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SK Telecom: LTE Fronthaul and Backhaul Architecture


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SK Telecom: LTE Fronthaul and Backhaul Architecture

  1. 1. Feb. 2014 LTE Rooftop CPRI RRH MAX 30 RRH Per RT LTE GPON BS Wi-Fi Small Cell Backhaul (SK Telecom’s office building) GE GPON CPRI BBU Active WDM (SCAN) WDM RT BS EPC 53 BBUs (connecting 804 RRHs) RRH RU RU RRH CPRI C-RAN: Centralized/Cloud RAN BBU: Baseband Unit RRH: Remote Radio Head SCAN: Smart Cloud Access Network CO RRH RU RU WDM RT Macro 1. Small Cell BS (Pico/Femto), 2. Wi-Fi LTE # of CO » 400 # of BBU Marco Cell » 300 # of BBUs » 12,000 # of RRHs » 80,000 Legacy Macro Cell Sites è C-RAN Small Cell COT RRH RU RU BBU BBU ... BBU GE Multi-10GE SAE GW Traffic from GPON WDM RT IP/MPLS BBU Marco Cell RRH (Macro cell site with centralized BBUs) CPRI Rooftop RRH RU RU CPRI RRH RU RU RT 1. Small Cell BS (Pico/Femto), 8 RRHs 2. Wi-Fi GPON BS Small Cell Backhaul BS VERY LAST MILE Macro RRH RRH RU RU Active WDM RT GPON (SCAN) RRH RU RU WDM RT BBU Macro Cell Backhaul 5 BBUs CPRI COT WDM (connecting 35 RRHs) BBU ... BBU COT RT RRH RT 10GE (Ring, P2P) GE Traffic from GPON IP/MPLS Router (ALU, Cisco, Juniper) LAST MILE CPRI Fronthaul (MAX 15~17Km between BBU and RRH) IP/MPLS/Ethernet Backhaul Netmanias ONE-SHOT