE: “With the successful rollout of Microsoft Online Services to our North American stores, we have demonstrated that we can go into the ‘cloud’ with confidence.” John Shepard, Director, Global IT Infrastructure Services, StarbucksQUOTE: “It’s important to remember that we rolled out this entire project at a time when the company was under pressure to spend no money at all. Our ability to complete the project on time and under budget speaks to the efficiency of Microsoft Online Services and the ease of implementation.” John Shepard, Director, Global IT Infrastructure Services, Starbucks  QUOTE: “Web-based distribution of new-product materials enables Starbucks to be much more nimble in meeting customer needs,” Shepard adds. “Instead of taking six months to introduce a new product, we can do it in just a few weeks by communicating so quickly with partners.”GodivaLink to the case: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?CaseStudyID=4000008333
  • Walt:Walt hands over the presentation to DrewDrew:The Storyline we cover today is going to walk us through topics in 3 categoriesStart discussing Why you would want to Deploy SharePoint in Hybrid environment… we’ll cover a couple of the major benefits of incorporating O365 into your Business Productivity PlatformAfter we get that under our belt.. Move into Topics that clarify some of the concerns which contribute to organizational resistance to using the cloudAfter completing our review and analysis of these concerns we will Wrap up with the Topics related to planning and Implementation of your Hybrid EnvironmentLet’s go ahead and get started with the why
  • Drew:One of the main reasons to go hybrid is to leverage the benefits offered by the cloud infrastructure… I’m going to group them into 3 general categories – Simplicity, savings and focusLet’s use an extranet implementation exampleSimplicity – On Prem – we have to do up front Design for the server and network topology, security configuration, software (ISA, Extranet collaboration Manager), Identity Management Provider and so on - in Office 365 , we don’t have to worry about any of this, it just works.No Ongoing Updates and PatchingSavings – No complicated Server and CALServer and Network Hardware to support our extranet TopologyTime spent doing planning, implementing and MaintainingFocus – Most of us on the call today are technologists and like me many of you may find Architecture Design interesting, I think we can all agree that our organizations would much rather utilize our skills to deliver direct business value rather than designing infrastructure.
  • Drew:Another compelling reason to go hybrid is the cloud licensing model:Once license level… Easy to quantify and project costs… fixed monthly per user and no guesstimating maintanenceBack to Extranet example… consider a back to back perimeter topology on prem– that could mean licensing a number of server and potentially CALs as well depending on whether you go for the expensive internet server license or not – either way that is a considerable amount of licensing costsOffice 365 offers nearly full featured SharePoint functionality to anyone with a Microsoft online Account… meaning org or liveThat completes our short touch on specifically why including the cloud into your SharePoint Strategy makes senseWalt: Thanks Drew… now that we know why it makes sense to include cloud in your strategy, let’s get into some of the questions and concerns that often come up from the cloud naysayers…Drew, Management Teams are very receptive to the cost savings, simplicity and ability to focus However, how do you suggest managing some of the historical doubt about security of data in the cloud?
