Mykpis Real Time Web Based Performance Indicator Systems For Boards, Business, Executives And Consulting Companies


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My KPIs is the only web-based performance system available that allows you to visualize and appraise individual and organizational performance at all levels in real-time.

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Mykpis Real Time Web Based Performance Indicator Systems For Boards, Business, Executives And Consulting Companies

  1. 1. N4L ® STRATEGY N4L® Strategy Consulting My KPIs Web-based, Multi-level, KPI systems for Peak Business performance Strategy Consulting
  2. 2. What are the challenges for today’s managers? N4L® STRATEGY Greed and Fear. Consumer changing consumption and purchasing behavior. Absence of transparency, alignment and clarity of purpose. Need for best practices tracking on real-time. Lack of alignment of the organization to critical path behaviors and leaders’ preparation to execute. Need for real-time performance monitoring system. Boards lacks key performance indicators to monitor their performance. Strategy Consulting
  3. 3. How are companies monitoring performance today? N4L® STRATEGY Research of more that 1000 businesses and Fortune 500 companies shows that: 10 -10 businesses have a management control system in Excel. 6 -10 businesses have control systems such as the Balance Score card / SAP, amongst others. 5 -10 businesses have a management indicator control systems for top- level-management. 2 -10 businesses have management control systems to monitor quot;Best Practices.quot; – To become “Good to Great” as described by Jim Collins. Yet none of them have real-time monitoring like the one we provide! Strategy Consulting
  4. 4. N4L has the systems that addresses the corporate world needs for maximum efficiency in monitoring performance! My KPIs Web-based, Multi-level KPI systems for Peak Business performance
  5. 5. What are we? N4L® STRATEGY Network 4 Leaders is the only global strategy consulting, management and business performance technology company that delivers solutions through a proprietary planning and KPI systems based on the Art of War and P&G corporate principles. Strategy Consulting
  6. 6. Our consultants have extensive experience with these Brands and companies N4L® STRATEGY Strategy Consulting
  7. 7. Small and medium size businesses’ companies and brands that we have helped built? N4L® STRATEGY Law firms, Lawyers Call Centers Financial Advisors Insurance Companies Architectural Firms General Contractors Real Estate Mortgage Companies Collision Shops Empowering technology for a better Life Restaurants Chamber of Commerce Non-profits organizations Equity Exchanges Strategy Consulting Dot com companies, etc.
  8. 8. What is our methodology? N4L® STRATEGY Proprietary Exclusive The only Methodology based on Strategic planning tools for Web-based performance ancient wisdom every industry management system Strategy Consulting
  9. 9. Our Services N4L® STRATEGY Strategic consultancy and execution. Managerial coaching. A unique strategic system to monitor business performance My KPIs. Strategy Consulting
  10. 10. Our Services: Strategic consultancy N4L® STRATEGY Supports Management with a comprehensive approach to strategic development and delivery. Governance, audit, Board Strategic nominating, succession, By- Plan laws and long-term planning Vision, Mission, Brand and Strategic Plan long-term objectives Organizational Medium-term Objectives Business Plan Financial Plan Plan Operation and Sales and Human Administration Strategies Technology Marketing Plan Resources Plan Plan Plan Key Performance Indicators/ individual, team, per KPIs KPIs KPIs KPIs department and region Strategy Consulting
  11. 11. Our Services: Managerial coaching N4L® STRATEGY The uniqueness of our consultancy services is our capacity to integrate our experience and know-how in all functional areas with our deep experience in the industries at local and global levels. The individuals who run our companies have extensive experience in all the industries that we serve. Strategy Consulting
  12. 12. Our Services: N4L has the experience to deliver! N4L® STRATEGY Industries Consumer Products Healthcare Franchises Financial Services Energy Technology Manufacturing Telecommunications Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Retail Construction Media & TV Functional Areas Operations, Finances Administration, Management, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Strategy, Human Resources, Organizational Structure, Corporate Finances, Taxes, Advertising, Promotions, Client Service, Logistics, Legal, Boards Software, Hardware Executive Positions and Companies where our team has in-depth experience Procter & Gamble, Cargill, Wendy’s, British American Tobacco, Energizer; Procter CEO, Board Director, General Manager, Vice-president – CFO, Marketing, and Gamble, Mercedes Benz, BP, Bellsouth, Bayer, Varta, Coca Cola, LG, Tampax, Operations, Sales, Strategic Planning, Logistics, Franchise, Advertising- Call Center Reckitt Benckiser, Multiphone, Peugeot, DIAGEO, LILLY, LG, BBVA, AMVEB VP, Client Services, Branding, Manufacturing, Distribution, etc. /INBEV and Merck, to name a few. Strategy Consulting
  13. 13. Our Services: Unique system to monitor business performance N4L® STRATEGY My KPIs is the only web-based performance system available that allows you to visualize and appraise individual and organizational performance in real-time at all levels. Web-based System For all areas Board Executive Business Strategy Consulting
  14. 14. We believe all drivers need KPIs N4L® STRATEGY Strategy Consulting
  15. 15. What do you get from My KPIs system? N4L® STRATEGY With My KPIs you will be able to: Normalize, manage and monitor business units’, individual performance in real-time, anytime, anywhere in the world by simply connecting to the internet. Aligns day-to-day activities with strategic objectives, providing a clear definition of priorities at every level. Communicates company objectives, strategies and priorities throughout your organization at all levels in real-time. Adapt the system to all levels of the organization. Have a flexible/tailored system for your needs. Strategy Consulting
