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Netex Webinar | Next Generation Learning Platforms [EN]


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Webinar offered by Netex's UK Director Mike Byrne as he discussed how a shift in emphasis from traditional course delivery to a more diverse learning content proposition has led to the rise of “Next Generation Learning Platforms”.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Netex Webinar | Next Generation Learning Platforms [EN]

  1. 1. 1. Changing Times 2. Learner Needs 3. Evolution of Learning Platform 4. Consumerisation and Interoperability 5. Next Gen in action! Agenda
  2. 2. A. More than 15 minutes B. More than 5 minutes C. Less than 1 minute What is the average length you can focus on a task without being distracted?
  3. 3. Mobile is Lifestyle and not a Technology anymore.
  4. 4. The mobile has forever changed the way we live and has broken the usual journey of a consumer into hundreds of micromoments. Getting to know our “users” Micromoments Evaluate purchasing decisions Troubleshoot unexpected issues Take Steps towards your goal
  5. 5. Conociendo a nuestro usuario
  6. 6. The relevance of the LMS… Content Becomes Obsolete Push, not pull Long-term goals
  7. 7. Next Generation Learning Platforms
  8. 8. “Consumerisation” + Interoperability
  9. 9. Choose the channels that you need. • From any device. • Upgrade at any time • Netex “Channels” or Third Party
  10. 10. When learning does not look like learning Learning Stories Resource Led Gamified Beautiful UX
  12. 12. +44 (0) 845 463 8200 UK | SPAIN | INDIA | MEXICO Thanks for your attention!