  • Drew: Firstly, If the cloud wasn’t a secure model for sharing content, I don’t believe the CIA would have made the recent decision to move thereMore specifically to O365, I have had a lot of question from clients about whether it is secure… It’s a valid concern, however I typically question the opposite. The Microsoft Cloud Operations Team has made significant investment in infrastructure and management tools and has dedicated security teams focused on monitoring and optimally configuring the environment for securityConversely, I have had a lot of experience over the years reviewing on-prem SharePoint installations and there is definitely no shortage of configurations that should be changed. I’m talking about firewalls rules missing or lack of a firewall, sql server default instances on standard ports, lack of using strong certificatesand encryption, and non-use use of least privileges principles, just to name a few. The beauty of Microsoft offering the O365 cloud is that all best practices can be applied and many times scripted across the farms.So, aside from the general points we have just discussed, there are some handy specific features that Office 365 makes available … slide bullets
  • So once we are authenticated into O365, our concern turns to the security of our data in Transit and at Rest.Until NSA figures out their power surge issues and turns on their data centers, we should be in pretty good shape here
  • There are different flavors of the O365 service offered by Microsoft. Today, we are primarily focused on the multi-tenant service, however if you needs require, Microsoft does offer dedicated plans.If your organization requires its own dedicated servers rather than being a tenant on the multi-tenant farms, that is available.Furthermore, if your organization requires FISMA certification or falls under the rules for International Regulations for trafficking in Arms… there is an extended dedicated service for that…. To bullets
  • Walt:Drew, we have had a lot of experience working in the verticals of Medical Devices, BioTech, Banking, Government, etc and understand that they are required to work under some stringent compliance rules… What if anything can O365 do for them?Drew:Microsoft has made some significant investments and progress in this space.Firstly, - ITAR DedicatedPlan exampleITAR place stringent rules around data transfer to and from the datacenter, who has physical access to the data center, encryption, and so on. The dedicated ITAR system offered by MSFT is fully ITAR compliant. This same plan can also fully support FISMA certificationThe MSFTMulti-Tenant offering was the First Major Business Productivity Cloud Service Provider to Offer ISO, HIPAA and EU Model Clauses support to the full user baseThe Microsoft Cloud Datacenters and Office 365 offer support for a variety of compliance regulations, Please check the Microsoft Cloud Datacenter Services link for more specific detailsKeep in mind though that just using Office 365 doesn’t make you compliant alone. Many of these Compliance authorities have rules that spread beyond the productivity suite and require us as clients to ensure that our business processes adhere to the compliance requirements from end-to-end:For example:Building a system to manage sharing Electronic Personal Health Information, It’s possible to use Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Windows Azure core services in a way that complies with HIPAA. However, because Microsoft doesn’t analyze the contents of its customers data it would be up to us to be responsible for our own end-to-end compliance.The Platform provides us all of the tools we need, we just need to make sure to configure and use it correctly to abide by the rules.Walt:Quick break for Q&A
  • Now that we have covered the basics of compliance support, let’s move on to document lifecycle automation and legal support featuresWith the correct License level, Office 365 supports Auditing of all events (Including Read events) – If your org or regulation requires this data, we can capture it and make it available.As on prem, Retention Policies can be applied via Information Management Policies (we can use OOTB rules and configuration or we can extend this functionality by deploying and attaching workflows for more complicated processes)O365 has a new eDiscovery Center. Using it, you can retrieve content from across Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and even file shares. It allows federated searching and preserving data across all of these different data stores.If a user were to accidentally transmit classified data into Office 365, there functionality available so that it can be removed without the involvement of Microsoft Support. eDiscovery can be used to search for the message or document and hard-delete them. The hard drives used to store the ”spilled” data are never re-purposed or repaired or otherwise moved out of the physical security of the Office 365 data center. They are destroyed if they are no longer used in the Office 365 infrastructure.
