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NetWrix Customer Case Study                                       Achieving Efficiency and Auditability of Active Director...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                          NetWrix Customer Study                          Studyto find a way that...
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Achieving Efficiency and Auditability of Active Directory Environment


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NetWrix Case Study

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Achieving Efficiency and Auditability of Active Directory Environment

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Achieving Efficiency and Auditability of Active Directory Environment “Active Directory Change Reporter was able to detectCustomer:Straits Asia Resources Limited unauthorized changes to sensitive administrative groups.Web Site: Prompt corrective action was taken and a reminder was to the IT staff. Plus, the auditors simply love the tool!”Number of Users: 500Industry: Mining SayJade Teo, Group IT Manager, Straits Asia Resources LimitedSolutions: Proper Active Directory management is a difficult and error-Change Auditing prone endeavor— knowing, at all times, exactly who did what,Compliance when and where within AD takes a watchful eye and carefulProduct: planning. Throw in multiple administrators dispersed acrossActive Directory Change Reporter an entire region, responsible for the cooperative management of a distributed Active Directory environment, and the taskVendor: can seem impossible. Unauthorized and undocumentedNetWrix Corporation changes can result in security breaches and failed audits, andPhone: 888-638-9749Web Site: IT management must realize the importance of controlled and auditable AD administration.Customer Profile:Straits Asia Resources was the Challenge: Please Auditors and Maintain Visibility Withoutfirst coal producer to be listed in Affecting ProductivitySingapore. The group has a highlyactive and organic acquisitionbased With 500 Active Directory users and five isolated administratorsgrowth strategy that is responsible for maintaining both security and compliancedesigned to give assurance to throughout the Active Directory infrastructure, the IT departmentcustomers over the long-term at Straits Asia Resources had its hands full. The administrators,availability of their coal suppliesand high rewards for shareholders. who were stationed in various locations across Singapore andAlready one of Indonesia’s leading Indonesia, were hard-pressed to find a way to cooperativelythermal coal exporters, Straits Asia manage Active Directory without complicating the audit practicesis fast gaining recognition as a or compromising security. Knowing who changed what and whyglobal force in the industry. across a multi-administrator network without immediate lines of communication can be difficult, and Straits Asia Resources had Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyto find a way that would satisfy its auditors expectations.without consuming the IT department’s limited “Technical support was helpful to provideresources. quick solutions during deployment,” TeoSolution: NetWrix Active Directory said. “The sales and support team is prompt, knowledgeable and helpful.”Change ReporterThat’s when Straits Asia Resources turned to Conclusion:NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, an A typical multi-administrator Active Directoryautomated Active Directory auditing solution change management can be counterproductive,that provides daily AD, Group Policy and error-prone, and hard to control and audit.Exchange audit reports, to help ensure automatic Without an efficient and fully automated processretention and convenient access to audit data that tracks exactly who made what changeswithout any routine maintenance. The solution within a domain managed by multiple ADprovides regular reports that pinpoint precisely administrators, confusion, downtime and failedwho made what Active Directory changes, audits are inevitable. NetWrix Active Directorywhen and where they were made, and the Change Reporter fully automates and simplifiesbefore and after values of each modification—a the change management processes in enterprisesimplified auditing practice that all remote AD IT environments . Straits Asia Resources canadministrators have come to appreciate. With now easily present audit reports that satisfy theautomatic audit reports, the IT department needs of auditors, allowing the IT administratorscan rest assured knowing that is has complete to fulfill their daily responsibilities withoutvisibility into all Active Directory changes worrying about routine documentation of everywithout any strenuous procedures. single change they make to Active Directory.“We considered a few different vendors such About NetWrix Corporationas Quest, but NetWrix provided the mostvalue for our money,” Teo said. “The cost and Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationfeatures provided by NetWrix were ultimately provides innovative and cost-effectivewhat made us go with them, and we are very solutions that simplify and automatesatisfied.” Since deploying NetWrix Active the management of Windows networks.Directory Change Reporter, the IT department With in-depth knowledge and experienceof Straits Asia Resources Limited has had an managing Windows environments of alleasy time meeting the needs of its auditors, who sizes, the company delivers solutions toliterally “love the tool.” The solution has done meet complicated business requirementsexactly what Straits Asia Resources Limited had while fulfilling the best expectations of IThoped, and the NetWrix service has exceeded professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.