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Want to create your own e-learning content in HTML5?

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Netex learningMaker | Dossier [EN]

  1. 1. learningMaker Want to create your own e-learning content in HTML5? v 2.0
  2. 2. Create professional e-learning content and publish with the click of a button. Discover the possibilities of an easy, collaborative authoring tool in the Cloud. For simplicity Learn how to use it in minutes and create amazing content from templates, without requiring any technical knowledge. For efficiency Create multi-device and multi-language content with the latest HTML5 technology. For versatility Publish content ready for your LMS and Netex learningApp in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or cutting-edge Tin Can API formats. Why choose Netex learningMaker?
  3. 3. Use innovative templates with a practical multi-device format Do not start from scratch. Use our pre-established templates to create your projects quickly and easily. Choose from three template models adapted to different content: “Create your content once and access it anywhere, anytime”. Technology for any device Netex learningMaker uses HTML5 and CSS3 so that your students can view content from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone). Besides, its responsive design allows content to adjust dynamically to the device on which it is being viewed. We can also create a custom template adapted to your needs. Express template For shorter content with more impact. Video template For video-based training, using resources such as interviews or presentations. Multi-page template For longer content that need more pages.
  4. 4. Features for the author Project management Editing Add new content quickly and easily to your pages. Make changes directly on your project pages with our “WhatYou See Is WhatYou Get” system. Pages Easy creation, editing and organisation of your project pages. Resources Upload the resources dragging them from your desktop. Pop-ups Multiple pop-up window models. Create them and define their performance. Preview Project preview in different languages on different devices. Quizzes and Activities Create questionnaires using different question types to assess your students: single choice, multiple choice, etc. Comments Comment feature to facilitate collaborative work and control the project life cycle. Publishing Publish for web or in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004,AICC or Tin Can API standard formats. Publish in several languages within one content, or create different versions for each language. Publish directly on any LMS or on any content repository which is compatible with PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services). Select the template you want to use. Add the resources you need: images, videos, animations. Establish the scoring and assessment methods to evaluate the students. Control the project life cycle: draft, under revision and reviewed. Access the project versions list and restore them anytime. Work safely in group thanks to the automatic locking system.
  5. 5. Management of users and groups Enrol, withdraw and edit users who participate in your projects.You can manage them individually or in groups. You can define the permissions for certain users or groups of users for each project. Select who can edit, publish and review your projects. Error reports Repeated texts Empty components HTML errors Inventory reports Author Status Number of images Number of pages Track projects progress. Review errors within the content and the number of resources used. Permissions Reports Features for the administrator Home / Projects / New content / Detail Properties Activities Quizzes Resources Publications Versions Issues Report
  6. 6. Technical requirements Maxthon 4+ Chrome 25+ Opera 12+ Firefox 19+ Safari 6+ Internet Explorer 10+ Enabled Enabled Disabled 1024x768 or higher 512 Kbps Browser Cookies JavaScript Pop-up blocker Screen resolution Bandwidth Netex LearningApp is marketed in SaaS modality (Software as a Service), which has the following characteristics: The tool is used directly as a cloud service through a web address. Access, data and content are subject to comprehensive protection and security measures. Support service is included in the price as established by our standard Service Level Agreement. Service levels * It is possible to define customised service levels. *You can use new versions of the tool automatically and free of charge. Security Our technical staff follow and apply the guidelines and best practices defined in the ITIL v3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is part of the ISO 2000. All providers of cloud services used in our SaaS modality comply with the European legislation on data protection and security, all of which are also accredited suppliers by “Safe Harbor”. Included Included 2 Included 1hour 8 hours 16 hours 99,9% Spaninsh and English Access to online support portal Support via email Authorised contacts MInor updates and patches Incident response times First response Blocking incidents Non-blocking incidents Guaranteed service availability Languages
  7. 7. Integrated services Creation of resources We develop resources you can add to your content: Infographics to present complex ideas clearly. Videos of your classroom sessions, interviews with your experts, advertising reports, presentations, etc. Assessment activities, serious games, interactive resources. Audio summaries for key concepts. And anything you may need... Basic template customisation Add your corporative image to the content you create.We will adapt the basic templates offered by Netex learningMaker to display your logo and corporate colours. Creation of custom templates Let’s create together a custom template which adapts to your corporation needs. Our pedagogical and technological experts will advise you on how to adapt all your material to an e-learning format and keep it updated: Decide how your content will be viewed on the different devices:PC, tablet or smartphone. Define the publishing format according to your needs. Our experts will help you choose navigation according toyour content, led step by step or search-oriented. Highlights? Lists? All types of components so your content is easily understood. Integration, with your corporate systems Integration with your corporate software: users directory, content repository, reporting tools Administration service An administration service that frees your organisation from all administration tasks of the tool. 2 20 19 18 17 16 15 4
  8. 8. learningMaker UK | SPAIN | MEXICO | INDIA +44 (0)7796 138049 •