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Networked Neighbourhoods -


Published on is s thriving online village community website in Yorkshire.

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Networked Neighbourhoods -

  1. 1. - a short overview Martin Dudley Networked Neighbourhoods
  2. 2. • Part of City of York rural ward • A defined community – by geography and history • c 3750 population (2001) with outlying areas, 1450 households • Over 30% economically inactive
  3. 3. • Low deprivation except in streets with high retirement • Low crime and disorder • c 3750 population (2001) with outlying areas, 1450 households • Conservative councillor
  4. 4. Bishopthorpe Community • 4 halls, sports areas, day centre • Good shops and pubs, library, schools • Many community groups (social capital) • Monthly church magazine • Parish Council • 2000 Pageant • Millennium Trust
  5. 5. Village Ideas Day Engagement Community • Community Facilities Developing a focal point for the village around the Pinfold area • Environment Improvements Identify eyesore sites as first step • Youth into the Community Accommodate and empower young people in the village • Better Information Set up improved web site
  6. 6. Bishopthorpe village web site • Started with static pages, forum and calendar • Hosted service plus MT software • = blogs, page uploads, email, sub-domains etc. • c 10 authors • Clearly stated policies • Funded personally, by Trust, then Ward Committee.
  7. 7. Multiple Uses • News and Views • Pages by people with an interest • – history, nature, travel • Ward Councillor • Parish Council • Projects.
  8. 8. News and views • Covers local news not covered elsewhere.. ..but on a very variable basis • Limited reactions from readers • Controversy can however kick off a reaction.
  9. 9. A councillor’s view • A good thing to disseminate information • Little reaction from members but Chief Exec / officers supportive • Unclear about benefits. Council site for info... • Members’ pages empty to avoid political controversy – therefore local sites to encourage personal/political/governance stuff • Site must be easy to use • Interaction with the site is the key success indicator.
  10. 10. Local government context Campaigns…
  11. 11. Bishopthorpe@Crossroads
  12. 12. Rebuilt 'Pinfold' Sensory Garden on Library land
  13. 13. Local government context • Telling stories • Participatory Ward budgeting • Shaping services – articulation of priorities • Dealing with emerging issues.
  14. 14. But not... Campaign to free the Bishopthorpe Five 10:00am Friday 14th September 2007 FAMILIES and friends are planning to demonstrate outside York Crown Court tomorrow in support of five young people who were locked up for their part in a night of violence. They say they are planning to launch a petition as part of their "Free The Bishopthorpe Five" campaign. The Parish Council page reports an early start to the September 09 meeting to discuss recent events with local residents and the Police... “I’ve been expecting some info to come through from the Parish Council about this, but haven’t yet heard anything...” Site editor
  15. 15. Where does a neighbourhood network fit in? • New faces attracted by a new process? • Others might use new process (subject to their expectations, fatigue, previous success etc.), unless they feel excluded by the online approach. • Will people fear online exposure in public, and therefore avoid/reject it? • Anonymously contributing however - what would be the point - as a 'usual suspect' you expect to get results, or at least a chance for a rant? • And then the new faces might start creating their own online cliques. • people will still have their tried and trusted methods.
  16. 16. Martin Dudley