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Netmera beacon management


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Do you want to empower your indoor location targeting with Beacons? Netmera gives you a unique experience by combining Netmera targeting tools, push notifications and analytics with beacon management system.

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Netmera beacon management

  1. 1. Beacons and Netmera for in-store marketing activities Kaan Bingol, Co-Founder & CEO Çiğdem Bağbakan Çağan, Marketing Director Netmera for In-Store Campaigns & Engagement
  2. 2. What is Netmera? Netmera is a Mobile Application Engagement Platform It is integrated into your mobile app with a small piece of code Managed via very easy to use control panel on web Gives you beacon management capabilities including detailed targeting, push messages, pop-ups and analytics It also helps developers with app development and reduces time to market
  3. 3. Netmera Features Beacon Management Segments & Targets Message Creation Engagement Analytics
  4. 4. How to get best out of it Mobile App Campaigns
  5. 5. Create a Message Evaluate Start with Targeting1 2 3 Advanced targeting option: •Tags •App behaviors •Outdoor Location •Indoor Location •Event based •CRM API Plain or rich push option available Rich media in-app pop- ups Images, videos, maps can be embedded You can make A/B testing before sending the main campaign Evaluate success with advanced push analytics How to get best out of mobile app campaigns
  6. 6. 1. Find the right person Depend on users in-app behaviors such as: •Open rates •Time spent in app •Purchasing frequency Use their own preferences: •Demographics •Interests •Mobile devices •CRM Tags Location •Geo Location •Geo Fences •Micro Location (Beacons) Autotrigger your messages based on: •In-app user actions •Beacon events •Events happening in customer backend systems
  7. 7. 2. Create a message Reach your users with: Regular push campaigns •Add parameters •Custom sound •Badge increment •Vibration Rich push campaigns •Insert images •Links •Maps •Video etc… •Store them in push inbox Pop-ups •Reach even opt-out users •Design pop-up size based on your needs •Insert rich media
  8. 8. 3. Analyze Campaign Analytics •Success rates •Push open rates •Click through rates •Device info App Analytics •App open rates •Time in app •Install rates •Customized action rates Beacon Analytics •Real time user detection & reporting •Measure in-store user behaviour
  9. 9. In-Store Engagement with Beacons Netmera Beacon Management
  10. 10. How It Works Beacons: • Bluetooth Low Energy Devices • Notify nearby devices • Micro location (cm’s to 60m) Netmera SDK: • Enables app for beacons • Pick up & process beacon signals • Trigger notifications sent from Netmera Platform Netmera Platform: • Real-time • Collect & analyze beacon signals • Combine with segments & targeting • Trigger notifications
  11. 11. In-Store Campaigns In-Store AnalyticsBeacon Management Register & place your beacons User friendly beacon definitions Set beacon locations Track and report your beacons Sent auto-triggered campaigns when beacons are in range Combine user segments and targeting options Micro location based campaigns & info delivery Detect store users real-time Know in-store behaviour of users Measure effectiveness of in-store campaigns Features
  12. 12. Enhancing In-Store Engagement with Netmera & Beacons Use Cases
  13. 13. Beacon Use Cases Sales Promotions Store magnet Special offers Cross sell Engagement and loyalty Who is in the store? Self service info Gamification Loyalty card Post sales & Payment Payment type promotion Mobile payment
  14. 14. Sales promotions
  15. 15. Store magnet Increase your store visits with push notifications. Target your audience with out door and in door location targeting. Combine Netmera geo fence tools with the power of beacon in door capabilities.
  16. 16. Special offers You will instantly know who entered your store with the help of beacons. This means, you will have time to make your offer till they make it to the cashier. Give them offers based on their past purchases and make it more likely to draw their attention.
  17. 17. Cross Sell Know how your customer walks between the aisles, give offers based on their in store location. Sell this capability to big suppliers and increase your cross sell options!
  18. 18. Engagement and Loyalty
  19. 19. Who is in the store? Knowing who entered the store will enable you to engage more with them. Welcoming them with their name, bringing their pre orders before they ask or making special push notification campaigns for frequent visitors are just a few examples.
  20. 20. Self service info Some customers are too shy to ask for help. Let them get their own info. You can give product or store information with the help of beacons. Users will just touch their phones to the beacon to get info about the products.
  21. 21. Gamification You can turn in store experience into fun, by deploying “treasure hunt” like games. Either for customer engagement or to keep their kids busy while shopping, this will be a nice event for big department stores or malls.
  22. 22. Loyalty cards Remind your customers to use their loyalty cards, or redeem their points or coupons when they come to the checkout. You can also utilize mobile loyalty cards or send coupons with push notifications.
  23. 23. Post Sales and Payment
  24. 24. Payment Type Promotion You can promote payment types by sending push notifications when the customer comes to the cashier. Banks may also be interested in utilizing those kind of campaigns.
  25. 25. Mobile Payment To speed up payment process, you can deploy mobile payment option together with beacons. Customers just use their phone to pay near the POS and that’s it!