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Net Solutions a CMMI level 3, award winning outsourced product development company. If you want to develop beautiful and fully functional apps and websites that work equally well on desktop and mobiles and yet don't want to code separately for every platform HTML5 is your best choice.Net Solutions have been working on HTML5 application development since the standard's early days.

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Net Solutions HTML5 Development Brochure

  2. 2. HTML5 is great for cross-platform mobile application development, as many of its features have been adapted with the consideration of running on low powered devices, such as Smart Phones and Tablets and providing web developers with tools like CSS3. Most importantly, although running within a web browser, (as HTML5 does) it is not tied to the underlying operating system, thus freeing applications from the significant development and support overhead of multiple native applications, e.g. iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc. HTML5 is going to be a living standard with 2.1 billion mobile browsers by 2016, and around 80% share of mobile apps will use HTML5 by 2015. So there’s no doubt that HTML5 is going to be big. The question is how aggressively you are adopting HTML5. At Net Solutions, we have been helping businesses around the globe build dynamic web and mobile apps using HTML5 platform. Since 2009, we’ve delivered over 50 web and mobile apps on HTML5 platform. Mobile readiness HTML5 is the most mobile ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps. Mobile browsers have fully adopted HTML5, so creating mobile sites is as easy as building for smaller touch screen displays — hence the popularity of Responsive Design. Cross-browser support All the popular and modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Opera support HTML5. The HTML5 doctype was created to support even the old browser versions. Dynamic and interactive websites HTML5 allows you to build more dynamic websites that respond to the user and allows the user to interact with your content instead of just look at it. The great HTML5 APIs allow you to build a better user experience. Offline browsing Just like offline apps that can be used without an internet connection, HTML5 supports local storage of web application code and content, through the offline application cache. Now businesses can provide offline web experience for users on the move. Video and audio support HTML5 makes your videos and audio truly accessible with the new HTML5 <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> tags, as well as the integration of SVG content. No need for Flash player and third-party plugins. Build dynamic and cross-platform compatible applications using HTML5 HTML5 is a revised version of the original HTML standard created in 1990 by the World Wide Web Consortium to define an Open Web Platform. It’s the evolution of the HTML standard to meet the increasing demands for rich media, cross device and mobile internet access capabilities. The deluge of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes present numerous design, functional and layout challenges, which can be met by using HTML5. Why HTML5 2
  3. 3. HTML5 Development Expertise Managing end-to-end HTML5 development lifecycle VERTICALS ƒƒ Automotive ƒƒ Retail/E-Commerce ƒƒ E-Learning/Education ƒƒ Media & Entertainment ƒƒ Technology ƒƒ Finance/Banking ƒƒ Sports/Fashion ƒƒ Information Technolog Net Solutions has always been at the forefront of web and mobile-enablement, delivering innovative web solutions on both desktop and mobile platforms. We have been working with leading global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies, and Silicon Valley startups to drive their online growth. Our service expertise in HTML5 development includes: HTML5 DEVELOPMENT SERVICES HTML5, CSS3 website design HTML5 app development HTML5 UI design and Prototyping HTML5 mobile apps development Flash to HTML5 migration Silverlight to HTML5 migration UI conversion (Flash to HTML5) Porting of native applications to HTML5 HTML5 performance optimization Brower integration and optimization HTML5 plugins development HTML5 games development 3
  4. 4. Success Stories Building HTML5 apps for Startups, Agencies and Enterprises around the globe “Net Solutions provided excellent support in the areas of website engineering and site optimization. I can confidently recommend Net Solutions as a dedicated and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.” PREMIER LEAGUE TV Online Content Distribution Tool Industry Sports Jaspinder Singh, Software Development Manager, IMG Ltd. Company Profile Premier League is the organizing body of the Barclays Premier League with the principal objective to stage the most competitive and compelling league with world class players and enable clubs to develop and compete effectively. Business Challenge IMG Worldwide wanted to build a web and an iPad app, allowing the exclusive Premier League members to view in-depth Barclays Premier League match schedules, match highlights, and stream videos at the same time. The Solution An HTML5-based PLTV app was built for iPad, with video-on-demand video streaming, content management system, cross-browser compatibility, and real-time match schedules. The Benefit The PLTV app succeeded in delivering exclusive content to the Premier League audience with uninterrupted data flow and rich user experience. “The Net Solutions team was very responsive and professional with their approach. To meet the tight deadline, the team put in the extra hours and delivered on time and within budget. I look forward to working with Net Solutions again as soon as the next opportunity arises.” XEROX Enterprise Mobility App Industry Document Services, Digital Imaging, IT Services, IT Consulting Raldwin Macapagal, Multimedia Team Leader Specialist, Xerox Corporation. Company Profile Xerox Corporation is an American multinational document management corporation that produces and sells a range of printers, multifunction systems, photo copiers, and related consulting services and supplies. Business Challenge Develop a navigation and document management solution for its client, a Petroleum Exploration Corporation operating in the North Sea. The Solution An HTML5-based app was developed for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab that helped Xerox’s clients navigate across Northern, Central and Southern pipeline systems located in the North Sea, and access critical documents, on the move. The Benefit Xerox was able to deliver a cross platform Enterprise Mobility solution that increased the operational efficiency of their client. 4