  16. 16. What do you get from My KPIs system? N4L® STRATEGY With My KPIs you: Get a non-invasive, totally flexible and adaptable systems to your needs. Do not require any additional hardware, software, installation or changes to your transactional systems. Have one product edition for performance management projects of any size. Enjoy all new software versions free of charge. Have no maintenance needs. Have standard templates according to customer needs. 100% accessible via internet . Strategy Consulting
  17. 17. The highlights of the system are: N4L® STRATEGY With our systematic and easy-to-use systems you will be able to normalize, manage and monitor the performance of all: Business units Regions Functions Boards Individuals and all in real-time from any place in the world. ... Strategy Consulting
  18. 18. The highlights of the system are: N4L® STRATEGY The ability to compare apples to apples. The most powerful feature of the KPI System come from a rather simple but ingenious principle: Normalization. Normalization allows you the ability to express all goals in a common scale, a common unit of measurement; therefore, providing you a unique powerful tool to compare an individual vs. his/her predecessor or vs. his/her peer in another organizational unit. This powerful feature is not limited to individuals; it can be used among teams, organizational units, geographical regions and areas of interest. Strategy Consulting
  19. 19. The highlights of the system are: N4L® STRATEGY Weights - Organizations are living organisms in constant change. Daily to-do tasks are weighted to assign priorities and then sequence their execution. My KPIs System allows each KPI to have its own weight in order for supervisors to adjust and fine tune individual and team’s focus to increase performance. Utilizing weights, individual performance evaluations are more realistic and adjusted to the company reality. Strategy Consulting
  20. 20. The highlights of the system are: N4L® STRATEGY Be able to measure employee criteria that have been previously difficult to quantify: Day-to-day individual performance data empowers your current performance evaluation system make it more precise, clear and specific. Aligns day-to-day activities with strategic objectives, providing clear definition of priority at every level. When an employee is promoted and transferred his/her individual performance moves with him/her and becomes part of the new whole he or she is now part of. Strategy Consulting
  21. 21. The highlights of the system are: N4L® STRATEGY Allows board directors to monitor in real-time the performance of the strategic plan. My KPIs allows the board to measure their delivery to the company performance. Board performance tracking and monitoring. Strategy Consulting
  22. 22. The highlights of the system are: N4L® STRATEGY With just one click of your keyboard you will: Monitor the causes, not the effects of each performance indicator. Detect problems before these put in risk the execution of the plan. Track board, business, individual and team performance at all levels in real-time. View performance from any part of the world. Strategy Consulting
  23. 23. In Summary: Why is Network 4 Leaders unique? N4L® STRATEGY Software and systems have been developed based on “The Art of War” by Chinese General Sun Tzu. Performance application systems that always ensure a successful implementation of any solution. Our breadth and depth of experience makes us the very best in the world at what we do (i.e. Sales force and marketing effectiveness and transformation.) Functional expertise to provide powerful and exclusive one- on-one coaching to execute the strategic agenda. Merger integration systems. Strategy Consulting
  24. 24. In what area of your business can we help? N4L® STRATEGY Monitor your business and executives and track and normalize their performance to reduce cost and risk. – My KPIs. Improve alignment and focus - My KPIs. Increase efficiency and communication with your executive team – My KPIs & Senior Consultants. Ensure success with any of the solutions that you need to implement - My KPIs & Senior Consultants. Increase the board competence to measure their delivery to the company performance – My KPIs & Senior Consultants. Private level for your customers – My KPIs with your logo. Strategy Consulting
  25. 25. N4L® STRATEGY © 1996-2009 N4L Network 4 Leaders brand , N4L Strategy Consulting materials are governed and protected by copyright law and international treaties. All materials are property of Network 4 Leaders, LLC . Licensees, independent contractors and Thinkco, Inc are service providers contractually licensed by Network 4 Leaders, LLC to market, distribute and sell N4L products and services. Any illegal copy of mykpis system, strategic methodology and/or any copyrighted N4L material is prohibited by law and shall be prosecuted to the extent of the law., Key Priorities Indicators, KPIs, N4L Network 4 Leaders logo, brand name, Strategic Platform, SESP 9 & 10 - Strategic Steps for Effective Sales Presentations and Brand guideline structure - are property of Network 4 Leaders, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this material is prohibited by federal laws and is subject to criminal prosecution. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of Network 4 Leaders’ methodologies, programs and/or web-based systems, or any portions may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any infringement to our property should be reported to Network 4 Leaders, LLC at or mailing to the following address:113 Barksdale Professional Center Newark, DE 19711. The N4L Network 4 Leaders brand is used to refer to the broad range of strategy, strategy consulting (including board, business and executive planning), organizational, management, performance, sales and other marketing services and products offered by N4L Strategy Consulting. The consulting services provided, the fees charged, and client rights and N4L’s obligations will differ among these services. Fees are subject to change without notice Services and one-on-one coaching are not available in all countries. Prices are subject to change without notice. My services are offered as long as the client pays monthly fees. Additional terms, conditions, restrictions and costs may apply. All consulting services are rendered through licensees and service providers regulated under their correspondent licensee service agreement. N4L Logo, Planet, sphere and the N4L Network 4 Leaders brand are registered trademarks; all registered and copyrighted in the USA under Network 4 Leaders, LLC. Strategy Consulting © 1996 - 2009 Network 4 Leaders, LLC