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  • So, today with Sage, your business might look like this. You have different departments, and they are all connected
    to Sage 100 ERP. This is fantastic for people within your walls. Most companies, however, are not contained in four walls. Many companies have sales people
    out in the field that visit customers. And with people being more mobile today, it’s not uncommon to see people meeting or working
    at a coffee shop. Companies might have
    servicepersons out in the field installing, repairing, or troubleshooting customer issues.
    Customer’s work with your business. Some companies have
    remote locations as well. Today, it might be a little hard to collaborate across this diversified business. But with Sage 100 ERP 2014,
    your business is connected to the Sage Data Cloud, allowing you to connect your entire business. Your
    Salespeople will be able to view customer information, place quotes and orders, and take payments from the field. You can
    meet customers over coffee and present a visual catalog to them on your iPad, giving them an improved customer experience. You’ll
    be able to see inventory levels through a browser from anywhere for any location, allowing your business to make sure you have the right inventory in the right places. Your
    customers will be able to receive invoices electronically and pay them online, accessing their history and information through an online customer portal. And your
    Servicepersons are able to see their work schedules, view customer information and work orders through their phone. They can add items to the work order, get customer signoff, and even take payment in the field.
  • What impression are you making on your customers when they see your invoice? Wouldn’t you like the option of making an impression with your invoices.
  • There are 2 main areas where customers will find SBP of interest and it will likely depend on who you are talking to
    is customer experience and branding. Taking their invoice from black and white paper to full color HTML. If you have a demo system and can insert their logo into an invoice it can really show them what is possible with the SBP invoice templates

    2. ROI – the savings for hard costs for mailing as well as time spent on paper invoices is often most appealing to the person doing the work, AR, bookkeeper etc. – ROI calculator is a link to the online calculator – show this for 1 min if possible to show how easy it

    Keep in mind there are some customers who may not be a fit as well
  • Live Webinar: Sage Mobile Solutions for Sage 100

