Mobile IPTV Services in Korea: Live TV Streaming (2013 Q3)


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Mobile IPTV Services in Korea: Live TV Streaming (2013 Q3)

  1. 1. Mobile IPTV Services in Korea: Live TV (2013 Q3) Oct. 2013 ■ The table below summarizes the findings of our measurement in relation to mobile IPTV services in Korea during September 2013. ■ Services tested: Live TV services of 5 service providers ■ Mobile access: SK Telecom LTE-A, LG U+ LTE-A, KT LTE ■ Device: Galaxy S4 LTE-A (SKT, LG U+, Pooq, Tving), Galaxy Note LTE (KT), iPhone (KT) Mobile IPTV Service Providers SK Telecom KT LG U+ CAP CJ Hellovision Btv Mobile Olleh TV Mobile U+ HDTV Pooq Tving Launch July 2013 (Full HD 4Mbps version) June 2013 (HD 4Mbps version) July 2013 (2Mbps version) Sep. 2012 (유료전환) Video Service Live TV & VoD Live TV & VoD Live TV & VoD Live TV & VoD Live TV & VoD 72 61 49 53 180 Service Name # of Live TV Channels Business Model • Monthly Fee: $3 • SKT IPTV or Mobile Subscriber: $2 OTT or WalledGarden ? Mobile users can subscribe to any mobile IPTV service, and use the video service there, at no cost or with fixed monthly payments, regardless of their network operator (All the mobile IPTV services available from the three operators are OTT type, not walled-garden type). # of LTE Subscribers (LTE-A, LTE)(July 2013, • Monthly Fee: $5 • KT IPTV and Mobile Subscriber: Free • Monthly Fee: $5 • Monthly Fee: $3-4 • Monthly Fee: $6-7 11,523,539 6,368,623 6,101,307 - - Streaming Protocol HLS HLS HLS HLS HLS Chunk Duration 4 sec 3 sec 6 sec 10 sec 10 sec Codec H.264 H.264 H.264 H.264 H.264 Encoding Rate & Resolution 4Mbps 1920x1080 4.3 Mbps 1280x720 2Mbps 1280x720 2.3 Mbps 720x480 1 Mbps 720x480 1.25 Mbps 720x480 500 Kbps 720x480 742Kbps 720x480 2.2 Mbps 1.1 Mbps 600 Kbps 720x404 720x404 720x404 1.2 Mbps 800x450 620 Kbps 640x360 * Android phone does not support 4.3Mbps Change Video Quality Adaptive Streaming Manual, Automatic Profile 1: 4.3 Mbps Profile 2: 2.3 Mbps SD Profile 1: 1 Mbps Profile 3: 1.25Mbps SD Profile 2: 500 Kbps Profile 4: 742Kbps * Bit rate switching between two profiles was observed in SD videos only. * No adaptive streaming was detected in either Full HD or HD videos. Full HD Best Video Quality Encoding Rate Resolution Frame Rate Bits/(Pixels*Frame) Automatic Yes (World First) 4+Mbps 1920x1080 (Full HD) 29.970 fps 0.061 * Bit rate switching among four different profiles. Automatic Manual Manual Not Supported Not Supported Profile 1: 2.2 Mbps Profile 2: 1.1 Mbps Profile 3: 600 Kbps * Bit rate switching among three different profiles. No 4+Mbps 1280x720 (HD) 29.970 fps 0.145 2.1 Mbps 960x540 1.7 Mbps 853x480 1.0 Mbps 640x360 460 Kbps 320x180 No 2+Mbps 720x404 variable variable No 1+Mbps 800x450 30.000 fps 0.089 No 2+Mbps 960x540 variable variable In our actual measurement, HTTP messages, manifest files and chunk files were captured and downloaded using analysis tools (such as Wireshark, MediaInfo, etc.) on an Android phone, to identify video streaming methods used. Netmanias ONE-SHOT