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Medium steak and trading bias


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Everyone has their favorite way they like their food cooked. You should put the same amount of thought in your trading!

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Medium steak and trading bias

  1. 1. What does this have to do with trading?
  2. 2. Back when I started trading, I put more insistence on how I wanted my steak cooked then I did on trade direction.
  3. 3. An example. Not the actual trading chart
  4. 4. Instant profits where wiped out
  5. 5. New Scene Higher low confirmed. End of falling prices?
  6. 6. The issue is that I have ignored everything that set up the short.
  7. 7. Trend Jumper! Free Version
  8. 8. I would have price alerts when certain levels were reached.
  9. 9. Alerts for a stop out were ignored until later
  10. 10. Long OR Short until the opposite is confirmed
  11. 11. Step Away From The Trading Desk
  12. 12. 100% Emotionless Trading?
  13. 13. Walking away can save your trading career
  14. 14.