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Net Solutions Drupal Development Brochure


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Net Solutions a CMMI level 3, award winning outsourced product development company. Leverage the power of a mature, updated and highly flexible CMS like Drupal.

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Net Solutions Drupal Development Brochure

  2. 2. Websites are the backbones of your digital marketing strategy and you must deliver valuable and relevant content across your web platforms to engage target audience and generate more business opportunities. Though most organizations are able to create valuable content, it’s the management and distribution of the web content which acts as a bottleneck in successful content delivery. Therefore, it goes without saying that finding the ‘best-fit’ Web Content Management System (WCMS) is the first step toward achieving success in you digital marketing initiatives. Drupal is a free and open-source content management framework written in PHP that provides a flexible platform to build dynamic, interactive sites right from Enterprise 2.0 intranets and extranets to online stores and social communities. Drupal offers all the capabilities that you would expect from an enterprise-class content management system - a flexible repository, versioning, customizable workflow, configurable security and tools for efficiently creating and managing dynamic content . No licensing fees Drupal is open source, so the license is free. This really makes it a cost- effective solution as a lot of the upfront and ongoing costs associated with developing a site are non-existent as compared to other commercial CMS options. Graphics separated from site structure You can make changes in site designs or themes just by configuring a few settings, without even having to recode the entire site or modifying the underlying site structure. Thriving development community Drupal has an unparalleled community support and a seemingly endless amount of themes, modules, features and capabilities that help you create custom and innovative sites. Proven security Drupal offers a very sophisticated and established set of security features combined with the robust and very involved community, which takes security threats very seriously. Security releases and updates are regularly made available from and the community can even deal with serious threats in real-time. Build highly-flexible, content-rich online platform of your choice To achieve success in today’s content-driven online environment, it’s highly imperative to deliver fresh, consistent, relevant information on time and in the right format across your web platforms. However, the increasing pressure on IT staff impedes an organizations ability to keep their websites up-to-date with relevant content, resulting in low online engagement and lost business opportunities. Therefore, it’s critical for businesses to empower their non-technical content contributors and digital marketing teams with the right tools to effortlessly manage and publish content online, and collaborate easily with multiple teams across geographies to drive content distribution. Key benefits of Drupal CMS 2
  3. 3. Drupal Expertise Creating highly scalable web platforms and applications using Drupal. SOLUTIONS ƒƒ Content Authoring Workflow ƒƒ E-commerce, Shopping cart ƒƒ Order Management ƒƒ Forums / Discussion boards ƒƒ Polls & Surveys ƒƒ Enterprise Content Management ƒƒ Online Stores & Marketplaces ƒƒ Social networking ƒƒ Online communities Net Solutions has been working with leading global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies, and Silicon Valley startups to drive their online growth, and we understand that content management systems are vital components of the web ecosystem. To keep startups, agencies and large enterprises focused on their core business operations, we build user-friendly and dynamic content management solutions using Drupal CMS that make life easier for webmasters and IT staff. Our service expertise in Drupal CMS development includes: TECHNOLOGIES PHP MySQL 5.x PostgreSQL, SQLite SQL 2000 / 2005 / 2008 Ajax Silverlight Apache, IIS SERVICES Drupal Custom Web Design Development Drupal CMS Customization Drupal Theme Development Drupal Module Development, Installation Customization Drupal Consulting Drupal 3rd Party Integration Drupal Maintenance Site Optimization Drupal Migration Drupal extensions installation 3
  4. 4. Success Stories Bringing product ideas to life for Startups, Agencies and Enterprises around the globe SEE YOUR IMPACT Online Social Fund Raising Platform Industry Internet Company Profile See Your Impact is a non-profit organization that helps you create engaged community with online social fundraising and outcome-based storytelling. Business Challenge Develop a fundraising platform that activates supporters and acquires new donors through storytelling. The aim was to connect people who want to give to people in need. The Solution A Drupal CMS-based website was built that helped organizations build engaged communities with online social fundraising, and browse and send gifts to the people who actually need them. The Benefit The platform was able to transform people’s lives, and helped build dynamic online fundraising communities that connected donors and fundraisers. CHILTERN RAILWAYS Online Ticket Booking Platform Company Profile Chiltern Railways is a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by Arriva. It provides passengers with a safe, reliable and cost effective mode of transport. Business Challenge To build a reliable online booking platform that allows Chiltern Railways passengers to check train schedules, fares of various trains, and book train tickets. The Solution We developed an e-commerce platform in PHP/MySQL using Drupal CMS, with features like train schedules, train fares, online train ticket bookings, hotel bookings, travel alerts, and special offers. The Benefit With the high-performance online booking platform, Chiltern Railways was able to deliver world-class services to their passengers on the move. Industry Transportation “I have worked with Net Solutions on many complex web applications and web development projects for 6 years and every time they surpassed my expectations and proved outsourcing if done right is a WIN-WIN proposition. I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for high quality work delivered on time.” Bradley Krugh, VP of Partnerships Operations, See Your Impact 4
