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Magento Case Study


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Over 80% increase in mobile conversion rate for an e-commerce site.

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Magento Case Study

  1. 1. Over 80% increase in mobile conversion rate for an e-commerce site [Magento Case Study]
  2. 2. Our Client Pro Nutrition is one of the leading manufacturers, for vitamins and bodybuilding supplements, in Romania, with over 140 original products.
  3. 3. Our client has been manufacturing and distributing vitamins and supplements for athletes since 1999, and launched his own online store in 2011. We have been working together since the beginning, first creating 2 different versions of the web-store, and then completing their marketing team.
  4. 4. What was our main objective? In January 2015, our client was doing well, and felt that there is still more potential in the market. He wanted us to come up with a solution for growth.
  5. 5. We started searching for missed opportunities and new ideas and soon noticed that the proportion of visitors browsing from mobile devices has increased to 48% of total visitors. We analysed this traffic using Google Analytics and noticed that most visitors used mobile phones to gather information, preferring to make purchases later, from desktops or tablets.
  6. 6. From these analyses we deduced that we can significantly increase our client’s sales if we manage to convince more users to complete their orders while they’re still using their mobile phones.
  7. 7. The Solution We created a version of the website exclusively for mobile phones. increasing the website’s loading speed on mobile phones eliminating any elements which may distract the user from the main action highlighting the entire process of acquisition The dedicated mobile version followed these principles:
  8. 8. And the winner is... we’ve simplified the buying process and highlighted it for users we’ve acquired another powerful distinctive factor from the competition we’ve become more relevant in Google searches performed on mobile phones
  9. 9. 1 year after the launch of the mobile version of the website, we registered the following growth: 81.50% increase in the conversion rate 259.25% increase in revenue 238.42% increase in number of orders placed 86.46% increase in website traffic
  10. 10. You can check for more information here: