Auditing Solution Enables Coaching of Staff and Pleases Auditors


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NetWrix Case Study

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Auditing Solution Enables Coaching of Staff and Pleases Auditors

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Auditing Solution Enables Coaching of Staff and Pleases Auditors “We considered tools from several vendors as well as inbuilt tools. Most were either too time consuming to implement, tooCustomer: cumbersome to maintain, too expensive to purchase or tooPike Energy SolutionsWeb Site: easy to circumvent. We chose the NetWrix Change because of its attractive pricing and easy implementation.”Number of Users: 820Industry: Energy Kerry Schrantz, Network Operations Manager at Pike EnergySolutions: Pike, one of the largest providers of energy solutions in theChange Auditing United States, was in search of a product that would allowCompliance its IT staff to identify and learn from its Active Directory management mistakes while simultaneously providingProducts:Active Directory Change Reporter auditors with a precise and complete audit trail. PreviousGroup Policy Change Reporter methods proved too time-consuming and did not provide theExchange Change Reporter desired results.Vendor: Challenge:NetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 For Pike, change auditing was necessary to monitor and correctWeb Site: the mistakes made by its IT staff. Maintaining sufficient auditing on a national scale, with an abundance of administrators, hadCustomer Profile:With over 150 years of experience, proved a difficult task. Without the proper tools, knowing whoPike is one of the largest providers changed what and where it was changed within Active Directoryof Energy Solutions in the United was next to impossible. And while viewing the mistakes madeStates. Pike’s commitment to by IT staff members was difficult without the necessary auditproviding quality engineering, reports, preventing staff from making the same mistakes in theconstruction and maintenancefor distribution and transmission future had become even more challenging. Pike lacked the toolspowerlines in an necessary to generate Active Directory audit reports, and thus,environmentallyfriendly struggled to satisfy the demands of compliance auditors. So withfashion has enabled it to employee training and audit compliance listed as high priorities,become a leader in the industry. Pike was looking for a tool that would allow both. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudySolution: in seek of, enabling automated visibility into Active Directory changes by way of in-depthThat’s when the Pike operations department reports, resulting in a better audit trail and theturned to NetWrix to facilitate auditing of the desired staff coaching infrastructure. It was the NetWrixChange Reporter that provided the desired “This product allowed me to rearrange theresults. With automated daily reports that priorities of some other larger projects, which intracked exactly who changed what within turn, are already providing for better efficiencythe given network, Pike was able to better within my department,” said its employees and prevent future ActiveDirectory disasters, while satisfying every need Conclusion:of compliance auditors. While previous audit The NetWrix Change Reporter was able to meetprocedures were the result of timely manual and both of Pike’s original audit requirements. Withmistake-prone comparisons, the automatically detailed reports that tracked the changes madegenerated audit reports provided administrators by every member of the staff, administratorswith much better visibility into changes and were finally ableallowed the IT staff to manage its infrastructuremuch more efficiently. to monitor all Active Directory errors and in bturn, provide direct coaching that prevented“I am now better able to coach my staff on similar mistakes from happening in the future.proper procedure,” said Schrantz. “I can also In addition, the IT team was happy to find atarget my coaching with specific staff members.” solution that automatically provided a completeIn addition, Pike was particularly fond of the and precise auditing trail for their auditors.product’s administrator-friendly interface. About NetWrix CorporationThe straight-forward and easy to understandreporting capabilities provided a solution that Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationsimplified the auditing process. So when an provides innovative and cost-effectiveaccidental slight of mouse change resulted in the solutions that simplify and automatedisappearance of an entire organizational unit, the management of Windows networks.Pike administrators were happy to see, through With in-depth knowledge and experiencethe audit report, that a simple change in security managing Windows environments of allsettings rendered the entire OU invisible and that sizes, the company delivers solutions toinstead of recreating the entire OU from scratch, meet complicated business requirementsa quickfix solution was all that was necessary. while fulfilling the best expectations of ITThe Change Reporter offered the efficient and professionals.comprehensive change reporting that Pike was Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.