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3GPP based LTE and Wi-Fi Interworking Architecture: ePDG (S2b)


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3GPP based LTE and Wi-Fi Interworking Architecture: ePDG (S2b)

  1. 1. 3GPP based LTE and Wi-Fi Interworking Architecture: ePDG (S2b)NETMANIAS ONE-SHOT September 24, 2015 © 2015 Netmanias • UE P-GW ePDG § IPsec tunnel establishment & tear down by IKEv2, user data packet transmission within the IPsec tunnel § MOBIKE (IKEv2 extension) for inter Wi-Fi AP mobility notification from UE to ePDG (optional) § Connection Manger (CM) or ANDSF client for inter-RAT mobility decision § Interworking with P-GW for bearer/mobility service (S2b) § Interworking with 3GPP AAA for user authentication (SWm) § Interworking with UE for security & Wi-Fi mobility (IKEv2 with MOBIKE extension/IPsec) § Interworking with ePDG (S2b) for bearer/mobility service § IP mobility anchor for inter-RAT (LTE & Wi-Fi) handover § UE IP allocation NE Description S-GW P-GW MME HSS 3GPP AAA E-UTRAN EPS-AKA Diameter (Gx) Diameter (SWm) EAP-AKA GTP Tunnel GTP-U (S1-U) GTP-U/C (S5) GTP Tunnel GTP-U/C (S2b) GTP Tunnel IPSec Tunnel EPC Wi-Fi Diameter (SWa) Diameter (S6b) InternetIMS PDN eNB WiFi LTE Diameter (SWx) Diameter (S6a) GTP-C (S11) S1-AP (S1-MME) IKEv2 w/ MOBIKE (SWu) IP (SGi) ePDG SWu AP Wi-Fi PCRF ERAB Tunnel Diameter (Rx) ePDG based LTE and Wi-Fi Interworking Network Reference Model optional optional HTTPS (S14) optional ANDSF HTTPS (S14) optional EPS Entity UE Traffic Path EPS Entity for Wi-Fi Interworking Wi-Fi Entity Dual-Radio UE UE LTE Access Wi-Fi Access IPv4/IPv6 IPv4/IPv6 UE ePDGSWu L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 L2/L1 L2/L1 IPSec IPSec IPv4/IPv6 GTP-U S2b IKEv2 (MOBIKE) GTP-CIKEv2 (MOBIKE) GTP-C IPv4/IPv6 L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 L2/L1 L2/L1 L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 IPv4/IPv6 UE ePDG P-GWSWu S2b UDP UDP UDP Relaying IPv4/IPv6 L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 GTP-U P-GW UDP Diameter EAP-AKA IKEv2 IPv4/IPv6 UE ePDGSWu L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 L2/L1 L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 SWm SCTP L2/L1 IPv4/IPv6 3GPP AAA SCTPUDP UDP IKEv2 Diameter EAP-AKA Relaying S2b Protocol Stack Control Plane S2b Protocol Stack Data Plane S2b Protocol Stack Authentication PDN IMS Default Bearer for VoLTE signaling (SIP) – QCI = 5 GTP Tunnel (S2b) AP ePDG P-GW IMSGTP Tunnel (S2b) Internet Dedicated Bearer for VoLTE media (RTP) – QCI = 1 IPsec Tunnel (SWu) Voice over ePDG (Wi-Fi calling) & Direct Internet access through AP UE logical i/flogical i/f