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NKendle PSY 3009-8 -5 Diversity Sensitivity


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NKendle PSY 3009-8 -5 Diversity Sensitivity

  2. 2. Introduction Negative stereotypes of different nationality and cultures exists trying to understand why they do stems from what a person is exposed to culturally. Most negative stereotypes comes from ignorance and lack of knowledge of the culture they are addressing and the people that are being targeted. Schools are working hard to diversify their students understanding and acceptance of each other by initiating programs and educating them by studying and exposing them to different cultures. Through education there is hope to approach this issue with early learning and appreciation of the diversity that the world and this country has to offer. Schools are more concern with the need to educate in the area of Sensitivity and Diversity that programs are being addressed using local and out side resources to teach the tolerances that is needed for education of proper skills and tools in order to teach and train students as well as parents. Community leaders of different ethnicity and background are invite to hold seminars and speak to students regarding experience in dealing with negative stereotypes. This training process will attempt to address some of the negative stereotypes and replace positive understanding of multi-cultural sensitivity & diversity.
  3. 3. Stereotypes how They can Influence our Thoughts and Judgment of Others. First Scenario of our training is to look at the picture in the que 1. List at least 3 negative comments regarding the Chines Cultural 2. List where do you think your knowledge of the Chinese Cultural comes from. 3. After you have made your list go over your negative responses. Be mindful of the negatives comments and ask yourself are they fair to the cultural and the people?
  4. 4. How can we Deal with Prejudice and Stereotypes That Exist Today Regarding People Nieves.L.L.,(2009). Let us first understand the meaning of Sensitivity and Diversity. For the second scenario : 1. I want you to give me the definition for Sensitivity and Diversity how it appears to you. 2. I want you to list at least three positive things to say regarding Chinese Cultural. 3. Discuss in your group your definitions and the positive things to say about the Chinese Cultural.
  5. 5. The third scenario is going to be addressing negative Stereotypes with the Spanish cultural Handoyo. R.(2009). In your group answer the following questions: 1. Why do such negatives views exist and what can we do to dispel them? 2. Have you ever felt left out because of your nationality or cultural? 3. Have you ever participated in comments to make a person feel bad? In your group discuss your feeling on why negatives stereotypes exists and express your experience on being left out of certain events. Express to the group if you have ever been a part of negative comment toward anyone and what happened because of it.
  6. 6. How can you Reduce the Impact of Stereotyping? 1. Make a list of positive cultural contributions that the Spanish cultural contributes to our society. 2. Know what the religious preference is for the group 3. Discuss positive ways to learn new things from the Spanish culture
  7. 7. Having Deep Respect for Cultural Differences is one way to Reduce the Impact of Stereotyping. For the fourth Scenario : 1. I want you to make a list of the negative comments and experiences you have had indigenous people. 2. Discuss your comments experience that you had with each other
  8. 8. To Have Empathy and a Positive Attitude can Change the Consequences Reaction to Stereotyping Wright.(2015). In this fifth scenario 1. Make a list of positive values and belief of indigenous cultural. 2. In your group talk with and meet an indigenous person 3. Discuss your experience you have had with your group.
  9. 9. We want to be able to make choices that will create a positive response to people that are different then us. In the sixth scenario: 1. Write a list of all the negative things you know about the Arabic cultural pertaining to Religion, Values and belief. 2. Discuss in a group your answers
  10. 10. What are Cultural Considerations Nieves.L.L.,(2009). For the seventh scenario: 1. Make a list of cultural considerations. 2. Know the cultural foods of Arabic people. 3. List a positive reaction to Arabic culture.
  11. 11. African-American Students and Students have a lot of Negatives Stereotypes that continue to Plague the Cultural Daily For the Williams.V.S.,(2009), eighth scenario: 1. List as many of these negative stereotypes your groups can think of for African American Culture. 2. Include positive actions to improve negative stereotypes 3. In your group discuss your findings.
  12. 12. Conclusion After you have done the scenarios 1- thru 9 it should be clear to you that we just don't know everything about everyone. No one person is the same and we all deserve to live our lives free from negative stereotypes and discrimination. The real purpose for negative comments is to cause a person to hurt and bring harm by prejudice judgment that is really unfair. We as a people can't help what some one else of the same cultural has done it not the fault of them all. As a people we don't want to participate in any action that would be negative and damaging to any one. The effect of negative stereotyping can be harmful and even deadly to the one being judge. We as Americans are a diverse nation of people and any one person that can't comprehend that should really seek professional counselling because people exists and we can't ignore or mistreat someone based on wrongful negatives stereotypes.
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