Online Session - H2H Focus


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Online Session - H2H Focus

  1. 1. Online Session Human to Human in Hospitality Julie BOHAND - MBA 2B
  2. 2. The Hotel Choice • The Eccleston Square Hotel • Based in London • High-tech hotel • Provides many different services such as: accommodation, meeting room rental, restaurant, bar with customized kind attentions such as: free minibar for direct bookings, complimentary media lounge viewings…
  3. 3. Hotel’s Social Touchpoints with Customers This high-tech hotel is present on many different social networks: • YouTube • Tripadvisor • Twitter • Facebook • Google + • Instagram
  4. 4. YouTube • YouTube provides many videos about the hotel and its services: • But the latest video was posted 1 year ago!
  5. 5. YouTube • However, there is no comment on the video, and there is no discussion either on the channel yet:
  6. 6. Tripadvisor • The hotel tripadvisor’s page show the business contact of the hotel itself, encouraging the customers to go and book on the hotel website instead of making a reservation on the OTA channel. Moreover they display a special promotion available on their website:
  7. 7. Tripadvisor • Guests leave many comments on that page, and most of them are actually very positive. • The hotel answers all of the comments whether they are positive or not, which is a very good strategy to: • Have regular feebacks from customers • Try to give them solutions if they are unsatisfied, or thank them for their positive comment • Show the hotel’s involvement in the customers’ experience: H2H behavior!
  8. 8. Twitter • Most of the tweets (if not all) come from the hotel itself, but not from the customers:
  9. 9. Twitter • Moreover, most of the tweets are promotional (about an event, a special offer…) and thus do not have the special goal to share something with customers (the tweet is not expected to be commented): • However with 1,343 followers, we could expect a better share between the hotel and its customers, because for now, H2H service is not provided through this channel.
  10. 10. Facebook • The hotel Facebook page is well created, but not so active for a high-tech hotel that is supposed to be very familiar with social media. • Indeed, here are some weak points that can be observed: • The latest post was written on the 23rd of April, 1 week ago • The comments written by the customers are not answered: no social share! • Posts from the hotel are only promotional (like the tweets on Twitter)
  11. 11. Facebook
  12. 12. Google + • This social media is also used as a promotional way, instead of a « sharing way ». Indeed, the hotel publish offers and announcements about the hotel, but does not ask the customers to share their experience and/or leave comments about something. • Moreover, we can wonder if the posts are addressed to customers since it is written « our guests enjoy » and not « you enjoy ». • No H2H service on this channel
  13. 13. Google +
  14. 14. Instagram • The hotel is well present on Instagram, which is a good think to increase its visibility to customers • However, the pictures and photos available on this page are only pictures of the hotel and of the offers made in the hotel. There is no pictures with customers, which considerably reduce the customers’ desire to share. • Basic business relation, no H2H service
  15. 15. Instagram
  16. 16. Conclusion • This high-tech hotel is present on many social media (6 in total) • It tries to publish as often as possible • However, it provides a real H2H service only on Tripadvisor • Indeed, the posts and tweets do not encourage customers to comment on other channels • The hotel only answer comments and feedbacks on Tripadvisor, and not on the other channels also
  17. 17. Advices to be more H2H • YouTube: be more active by uploading more recent video, and encouraging customers to view and comment those videos to create a H2H service! • Tripadvisor: nothing to improve: the hotel has done everything possible to reduce the OTA reservations, to highlight special promotions, to answer customers’ comments (positive or negative) and to show their interest towards the customers’ experiences: H2H service is here! • Twitter: show interest towards customers, and not towards the hotel: encourage guests to comment, tweet and share to create a H2H service!
  18. 18. Advices to be more H2H • Facebook: it is supposed to be THE tool to share, but the hotel only share promotions and does not answer any guests’ reviews, and I think it is a shame for such a high-tech hotel. I thus advise the hotel to answers customers and share other things than promotions: create a H2H service! • Google +: Publications must be addressed to customers, and encourage them to share and write comments: a H2H relationship must be created. • Instagram: Post more “personal” pictures that involve someone or something from the hotel and a customer, not only pictures from the hotel! It is necessary to increase the interest of Instagram users by creating a H2H relationship.
  19. 19. THANK YOU! Julie BOHAND - MBA 2B