    1. 1. ©2013 Net@Work Inc.©2014 Net@Work Inc. Sage Mobile Solutions for Sage 100 ERP Start Time: 2:00 pm ET Webinar Audio: You can dial the telephone numbers located on your webinar panel. Or listen in using your microphone or computer speakers. We will begin shortly. Technical Difficulties: Call: (805) 617-7000 (Option 1) Enabling you to do business anytime & anywhere.
    2. 2. ©2013 Net@Work Inc.©2014 Net@Work Inc. Today’s Presenters
    3. 3. ©2013 Net@Work Inc.©2014 Net@Work Inc. Webinar Details
    4. 4. ©2013 Net@Work Inc.©2014 Net@Work Inc. Overview Solutions ERP/Accounting System Implementations CRM System Implementations HRMS/Employer System Implementations Web Development & eCommerce Mobile Application Development Document Management / SharePoint Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting IT Infrastructure, Cloud & Managed Services
    5. 5. Introducing Sage Mobile Solutions: Cloud extensions with click-to-buy simplicity Sean Taylor – Product Specialist
    6. 6. Mobile is now first for business Mobile trends in the SMB space 70%small business owners are working longer days and weekends 6 82%saw increased use of smartphones 71%saw increased use of tablets 70%supply mobile devices to their employees 85%said mobility has increased productivity 94%state email as the primary app for remote access, 23% said ERP, 21% said Time management, and 72% said accessing contacts and customer information Source:Sage SMB surveys (2013)
    7. 7. Top 5 benefits of mobility for SMBs 1. Superior customer service for their customers 2. Faster movement of information 3. Getting paid faster 4. Significantly increased employee productivity and satisfaction 5. Reduced costs 6/3/2014Analyst / Media Briefing - Sage Connected Services & Mobility © 2014 Sage. Proprietary and confidential. 7
    8. 8. Shipping Your business Warehouse Manufacturing Sales CFO MarketingCEO FinanceHR Sage Data Cloud Sage ERP Customers’ business Remote June 3, 2014Introducing Sage Mobile Solutions 8
    9. 9. Introducing Sage Mobile Solutions June 3, 2014Introducing Sage Mobile Solutions 9 Sage Billing and Payment • Cloud app • Click-to-pay button in invoice • Portal with communication history Modules required • Sales Order/Order Entry • Accounts Receivable ERP Compatibility • Sage 100 ERP 2013/2014 • Sage 300 ERP 2012/2014 Sage Mobile Sales • iPad app • For sales teams • Smart online catalog • Create quotes and orders • Track inventory Modules required • Sales Order/Order Entry • Inventory ERP Compatibility • Sage 100 ERP 2013/2014 • Sage 300 ERP 2012/2014 Sage Mobile Service • iPhone and cloud app • For field services • Schedule and track work • Update and complete work orders Modules required • Misc Items/AR Items • Accounts Receivable ERP Compatibility • Sage 100 ERP 2013/2014 • Sage 300 ERP 2012/2014 Coming soon Coming soon
    10. 10. Sage Billing and Payment Make an Impression. Build Sales. Get Paid Faster.
    11. 11. Electronic Invoices Make an Impression.
    12. 12. Selling Sage Billing and Payment – Tips and Tricks Introducing Sage Mobile Solutions 12 What customer experience is their competitor providing? Brand & Customer Experience ROI Online Calculator Prompt with Questions 30 More than 30 invoices from paper to electronic provides immediate ROI No UDF’s or Optional Fields Highly Customized Invoices
    13. 13. Sage Mobile Sales For Product, Route and Field Salespeople • 43%more quota achievement with mobile capabilities* • Increase Revenue per Salesperson—Upsell, Cross- Sell and Repeat Sales • Visually appealing product catalogue Access to real time inventory information • Take immediate payment Analyst / Media Briefing - Sage Connected Services & Mobility © 2014 Sage. Proprietary and confidential. 13 * Source: Aberdeen Group, Sales Mobility, 2012
    14. 14. Service More Customers …withouthiringmoreservicetechnicians …withmorereferrals …andfewerdisputedbills • For residentialandcommercialjobslasting afewhourstoa fewdays • Forbusyservicedispatchersthatneedtoscheduleandmove appointmentsquicklyandhavevisibilityintotheirteam’swork Introducing Sage Mobile Solutions 14
    15. 15. Sage Mobile Service Services provided at customer sites • Increase field service revenue • Wow your customers with real-time and historical information while on-site • Optimize schedules by time and location Analyst / Media Briefing - Sage Connected Services & Mobility © 2014 Sage. Proprietary and confidential. 15 At the office: Customer appointments are scheduled In the field: Take payments directly from the mobile device
    16. 16. Sage Mobile Service Connect your services 82% Analyst / Media Briefing - Sage Connected Services & Mobility © 2014 Sage. Proprietary and confidential. 16 * Source: Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), 2012 more streamlined with mobile ticket processing*
    17. 17. Pricing 17 Service Setup 1-5 users 6-10 users 11-25 users 26+ Sage Mobile Sales $495 $19.95 $18.95 $17.95 $15.95 Sage Mobile Service $395 $19.95 $18.95 $17.95 $15.95 Sage Billing and Payment* per company $100 $29.95 Sage Payment Services - Optional Sage Sales Tax - Optional Gold Support Included 1 Swiper per user included Pricing
    18. 18. Roadmap Sage Mobile Sales For customer who sell products Today: Mobile sales catalogue | Tomorrow: Full Sales Office Windows 8.1 (Tablet support) Purchase History (24 months back from ERP) Sales reps see only their customers Sage Mobile Service For customers who service outside office Today: Light service app | Tomorrow: Optimized Service Advisor Android support I/C Integration Technician Ranking Sage Billing & Payment For everyone who invoices Today: Electronic invoicing | Tomorrow: Receivables and Collections Management Level 3 credit card data Customer Portal
    19. 19. iOS Android
    20. 20. K2 Accounting Technology Tour 2013 Sage Mobile Sales Windows 8.1 • Availability: July 2014 • Run the Mobile Sales App on both a Windows 8.1 tablet and an 8.1 PC
    21. 21. Thank You For Attending! For additional information, please contact your Net@Work Account Manager or: Howard Finestone, Net@Work Sage 100 ERP Practice Director (800) 719-3307 x 0816 Questions?