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Getting buy-in from the Board for e-invoicing or e-billing


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How to help c-level execs and the broader business appreciate the benefits of e-invoicing / e-billing to the business

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Getting buy-in from the Board for e-invoicing or e-billing

  1. 1. Getting buy-in from the Board for How to help the broader business see the value and move forward with e-payment solutions 1 e-invoicing / e-billing
  2. 2. The Challenge Everyone around the boardroom table has a different agenda. Matching benefits of e-invoicing with people’s agendas is key to getting buy-in.Without this, the project won’t move forward. 2
  3. 3. CEO Improving business agility, through broad e-invoicing compatibility Creating a more cost efficient, therefore more profitable, business 3 Improving free cash flow – enabling growth and/or improved shareholder value Is likely to be interested in…
  4. 4. CIO /Technology Leader Not getting left behind: 17% more invoices sent electronically in Europe than the previous year* In Brazil over 90% of B2B and B2G invoices are sent electronically Availability of internal resources to: Stay up-to-date with latest EDI Support changing customer requirements Working with a solution partner allows IT to retain control/direction without suffering the workload 4 Is likely to be interested in…
  5. 5. Digitisation reduces complexity, aids auditability and streamlines financial document processesImproving free cash flow – reducing DSO and delinquency Freeing up AR team to focus on more profitable work Identifying where payment delays exist and address quickly 5 Is likely to be interested in… CFO / Financial Director
  6. 6. 1. Identify the relevant business pains 2. Research who is affected by these, and who will be keen to support proposed changes 3. Articulate the impact of these pains at departmental and business-wide levels 4. Present best/middle/worst cost savings over 1, 2 and 5 years 5. Outline steps to address these pains through e- invoicing Building the Business Case 6
  7. 7. 1. Explain the benefits to stakeholders and sponsors in the decision making process; know what their reservations and concerns are likely to be 2. Present merits and challenges of possible solutions – propose the best 3. Explain added benefits of going beyond just addressing current pains 4. Outline the process for deployment, including internal resources and systems/processes impacted by this 5. Set out timings, costs, return on investment window and internal sponsors for the project 7 Building the Business Case pt.2
  8. 8. Arguments for Outsourcing Everyone’s an outsourcer – you wouldn’t hand deliver statements, you outsource to the postal service Retain control in the business; outsource the risks Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure outsourced partners are committed to your standards of delivery Reduce load on IT and cost of staying up to date with standards 8
  9. 9. What those in the know, know Read how global giants likeVF Corporation, 20th Century Fox and Neopost have benefited from e-invoicing 17% more invoices sent electronically in Europe than the previous year Legislation will mandate e-invoicing in certain sectors from 2018 9
  10. 10. Demonstrating Success Measure and Present: Reduction in cost - Materials,Overheads, Staff time and business costs Improved Cash flow – reduced DSO, delinquency, etc. Environmental factors – paper and energy savings; motivating for staff and good for the brand Conversion to digital as a percentage of all invoices 10
  11. 11. About Netsend Netsend is at the vanguard of companies dedicated to eradicating issues of credit control.Through its management of business-critical document distribution, Netsend ensures accurate and efficient delivery of invoices to your customers in the medium which suits them. Beyond saving time and cost through invoice automation, Netsend enables a risk-free and seamless shift towards electronic invoicing, reducing errors and driving down DSO. Netsend also removes the classic challenges of document storage and retrieval for auditing and compliance. FTSE 100 businesses depend on Netsend to provide secure online access to their document distribution history, facilitating ease of reporting, performance analysis and proof of delivery amongst a range of other document management functions. Headquartered in the UK, Netsend has clients operating in over 52 countries. 1 For more information For more information visit: or email: