Lgn Presentation Sh Final Master


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This is my simplified presentation of how you can easily make and control your income in the LittleGuyNetwork
for more details visit http://charity1st.lgnprosperity.com

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Lgn Presentation Sh Final Master

  1. 1. PROSPERITY Creating Wealth & Success In Others Do you want to take part in one of the most dynamic and lucrative compensation plans on the internet today? YES you do! LGN Prosperity offers a simple 2x2 Follow-Me matrix that generates crazy amounts of income for YOU ... Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  2. 2. PROSPERITY Creating Wealth & Success In Others This is the first time in history an existing established company with a strong track record has created a 2x2 matrix You x2 = “Cycle” x2 & Collect $777 x2 Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  3. 3. After you cycle you will automatically be entered back into a new matrix Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  4. 4. PROSPERITY Creating Wealth & Success In Others This is the first time a new matrix program has been part of a company that has longevity and has already proven to be a leader, creating wealth for others... The first time in history the owner of the matrix program has designed it with the members’ best interests in mind ... No more games - you now have the ability to cycle and get paid weekly - every week, either through paper check, direct to your bank, your LGN Prosperity Global Cash Visa debit card, or bank wire transfer. Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  5. 5. PROSPERITY Creating Wealth & Success In Others It’s so SIMPLE to understand! STEP 1– You make a one-time purchase of $299 USD to join the LGN Prosperity business. There are NO recurring monthly fees! Your purchase includes: • Your LGN Prosperity site with your own personal on-site store where you can sell 500 digital products for 100% commission • Your own personal products including CDs, e-books, software and 9 travel certificates • Live daily webinars • Live & recorded interactive training webinars • Upgrade to LGN Platinum ($99 USD one-time fee) to include: • Online marketing tools – ad copy, autoresponder, email, banners, capture pages & more! STEP 2 – All you have to do is find 2 people that find 2 people and you earn your commission of $777 • Each time you find 2 people that find 2 people, that’s a cycle • Each time you ‘cycle’ you earn a WHOPPING...$777 Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  6. 6. PROSPERITY Creating Wealth & Success In Others Lets look at the numbers ... $269 x 4 = $1076 commission from bottom 4 of matrix -$269 re-entry into matrix -$30 Admin Fee Total Commission paid to YOU = $777 Where else can you make a one-time purchase of $299 and earn a commission of $777? Nowhere! Keep in mind that anyone who joins your team will always follow YOU! This is a Follow-Me Matrix Imagine for a second having a business that you can run from the comfort of your own home that spits out payments of $777 over & over again. Your income potential is unlimited with the power of the LGN Prosperity Compensation Plan! Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  7. 7. PROSPERITY In Others Creating Wealth & Success About me, the team and our philosophy ... I’m Sharon Herweyer. I have 30 years experience in network marketing. I live in Cadillac, Michigan and belong to an international team of network marketers. We have all chosen to become involved in the best opportunities we can find online today. These ventures have the same things in common:  they are recent launches  they are international opportunities  they have experienced, respected and ethical leadership  they comply with MLM laws  they offer on-site marketing tools and training  they offer outstanding rewards for the effort you put in  LGN Prosperity ticks ALL of these boxes, and more. Sharon Herweyer www.charity1stlgnprosperity.com
  8. 8. How much money do YOU want to earn?  1 cycle a month = $777  2 cycles a month = $1554  1 cycle a week = $3108 per month  2 cycles a week = $6216 per month  3 cycles a week = $9224 per month  4 cycles a week = $149,184 per year  1 cycle a day = $279,720 per year  2 cycles a day = $559,440 per year  3 cycles a day = $839,160 per year! Now THAT’S a pretty picture! Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com
  9. 9. PROSPERITY Creating Wealth & Success In Others Join our top-tier team today! Contact: Sharon Herweyer sharonherweyer@gmail.com Skype: sharon.herweyer Sharon Herweyer www.charity1st.lgnprosperity.com