Netex Seminar LT2014 | Using xAPI to add collaboration to e-learning content [EN]


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Netex Seminar at Learning Technologies 2014

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  • To date – when we think of collaboration, we think of using social, platform based tools. Wiki’s, Blog’s, Twitter etc…… but what if we could bring it all round to the beginning again, remembering the way we worked with our fellow classmates in school, but now we are able to also include the latest technology to make eLearning collaborativeFirstly, let’s take a look at what we consider are some of the positives of collaborative learning1. Develops higher level thinking skills4. Builds self esteem in students9. Promotes positive race relations14. Involves students in developing curriculum and class procedures22. Encourages alternate student assessment techniques25. Students are taught how to criticize ideas, not people34. Classroom anxiety is significantly reduced
  • Lack of Control– Learners with low motivation tend to fall behind when using eLearning as there are no set times to be doing it and they are responsible for the organisation themselves. A lack of routine or fixed schedule can mean eLearning becomes complicated with various deadlines often given to different people at different stages of their learning.Isolated – A lot of questions are a lot easily answered when face to face with someone when you can guarantee an instant answer. eLearning often doesn’t allow that with trainers often having to answer numerous questions all of the time and only doing it within working hours – where a lot of learners may prefer to do their learning out of working hours. This feeling of isolation can often demotivate individuals as they feel they don’t have the support and reassurance that the physical presence of a trainer provides.Learning Approach – It doesn’t appeal to all learning styles so some learners will not enjoy the experience – especially strong activists and pragmatists.  It is still a challenge to make eLearning appeal fully to these groups as different people learn better or worse using different styles. Some may prefer images, some prefer just reading words and some prefer to talk about or actually do a task in order to learn.
  • This is how we started, in the classroom learning with our friends.
  • This is how we started, in the classroom learning with our friends.
  • Netex Seminar LT2014 | Using xAPI to add collaboration to e-learning content [EN]

    1. 1. Using xAPI to add collaboration to e-learning content @netexlearning #xAPICollab
    2. 2. Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. Netex: Who we are The evolution of corporate training Why Collaboration Demo 4.1 Scenarios 5. Technology - eXperience API 5.1 What is it? 5.2 How does it work for Netex? 6. The Future
    3. 3. Who we are.. 01
    4. 4. We are Almost 100 professionals Working in three continents A learning technology company offering innovative solutions in the corporate and publishing field
    5. 5. Evolution of Corporate Training 02
    6. 6. Why Collaborate? 04
    7. 7. Source: Global Development Research Centre
    9. 9. Workplace Collaborative learning scenarios • Sales and marketing webinars – increased interactivity • Presentation skills courses – video your presentation on tablet/smartphone camera and share with other participants Where could you implement collaborative content in your organisation…..?
    10. 10. What is xAPI? A new specification which allows the integration of a larger number of learning experiences both online and offline “Learning happens everywhere”
    11. 11. The future... 06
    12. 12. “Now that we are free (from SCORM), we don’t know what to do” Joserra Mosteiro, Netex CTO
    13. 13. Do you want to know more? Please, come and see us at Stand 27 @mike_byrne79 UK | SPAIN | MEXICO | INDIA +44 (0)7796 138049 •