  • Walt – Another Break here to bridge into the Availabilty and SLA…Drew:Our Topics for HA and DR On-Premises are encompassed by the concept of service continuity in the cloud. We don’t care so much whether an OS crashed or a data center went offline, we just want our Business Productivity Suite online for our users to use 24x7Office 365 lives in the Microsoft Cloud. It offers everything you would expect from a Highly Available / Fault Tolerant Enterprise Platform. We are talking a Virtualized, Low-latency, Geo-dispersed infrastructure that makes use of the latest technology for Redundancy and MonitoringPhysical redundancy at server, data center, and service levelsData redundancy with robust failover capabilitiesFunctional redundancy through Architecture, Load Balancing, Clustering, and so onHuman backupThe numbers don’t lie – Last quarter office 365 kept a99.97% uptime all while meeting the agreed upon SLA
  • Drew:Office 365 only supports Site Collection Level Backup and Restore… see bulletsIf your SLA requires more granular restore, you should take a look into…
  • Walt – Now that we understand the major benefits of going hybrid and have clarify some of the concerns which contribute to organizational resistance to using the cloud, lets get into the Topics related to planning and Implementation of your Hybrid EnvironmentDrew:First talk about Readying your team… Dev is where most of the changes areskillset and mindset required to build customs solution in the cloud is markedly different than that required for traditional On-Premises development. Definitely want to ensure that your Change Management Process addresses this early onIts not that all of the technology mentioned on this slide is brand new, it is more that we have noticed that not all developers are prepared to use themI’d like to outline a few of these from high level:OData compliant RESTful SharePoint web services that will be used extensively to create 2013 workflowsTo the functionality provided by the CSOM so that lightweight client based solution can replace the traditional server OM and Fully Trusted Solutions.JSLink that provides targeted and feature rich Presentation and stylingAbility to use IDE with Intellisense via TypeScript for developing and compiling to clean javascript codeModel View View-Model approach to working with data in your web applications (Knockout.js)Apps modelThere are a number of new and better ways to customize our sites… We are lucky to have Matt and Viraj on our expert panel today…. They are some of the members of the Netwoven team that have been delivering targeted and concise ramp-up engagements which have been very effective for a number of our clients to quickly get their teams up to speed
  • Drew:As well as making sure that your team is prepared, it is equally important to roadmap your features to drive your hybrid strategyAs with nearly every Cloud service, a subset of traditional On-Premises features are available in the cloud.Very important to decide which features needed and when… I’m not just talking workstreams… external data, Search, BI, WCM… I’m talking Functional detailsMany of our customers use other systems like Dynamics, Yammer, On Prem LOB Systems that SharePoint needs to show data fromThey also use Search extensions like Longitude Preview , Content Enrichment, and Customized RankingAnd they also include Dashboards and reports to gain business insightThese requirements affect our license level decision and hybrid integration pointsWe have helped a number of clients with focused strategy sessions to develop this roadmap and identify the correct technologies to fit their specific needs
  • Walt:Give a quick break here – highlight is we are going to cover some of the more prominent scenarios by workstream where it makes sense to compliment the cloud with On-Prem.Drew:Talk about some of the cases during which it will make sense to compliment Office 365 with an on premise search FarmExample Product catalog – Images, BOM, Pricing, Inventory…. All with a single pageExample CRM System and Longitude Preview- O365 supports local and remote SharePoint, Open Search and Exchange as Content Sources. On Premises implementations will offer more variety OOTB and they offer extensions with Connector Frameworks
  • If your roadmap incorporates a near future requirement for an involved public web site or something that requires similar WCM features, considering a complimentary on-prem WCM farm may be of useImage Renditions:ability to use different sized versions of the same image on different pages in your publishing site. Useful in helping users avoid having to resize images themselves and providing consistency in image sizing across sites and pagesRefiners and Faceted Nav:This draws a similarity to the Catalog we discussed in search. Cameras and Bikes example for big box retailer products in different familyCameras – resolution, bikes - gearsAnalytics- Example eCommerce site - Usage Counts, Item Recommendations and Activity Ranking
  • If your roadmap incorporates near future requirements for Dashboards and reports, it may be useful to consider an on premise complimentary BI FarmAlthough Office 365 supports Excel Services, PowerPivot, PowerView, your sales or management team may needs to see dashboards with drill through reports to the data that defines the scorecard… In these cases you will need to go hybrid to support Performance Point and SSRS in integrated mode
