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Netex | EdTech Solutions 2016 [EN]


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Empowering the digital classroom!

Published in: Education
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Netex | EdTech Solutions 2016 [EN]

  1. 1. EdTech Solutions
  2. 2. EMPOWERING THE DIGITAL CLASSROOM +100EXPERTS +15COUNTRIES +1.5MUSERS We develop classroom-oriented solutions to enhance and reinforce the capabilities of teachers and students. Our commitment is to support educational institutions, publishing houses and governments through the journey to the digital classroom. We offer services and software in order to bring new technologies to education. 2014 · 2016 +4KUNITS +150KACTIVITIES +12KRESOURCES CONSULTANCY Digital Content Distribution Do It Yourself! DIGITAL CONTENT SMART CONTENT Creation Digitisation Authoring tool Content creation Apps Online Distribution DISTRIBUTION For the classroom For sales & distribution Mobile (VLE extension) Content management Licence management E-commerce VLE for School
  3. 3. First-class pedagogical analysis, editing and design. Turn your educational materials into attractive HTML5 products, engaging and enriched with interactive resources at the point of need. Netex's team of professionals are flexible, well skilled and digital experts with 8 years experience working on transformation projects. Multimedia resources. A wide range of resources that you will be able to use in your content: Videos, Audios, Animations, Illustrations, Augmented Reality, Infographics, 3D, PDFs... Digitisation of books. From paper to screen. Get into a new environment side by side with Netex. Transform your titles in three steps. Multi-device activities. Reinforce learning. Allow student self-assessment or online assessment by a teacher. Use them individually, packaged in blocks with their own interface, or into other products such as iPDF files or digital books. Integrate them into an LMS to get efficient tracking and automatic evaluation. PEDAGOGICAL ANALYSIS CONTENT PROTOTYPING PRODUCTION PROCESS CONTENT CREATION FACTORY Digitising your publishing production has never been so quick or intuitive. Create multi-device modules without any previous online authoring knowledge. This easy-to-use cloud-based application can be used by your editing team, wherever they are. Speed up production. Use our Content Application Framework (CAF) to create your content in an easier and faster manner. We can even create bespoke CAFs adapted to your educational approach. Standardise. Allow your editors to work in the Cloud. Use our CAF to ensure uniformity in your editorial content. Establish editing, validation and publishing processes. Activities. Add amazing interactive activities to your content thanks to our Activities Editor. Just drag and drop them into your Prototype from our repository. C.A.F. Your educational approach, ready to use. Content Application Frameworks are built after a careful study of your pedagogical design. Our bespoke HTML5 layouts allow you to simply drag and edit resources onto you new content. Speed up, standardise production! AUTHORING TOOL LEARNING MAKER
  4. 4. Smart Content represents a technological leap over any other solution that already exists. Built upon a HTML5 base, the design and usability ensure the best user experience for both students and teachers. DIGITAL CONTENT SMART CONTENT Activities. Real-time or delayed. The teacher can launch all types of interactive activities and receive immediately all kinds of information on the progress of their students. Authoring. Customised training is now possible. Editing content to suit the needs of the group is very simple. We just need to click on the text and add our improvements. Collaboration. The book of the class becomes the environment where the teacher allows students to evaluate, discuss and share knowledge. In addition, we can record all this activity via Learning Analytics. Interactive panels. All the advanced features of the book are displayed on the content through intuitive interactive panels, designed not to interrupt the development of the lesson. Control of the class. Leading classroom activity is very easy with intelligent content. We can direct students to the desired content, block them, give control, organise them into groups, etc. Assessment. We can define the criteria for evaluation of activities depending on the class, student or group. If the school has an LMS, we can synchronise results via LTI technology. At the heart of all intelligent content is a powerful system of Learning Analytics responsible for interpreting all users’ interactions with the book. This allows you to display only the information they need to each type of user and anticipate any problems that may arise in the classroom. Precise information and in their context. Results based on the type of user. From a teacher who wants to check the progress of a student related to the class, to a publisher who wants to know the actual use of content in a network of schools. New dimensions of learning. Smart Content extends beyond just recording the progress of students. Thus, patterns such as motivation, interest or commitment are now measurable and analysable. Warnings and recommendations. Any deviation from the expected result is notified by the system. So we can know the strengths and weaknesses of students to offer a customised solution in each case. DIGITAL CONTENT LEARNING ANALYTICS
  5. 5. The educational platform used by +1M users. Modernise and improve your educational offer. Promote the use of your educational materials. Manage all the school training through activities, content, classrooms and students. Create a comprehensive training strategy and completely customise your Report Cards with your own criteria. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION LEARNING SCHOOL Socialise learning. Involve students, teachers and families in a social environment. Reinforce interactions, create a constant and fluid communication in our portable platform. Comprehensive. Perform a close tracking about the pedagogical models of centres and the needs of students and teachers. Include all educative approaches, even PBL systems. LTI supported. learningSchool allows integration with the entire ecosystem of LTI market applications, a range of tools and services that share information and enable Single Sign-On authentication system Content. Choose and organise all training materials used in the clasroom. Create them with learningMaker. Use PBL systems and, of course, distribute contents from the best publishing houses. P.B.L. Transforming classrooms into work teams. Project Based Learning is the new revolution to come into education. Create open workspaces in order to promote collaborative study through transversal projects, converting simple learning into active work.
  6. 6. +1M users in more than 2,400 schools in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala and Ecuador. “After more than five years implementing our products in Latin America, they have entered 16 countries covering the learning needs of more than 2,400 schools. In total, more than one million users enjoy the benefits of Netex digital learning environment – proof that the use of technology in the classroom is moving forward at some pace!”. Joaquín Rihuete Cortijo Digital Business at Grupo Santillana. Sistema UNO SOFTWARE SOLUTION A digital book project aimed at 23,500 students over a 3-year period. +371 learning units were produced across 42 subjects taken in 4 different school years. Content with up to 2,500 accesses per week. E-Dixgal SCHOOL PROJECT SUCCESS STORIES Cambridge University Press PUBLISHING PROJECT Netex has developed more than 20,000 activities, creating 96 titles for the launch of a new digital product, Cambridge Discovery Readers. “They have been able to understand immediately the way we work and think about a particular project, and have incorporated this knowledge into their work processes and their way to channel content production”. Nikolaos Kovaios Digital Operations Programme Manager Cambridge University Press 26 different instructional templates were considered for generating HTML5 content. 105,000 pages were digitised. More than 4,000 resources were added, including 800 videos and 700 audios and 2,500 activities were created. “It has been quite feat. There was little time and the amount of work was considerable. It was an original project because Santillana had never done this model in HTML5 before”. Concepción Roldán Gómez Global Manager for Digital Projects at Grupo Santillana. Editoria Moderna PUBLISHING PROJECT 2014 · 2016