Automated De-provisioning of Inactive Users Accounts


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NetWrix Case Study

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Automated De-provisioning of Inactive Users Accounts

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Automated De-provisioning of Inactive Users Accounts “Armed with NetWrix tool, we were able to quickly clean out or lock down all of our stale user accounts.”Customer:The Alaska State Legislature Shay Wilson, Network Administrator of the Alaska State Legislature IT Department.Web Site:www.legis.state.ak.usNumber of Users: 500 With a total of only sixty lawmakers, the Alaska StateIndustry: State Government Legislature is the smallest, but one of the most efficient bicameral state legislatures in the United States. AnnualSolution:Identity Management sessions begin in January and are limited by statute to ninety calendar days. Unlike other state legislatures withProduct: longer sessions, this comparatively short work scheduleNetWrix Inactive Users Tracker allows many lawmakers to retain outside employment.Vendor: In fact, roughly two-thirds of the legislature’s 500-personNetWrix Corporation workforce enters layoff status for six to nine months of thePhone: 888-638-9749 year—and many of those employees do not know whetherWeb Site: they will return for the state’s next legislative session.Customer Profile: This fluctuation in the legislature’s user base, coupledThe Alaska State Legislature is the with its extended periods of downtime, posed significantstate legislature of the U.S. state of challenges to the legislature’s IT team’s ability to trackAlaska. It is a bicameral institution,consisting of the lower Alaska inactive user accounts. As a result, the IT team saw theHouse of Representatives, with 40 number of its outdated user accounts soar in recent yearsmembers, and the upper house and needed to find a way to automate the elimination ofAlaska Senate, with 20 members. such accounts. Challenge: Large Number of Outdated User Accounts Impact Network Security/Management Many corporate security policies and compliance regulations require that Active Directory user accounts must be disabled Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyafter certain periods of inactivity. Doing after discovering Active Directory Changeso keeps the Active Directory secure and Reporter by NetWrix,” said Shay Wilson,clean. Typically, user accounts are disabled Network Administrator at the Legislature. “Iwhen an employee leaves a company, so realized that this tool could be used to solvethat that person cannot access the system our problem that stemmed from the highand jeopardize security. In the case of the volatility of our user base. The product wasAlaska State Legislature, its IT team was very easy to set up, and the price we paidnot being informed of such personnel was very affordable.”changes, which ultimately led to a largeamount of outdated user accounts that Solution: Inactive Users Trackerwere never disabled. The Alaska State The Alaska State Legislature’s IT teamLegislature’s IT team understood the value turned to Inactive Users Tracker to solveof being able to track account inactivity, but its aforementioned problem. The easy-to-lacked the capacity to do so. Furthermore, deploy solution tracks user inactivity ofthe legislature’s minimal operating schedule normal users to discard inactive accounts.made the situation more complex for the IT With Inactive Users Tracker, the Alaskateam. The extended periods of downtime State Legislature’s IT team was able tomade it extremely difficult for the IT team automate the management of its inactiveto monitor which accounts were active and user accounts. In doing so,which were inactive. Netwrix CustomerCase Study “Armed with NetWrix tool, the team reaped the benefits of a solutionwe were able to quickly clean out or lock that periodically checks all user accounts indown all of our stale user accounts.” Shay specified domains and reports all accountsWilson, Network Administrator of the which have been inactive for more thanAlaska State Legislature IT Department. a specified number of days. The InactiveNetWrix Customer Case Study The Alaska Users Tracker provides the ability toLegislature IT team did not have a way detect user inactivity on a daily basis andto track who did or did not log on to the allows the IT team to deactivate inactivenetwork, and needed to implement a user accounts automatically by disablingsolution that would work to de-provision accounts, moving them to a special OU, andinactive user accounts. finally deleting such accounts.“I learned about Inactive Users Tracker “With Inactive Users Tracker, we were able to clean out or lock down all of our user Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. NetWrix Customer Case NetWrix Customer Case Study Studyaccounts that had not been used in some legislature’s IT team has added securitytime,” said Shay Wilson. “This made our in knowing that Inactive Users Trackernetwork more secure and manageable. will prevent outdated user accountsImplementation of this NetWrix product from building up again, by periodicallyreduced the risk of unauthorized access scanning the legislature’s Activewithout increased costs of routine Directory domains for inactive users,maintenance of stale user accounts that and then emailing the list of inactiveneeded to be deactivated sooner rather than accounts back to the IT team. Suchlater.” functionality has allowed the IT team to manage the legislature’s network moreConclusion: efficiently, while improving security andThe power to track users who log compliance across the board—resultingon to a network is critical in the in a rapid ROI.ongoing quest to maximize security “Deployment was ridiculously easy,”and meet compliance regulations. In said Shay Wilson. “I have received quicktoday’s highly competitive economic and responsive service from the NetWrixclimate, maintaining a secure network support team when I do have questions,is critical to the long-term viability which is usually about new products.”of every business. By implementingInactive Users Tracker, the Alaska State About NetWrix CorporationLegislature’s IT team was given full Established in 2006, NetWrixaccess to a proven tool that streamlined Corporation provides innovative andits ability to deprovision the legislature’s cost-effective solutions that simplify andinactive user accounts, while keeping automate the management of Windowsits Active Directory secure and clean. networks. With in-depth knowledgeWith Inactive Users Tracker, the Alaska and experience managing WindowsLegislature IT team had a process environments of all sizes, the companyin place that unleashed the ability to delivers solutions to meet complicatedtrack down inactive user accounts and business requirements while fulfilling theseamlessly disable or remove them. best expectations of IT professionals.Since implementing the solution, the Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.