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NetWrix Customer Case Study                                      Proactive Password Management at TandbergCustomer:       ...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                         NetWrix Customer Study                         Studythe department, it c...
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Proactive Password Management at Tandberg


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NetWrix Case Study

Published in: Technology
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Proactive Password Management at Tandberg

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Proactive Password Management at TandbergCustomer: “Since implementing the Password ExpirationTandberg Notifier, our helpdesk has seen trouble ticketsWeb relating to passwords completely disappear.”Number of Users: 700Industry: Telecom Benjamin Powell, IT Services Engineer at TandbergSolution:Identity management Understanding its global presence, Tandberg implementedProduct: a “Going Green” initiative, which was designed to improvePassword Expiration Notifier the company’s energy efficiency while, at the same time, reduce its overall carbon footprint in the workplace.Vendor:NetWrix Corporation In order to stay up to date with its innovative productsPhone: 888-638-9749 and maintain its progressive environmental stance, theWeb Site: majority of Tandberg’s employees work either remotely or from home offices. While this environmentally friendlyCustomer Profile:Tandberg is a leading global focus has helped in the global plight to reduce carbonprovider of telepresence, high– emissions, the company’s IT department has discovereddefinition videoconferencing and that utilizing remote workplaces has also created ongoingmobile video products and services.Tandberg designs, develops and problems with password expiration. The IT team atmarkets systems and software Tandberg had experienced its trouble tickets relating tofor video, voice and data. The passwords soar while seeing an increase in downtimecompany provides sales, support among its remote users.and value–added services in morethan 90 countries worldwide. Challenge: Expiring Passwords Increase Support Costs, Impacts Productivity Password expiration is the frequent cause of many IT support issues. At Tandberg, the IT team was spending a great deal of time answering support calls from users who needed to reset their passwords. Although considered routine work for Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studythe department, it consumed a significant customizable notification e-mails to theamount of time that would have been account owners.better spent on other IT projects. Tandberg The tool also sends summary reports tosought a product that would Netwrix system administrators by e-mail. ArmedCustomer Case Study “Since implementing with such a tool, administrators at Tandbergthe Password Expiration Notifier, our soon discovered that they were able tohelpdesk has seen trouble tickets relating proactively resolve password expirationto passwords completely disappear.” issues for their users.Benjamin Powell, IT Services Engineer atTandberg NetWrix Customer Case Study “Since implementing NetWrix’s Passwordnotify users about expiring passwords Expiration Notifier, our helpdesk haswhile providing them with ample time to seen trouble tickets relating to passwordschange those passwords, and to avoid extra completely disappear,” said Benjaminhelp desk calls while reducing subsequent Powell, IT Services Engineer at Tandberg.related costs to the company. Tandberg’s IT “This product has been a life-saver, notteam discovered first-hand that passwords only to our IT staff, but to our remote usersthat are not changed within required by practically eliminating down-time.”timeframes can cause productivity losses,and sometimes disruptions of critical About NetWrix Corporationservices. Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation provides innovative andSolution: Password Expiration cost-effective solutions that simplify andNotifier automate the management of WindowsThe Tandberg IT team turned to networks. With in-depth knowledgePassword Expiration Notifier to solve the and experience managing Windowsabovementioned problem. This product environments of all sizes, the companyperiodically checks all users in the specified delivers solutions to meet complicatedActive Directory domain to detect ones business requirements while fulfillingwhose passwords are about to expire in a the best expectations of IT professionals.specified number of days, and then sends Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.