  5. 5. Development Methodology Following industry best practices and methodologies to develop high-performance Drupal-based web platforms Agile development – Quick release cycles, Fast iterations At Net Solutions, we work with multiple customers across different time zones. To ensure rapid deliveries and higher efficiency in such engagements, we follow agile development methodology that enables us to push through update cycles, cut out waste and deliver the final product without compromising on quality. Agile development provides following value to our customers: High transparency Constant stakeholder involvement in iteration planning, review sessions, and quick release cycles High predictability Quick and frequent delivery of new features with a high level of predictability, which also provides predictable costs and schedules Constant enhancements Enough room for constant enhancements in the product and re-prioritization of tasks Alignment with business goals Highly accurate alignment with business goals through continuous prioritization of features Customer-focused development Focus on customer stories to define product features Unmatched development standards High quality development because of focus on several manageable components REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS DESIGN/ FRONT END DEVELOPMENT FRD Sprint Plan DEVELOPMENT RELEASE (go live) WARRANTY AND SUPPORT CLIENT SIGN-OFF UI Screens HTML Pages QC/ Testing Sprint Plan Backlog Sprint Plan Sprint Meeting Coding Code Review Unit Testing Change Request Testing, Bug, Fixes Mandate Sprint Release 2 WEEKS WALKTHROUGHS Continuous feedback and review at each phase 5
  6. 6. Why Net Solutions Delivering high-quality and ROI-driven Drupal CMS Development Solutions Rich experience in Drupal CMS development Net Solutions has deep expertise in building dynamic content management solutions for web and mobile platforms using Drupal. Our work on content management systems include community sites, social networking websites, portals and other sites that are focused on content, and depending on what our clients need, we have developed capabilities to work with different kind of CMSs. Excellent track record of delivering award winning solutions Many of the solutions that we delivered for our clients went on to become successful business models and loved by the customers who used them. No wonder some of them also went on to win industry recognized awards like Brandon Hall Excellence, W3 and Kentico Site of the Year. Strategic alliance with leading Technology Partners Our alliance with leading technology partners like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Kentico, and Amazon enable us to embrace new technologies and platforms quicker and help global enterprises scale up fast to match rapidly changing business requirements and market needs. Dedicated Senior and Mid- Level Drupal CMS development resources Since people are at core of the knowledge economy, we feel that it is our primary duty to make the best resources available to our customers. We invest in trainings, seminars and industry events so that our resources are abreast with the latest tools and technologies and share that value directly or indirectly to our customers. Compliance to best AGILE processes There is a method to our madness of delivering excellence. Over the years we have our processes around Agile-Scrum and Distributed Agile methodology, which work pretty much automatically to ensure smoother delivery across geographies. We are also a CMMi Level 3 organization and we follow ISO standards. Experience of catering to a versatile customer base Since 2000, Net Solutions has built several enterprise and consumer applications for a wide customer base consisting of enterprises, agencies, technology companies and startups. 6
  7. 7. Contact Us Tel +91-172-431-5000 Fax +91-172-431-5003 Or visit our website: About Net Solutions Since 2000, Net Solutions has been providing outsourced software development services for web, mobile and desktop platforms to startups, agencies and large enterprises around the globe. Net Solutions has worked with global clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to digital agencies and Silicon Valley startups, across six continents, including Microsoft, Yahoo, PC World, IMG, Mobclix, Front Rush and many more. Net Solutions has a rich experience in delivering cloud-based solutions on AWS platform, which includes e-commerce, social networking, sports media, financial, enterprise, and location-based mobile apps spanning Automotive, Retail/ E-Commerce, E-Learning/ Education, Media Entertainment, and Technology industries.   Engagement Models Dedicated offshore resources: In this model you hire our people to work exclusively on your project, without getting involved in things like hiring, managing attrition rates or paying allowances and benefits. Fixed price model: This is the most commonly used model where we freeze project requirements in the beginning and work on assigned deadlines and pre-determined budgets. Time and material: This is a pay as you go model, with billings based on how much time has been invested in the project.