Netex learningCentral | Whats New v4.3 [EN]


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What's New in Netex learningCentral version 4.3

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Netex learningCentral | Whats New v4.3 [EN]

  1. 1. What’s new in 4.3
  2. 2. ? What have we added 01
  3. 3. 01 What have we added? •LDAP connectivity – Single Sign On • Configure learningCentral so that users can authenticate just once by using your LDAP user repository Users are managed in a common repository • Two possible scenarios •CAS authentication and LDAP synchronisation •LDAP authentication and synchronisation Active Directory CAS LDAP Users are automatically synchronised. This way, they are available in learningCentral to manage the training learningCentral can be configured so that it uses the repository as an authentication service
  4. 4. 01 What have we added? •LDAP connectivity: CAS authentication and LDAP synchronisation • Scenario: • LDAP user repository •LDAP servers: Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Apache DS, etc… • CAS authentication server learningCentral connects with the CAS server to authenticate the users A process of synchronisation of users is launched periodically between learningCentral and the LDAP server
  5. 5. 01 What have we added? •LDAP connectivity: LDAP authentication and synchronisation • Scenario: • LDAP user repository used as an authentication server at the same time learningCentral uses the LDAP protocol both for the authentication of users and for the synchronisation process
  6. 6. ? What has been improved 02
  7. 7. 02 What has been improved? • Number of attempts vs Times accessed Number of attempts calculated by the content itself, which can be configured with a maximum number of attempts Number of times the student accesses the content
  8. 8. 02 What has been improved? • Download certificate from the administrator console
  9. 9. 02 What has been improved? • Certificate logo with better quality The image for the certificate logo can be larger
  10. 10. 02 What has been improved? • 10 Bugs solved TS-1812 TS-1810 TS-1801 TS-1699 TS-1287 TS-1753 TS-1831 TS-1806 TS-1697 TS-1784 Problem when sending enrolment notifications Error when trying to edit a user: XXXXXX the following error appears (see attached) Error when generating the session report of LOPD. ID AACC: XXXXX Impossible to delete files from the public library, whether they are in published or draft status If the description text of an activity has more than 1000 characters, the activity is not created The fields in the “Session enrolment report” appear in English, regardless of the language the user chooses When there are several activities in an auto-enrolment course, in the catalogue tab (student console), they appear disorganised If a link activity is created and *https://* is added at the beginning when the activity is launched, the page does not load because the platform adds https:// again For the user: XXXX ID: XXXX instead of showing the extensible field regional, the field oficina appears twice Minutes are missing on Session Enrolment Report, and the name of the sheet is wrong • 3 Small improvements TS-1816 TS-1823 TS-1825 Separate register of the times accessed and the number of attempts Request that the administrator can issue the students certificates Allow the image used as a certificate logo to have a higher quality
  11. 11. ? What are we working on 03
  12. 12. 03 What are we working on? • 4.4.0 (December 2013) • Performance improvements • High availability • Update user details through an Excel file • 5.0.0 (February 2014) • Training administrator • Multi-organisation support • E-learning activities with trainer • New notifications • Custom pages • Tin Can API statements viewer
  13. 13. 03 What are we working on? • 5.1.0 (April 2014) • API for enrolment synchronisation • Enrolment duration • Browser capabilities check at login • Calendar • Groups as training recipients • Enrolment of groups in courses and plans • 5.2.0 (June 2014) • Advanced library • Activity stream at the homepage • 5.3.0 (August 2014) • Skills and jobs management • Learning communities
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