  • Walt:BREAKDrew:Now that we have designed the hybrid implementation approach over time, we can begin to think about the integration between On-Premises and the CloudI want to quickly move through IM integration since this is very well documented by Microsoft, however I want to call out one important point
  • We previously touched on some scenarios that would benefit from an on-prem Search Service. The flip-side of this is that you already have the on Prem Search Service and you want to integrate that with Office 365.Netwoven has been collaborating with our partners at BA-Insight recently on some of the nuances surrounding this integration… there are a number of options, each with their own pros and cons. These fall into 2 categories: Using a consolidated index and FederationConsolidated Index – requires on prem search servce as O365 search only indexes it’s own data. Once that is setupOne way of doing this is to Configure your O365 Search configuration to point to On-Prem Search Center – Pro - Richness of Refiners and the presentation layer already created on premCon - Internal users can’t access unless they are on the network or you expose it externallyCon - External users wouldn’t be able to access it at allThe other way to do this is to use a Single Result Source in Office 365 to point to On-Prem Search ServicePro - Ability to execute searches without exposing your internal Search Center ExternallyPro - Ability for external users to search for content they have access toCon – There is a Reverse Proxy Setup required to allow Office 365 to talk with your on prem search serviceThe other way to go about this is to Federate your search using result sources in Offic 365Pro – Although it would be ideal to have a single index, this is not always a feasible option in the near term. Don’t need to consolidate Search into a single indexCon – also requires reverse proxy setup to facilitateCaveat - May Require some federation tooling support if your search service on prem isn’t on 2013. Office 365 can only talk with 2013 Search Services through the result sources. If you are interested in federating to non-2013 search services, please feel free to contact Netwoven or BA-Insight We don’t have time to dive into all of the details here, however I wanted to point out that there is some complexity and trade-offs in designing your search integration that are worthy of your attention and may require some expert knowledge
  • The SharePoint App Marketplace still has some growing to do, however it does offer a number of very useful tools that can be easily added to your Office 365 or On-Premises SharePoint Sites… I urge you to take look
  • Walt: BreakDrew:There are some similarities in the strategy, however many differences in the execution of a migration to Office 365Strategy:Plan migration and cutover for seamless migration with minimal to zero downtimeExecution:not doing Content DB attached, or SC backup restoreAgentless migration tools on server class migration machinesLike metaVis Migrator…. Features offered
  • Walt:Recap what we covered today
  • Hybrid SharePoint Strategy with Office 365

    1. 1. Hybrid SharePoint 2013 Strategy Welcome Everyone! Thank you for joining us as we explore the 8 Things you must know when developing your hybrid SharePoint strategy with Office 365 Netwoven Confidential & Proprietary Information
    2. 2. Netwoven Backgrounder Founded in 2001 by former Microsoft executives Top domain experts from multiple industries Leadership comprised of Microsoft, Accenture, Oracle & Intel US headquartered company with global development center Save the Children
    3. 3. Netwoven Highest Demand Projects Service Enterprise Content Management Services Description • • • • • SharePoint Services Search Services Workflow Services Managed Services Enterprise Social Services Big Data and Analytics Services • Hadoop Services • Analytics Services • Executive Scorecard Services Cloud Services • Office 365 Services • Windows Azure Services Digital Marketing Services • • • • • Content Marketing Platform Implementation CRM Integration Services Content Curation Services Web Content Management Services Social Marketing Services
    4. 4. Netwoven SharePoint Services Service Description Planning Plan your SharePoint 2010/2013/Office365 Architecture and Design Workshops Migrations SharePoint 2007/2010 to SP 2013 / Office 365 Business Intelligence Reports, Dashboards, Scorecards using PowerView, PowerPivot, Reporting Services, PerformancePoint Search and Document Mgt. Taxonomy, FAST Search, FAST ESP to FAST Search Migration Customer Portals Customer facing secure portals Employee Portals Next generation employee portals Custom Development Line of Business Custom Applications
    5. 5. David Kirkman • • • • Senior Technology Strategist 13 years at Microsoft 16 years datacenter technologies specialist West Region Security initiatives lead
    6. 6. Drew Sutton • Principal Consultant at Netwoven • Enterprise Content Management and System Architecture Expert • Leads the Office 365 and Enterprise Content Management Practice at Netwoven • Worked for clients like Federal Reserve Bank, VMware, and Stanford Management Company • Served both Fortune 1000 & mid market clients as an IT strategist • Has worked with SharePoint since 2003 release • Extensive knowledge in Search, Workflow, ECM, Branding, Custom Solutions and Enterprise Architecture