  5. 5. HTML5 Development Methodology Following industry best practices and methodologies to develop high-performance, dynamic HTML5 apps Agile development – Quick release cycles, Fast iterations At Net Solutions, we work with multiple customers across different time zones. To ensure rapid deliveries and higher efficiency in such engagements, we follow agile development methodology that enables us to push through update cycles, cut out waste and deliver the final product without compromising on quality. Agile development provides following value to our customers: High transparency Constant stakeholder involvement in iteration planning, review sessions, and quick release cycles High predictability Quick and frequent delivery of new features with a high level of predictability, which also provides predictable costs and schedules Constant enhancements Enough room for constant enhancements in the product and re-prioritization of tasks Alignment with business goals Highly accurate alignment with business goals through continuous prioritization of features Customer-focused development Focus on customer stories to define product features Unmatched development standards High quality development because of focus on several manageable components REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS DESIGN/ FRONT END DEVELOPMENT FRD Sprint Plan DEVELOPMENT RELEASE (go live) WARRANTY AND SUPPORT CLIENT SIGN-OFF UI Screens HTML Pages QC/ Testing Sprint Plan Backlog Sprint Plan Sprint Meeting Coding Code Review Unit Testing Change Request Testing, Bug, Fixes Mandate Sprint Release 2 WEEKS WALKTHROUGHS Continuous feedback and review at each phase 5
  6. 6. Why Net Solutions Delivering high-quality and ROI-driven HTML5 applications Rich experience in HTML5 development Net Solutions has deep expertise in building web and mobile applications using HTML5 technologies. Since 2009, we’ve built over 50 apps and websites using HTML5. These include responsive sites, mobile apps, e-learning apps and more for startups, agencies, and large enterprises. Complete focus on market research The HTML5 development at Net Solutions is completely focused on market research. We conduct research interviews with stakeholders, end users and consumers, and analyze factors such as market segmentation, competitive research, product and services requirements to build e-commerce solutions that deliver strategic value. Strategic alliance with leading Technology Partners Our alliance with leading technology partners like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Kentico, and Amazon enable us to embrace new technologies and platforms quicker and help global enterprises scale up fast to match rapidly changing business requirements and market needs. Excellent track record of delivering award winning solutions Many of the solutions that we delivered for our clients went on to become successful business models and loved by the customers who used them. No wonder some of them also went on to win industry recognized awards like Brandon Hall Excellence, W3 and Kentico Site of the Year. Dedicated Senior and Mid-Level HTML5 development resources Since people are at core of the knowledge economy we feel that it is our primary duty to make the best resources available to our customers. We invest in trainings, seminars and industry events so that our resources are abreast with the latest tools and technologies and share that value directly or indirectly to our customers. Compliance to best AGILE processes There is a method to our madness of delivering excellence. Over the years we have our processes around Agile-Scrum and Distributed Agile methodology, which work pretty much automatically to ensure smoother delivery across geographies. We are also a CMMi Level 3 organization and we follow ISO standards. Experience of catering to a versatile customer base Since 2000, Net Solutions has built several enterprise and consumer applications for a wide customer base consisting of enterprises, agencies, technology companies and startups. 6
  7. 7. Contact Us Tel +91-172-431-5000 Fax +91-172-431-5003 Or visit our website: About Net Solutions Since 2000, Net Solutions has been providing outsourced software development services for web, mobile and desktop platforms to startups, agencies and large enterprises around the globe. Net Solutions has worked with global clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to digital agencies and Silicon Valley startups, across six continents, including Microsoft, Yahoo, PC World, IMG, Mobclix, Front Rush and many more. Net Solutions has a rich experience in delivering cloud-based solutions on AWS platform, which includes e-commerce, social networking, sports media, financial, enterprise, and location-based mobile apps spanning Automotive, Retail/ E-Commerce, E-Learning/ Education, Media Entertainment, and Technology industries.   Engagement Models Dedicated offshore resources: In this model you hire our people to work exclusively on your project, without getting involved in things like hiring, managing attrition rates or paying allowances and benefits. Fixed price model: This is the most commonly used model where we freeze project requirements in the beginning and work on assigned deadlines and pre-determined budgets. Time and material: This is a pay as you go model, with billings based on how much time has been invested in the project.