    7. 7. Hybrid SharePoint 2013 Strategy Do you know the 8 Things you must know when developing your hybrid SharePoint strategy with Office 365? YOU SHOULD! And this is why…
    8. 8. Overall Market Trends • Public IT cloud services spending will reach $98 billion in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2011- 2016) five (5) times the growth of the IT industry overall. • By 2020, about 80% of the 2,000 largest firms will still have 50% of IT assets onsite. • The United States remains the largest public cloud services market (44% share in 2016)
    9. 9. Office 365 At a Glance
    10. 10. Each year customers of Microsoft’s cloud productivity services… Fly Many of the world’s largest and most recognizable global brands run on Microsoft’s cloud productivity services. 41 of the Interbrand Top 100 Build 222 6 27 16 4 million passengers million automobiles in the United States alone Serve Sell Make billion meals billion cans of soda billion cups of coffee
    11. 11. Customer Examples
    12. 12. Today’s Agenda • • • • • • • • • • • Why Deploy SharePoint in Hybrid Environment? Topic #1 – Security Features Topic #2 – Legal & Compliance Challenges Topic #3 – Availability & SLA Topic #4 – Preparing for the Move Topic #5 – Feature Parity & Roadmap Topic #6 – Services Integration Topic #7 – Managing Content Migration Topic #8 – Information Architecture Special Offer Expert Panel Q&A
    13. 13. Why Deploy SharePoint in a Hybrid Environment? Benefits offered by the Cloud Infrastructure • Simplicity • Savings • Focus on your Core Business • No Need to Worry about: – – – – Network Hardware / Software Server Hardware / Software Firewall, Reverse Proxy, Access Gateway Identity Management for External Users
    14. 14. Topic # 1 - Security Features Strong Authentication • Federate Identity Management with Azure AD • Enforce your internal Identity Management related Policies for access to cloud data • 2-Factor Authentication Support
    15. 15. Topic # 1 - Security Features Data Security in Transit and at Rest • HTTPS for Data in Transit • Information Rights Management Service (RMS) available for encryption at Rest • IRM use policies applied to downloaded documents
    16. 16. Topic # 1 - Security Features Network and Physical Location Security • Standard – Shared Multi-Tenant Farm • Dedicated Plans – Network / Server Isolation • ITAR - Network / Server + Physical Isolation – Background Checks and Screening – Physical Location separation with cameras and biometric devices
    17. 17. Topic # 2 - Compliance & Legal Challenges Standards and Compliance Support • ITAR • FISMA Moderate Authority • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 • HIPAA/HITECH • EU Model Clauses • • • • Cloud Security Alliance FERPA FedRAMP GLBA Microsoft Cloud Datacenter Services • http://www.globalfoundationser vices.com/
    18. 18. Topic # 2 - Compliance & Legal Challenges Legal • • • • Auditing Retention Policies eDiscovery Support Data Spillage Remediation Support
    19. 19. Topic # 3 - Availability & SLA Service Continuity • Built on the Microsoft Cloud • Redundancy across the board • Human Backup - 99.97% Global Uptime last quarter - DR - 1 hour RPO, 6 hour RTO - DR Dedicated – 2 hour RPO, 4 hour RTO
    20. 20. Topic # 3 - Availability & SLA Backup and Restore • Site Collection granularity for non-dedicated O365 SharePoint • Backups every 12 hours, stored for 14 days • Restore Requires Office 365 Support Team Alternatives: • Use 3rd Party Tools to provide more granularity • MetaVis Office 365 Suite • AvePoint DocAve Online
    21. 21. Topic # 4 – Preparing for the Move Ready your Development Team for Cloud Custom Solutions • REST Web Services • CSOM (JavaScript, .NET CLR, Silverlight) • JSLink • TypeScript • MVVM • Apps Model - Leverage Expert Advice - Accelerated ramp-up - Learn from best practices
    22. 22. Topic # 4 – Preparing for the Move • • • • Define the Feature Set and Plan Your Roadmap Identify features needed by work stream Create your Roadmap Plan Selection - SMB, E1-E4, Dedicated Plan, ITAR Plan… On-Prem vs. Cloud and Integration Points - Yammer Integration Search Content Enrichment Dashboards WCM Analytics
    23. 23. Topic # 5 - Feature Parity & Roadmap • • • • Benefit of On-Premises Search Farm Compliment Managed Navigation with Term Driven Pages – Topic Pages and Catalogs Content Enrichment (Previews, LOB Data enrichment, etc.) Tunable Relevancy Connector Framework
    24. 24. Topic # 5 - Feature Parity & Roadmap On-Premises Farm for Web Content Management • Image Renditions • Refiners and Faceted Navigation • Analytics
    25. 25. Topic # 5 - Feature Parity & Roadmap On-Premise Business Intelligence Integration • Performance Point Services Components • SQL Server Reporting Services
    26. 26. Topic # 6 – Services Integration • • • • Identity Management Integration Active Directory or Shibboleth for IM Well Documented Installation and Configuration Custom Login Page that O365 Routes users from your domain to Remember redundancy in your Federation Service Proxies!
    27. 27. Topic # 6 – Services Perspective Search Integration • Consolidated Index On-Prem – On-Prem Search Center – O365 Result Source to On-Prem 2013 Search Service • Federation – Result Source only connects to 2013 Search – May require a Federation Connector
    28. 28. Topic # 6 – Services Perspective External Systems and Data Integration • SharePoint Apps • Yammer Feed • Nintex Workflow • “Napa” O365 Dev tools… • BCS – OData Connections to Services • Dynamics CRM • Any other service you use that provides an OData Connection • 2013 Workflows (RESTful Web Services)
    29. 29. Topic # 7 – Managing Content Migration • Plan a Seamless Migration Experience • Use a high performance multi-threaded tool like MetaVis Migrator • • • • Date / Time stamps preserved Created By / Modified By preserved Deleted users cleaned Merge and split of site collections and sites • Merge and split of libraries • Customization migration
    30. 30. Topic # 8 – Information Architecture • Take Advantage of the Move! • Don’t carry over your Information Architecture (IA) Baggage • Shredded Storage • Include Social Fabric • Make use of Communities
    31. 31. Recap Today’s Agenda • • • • • • • • • • • Why Deploy SharePoint in Hybrid Environment? Topic #1 – Security Features Topic #2 – Legal & Compliance Challenges Topic #3 – Availability & SLA Topic #4 – Moving to Hybrid Topic #5 – Feature Parity & Roadmap Topic #6 – Services Integration Topic #7 – Managing Content Migration Topic #8 – Information Architecture Special Offer Expert Panel Q&A
    32. 32. Special Offer ~ today only Netwoven Office 365 Starter Pack $2000 value for $500 Only Get your intranet and collaboration going on Office 365 using this starter pack. 1. 2. 3. 4. Get a basic intranet portal that can be easily enhanced Get the departmental collaboration component Get the project collaboration component Get the right information architecture in place using this starter pack 5. Basic branding that can be easily enhanced
    33. 33. Special Offer ~ today only Special Offer registration procedure 1. Send an email to info@netwoven.com 2. Enter “O365-2020” in the subject line 3. In the body of your email include your name and contact information ~ make sure to include a telephone number 4. A Netwoven team member will contact you to set up an appointment time and will forward a Statement of Work for signature
    34. 34. Microsoft Enterprise Suites Office 365 Office Project & Visio Exchange Free 30-Day Office 365 Trial Links: http://www.netwoven.com/technology/office-365-small-business/ http://www.netwoven.com/technology/office-365-enterprise/ SharePoint Lync CAL Suites
    35. 35. Expert Panel Drew Sutton Principal Consultant Netwoven David Kirkman Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft Viraj Bais CTO & Co-Founder Matt Maher Solutions Architect Netwoven Netwoven
    36. 36. About Netwoven Thank you for participating. Follow Netwoven: Read our Blog: http://netwovenblogs.com/ Visit our website: http://www.netwoven.com/ Netwoven Confidential & Proprietary Information