Cost-effective Password Management in a Large University Environment


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NetWrix Case Study

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Cost-effective Password Management in a Large University Environment

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Cost-effective Password Management in a Large University Environment We chose NetWrix Password Manager, and that was the rightCustomer:University of California, San decision.”FranciscoWeb Site: Kraig Kluba, manager of Windows Server Support Teamwww.uscf.eduNumber of Users: 17,000Industry: Education A group of about one hundred IT professionals at UCSF drive IT activities daily, managing the University’s networking environment. They supportSolution: almost 17,000 Windows and Mac users at more than a dozen differentIdentity Management sites belonging to the University. As a part of their security improvementProduct: program, the IT team at UCSF implemented stronger password policies.NetWrix Password Manager Eventually, this created many password incidents and increased support costs, so the IT team sought a way to minimize these costs whileVendor: maintaining a convenient environment for users.NetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 Challenge: Strong Password Policies Introduced New SupportWeb Site: CostsCustomer Profile: The IT team spent a great deal of time answering support callsThe University of California, San from users who needed to reset their passwords. This routine workFrancisco (UCSF) is a leadinguniversity dedicated to defining consumed a significant amount of time that would have been betterhealth worldwide through advanced spent on other IT projects. Of course, the IT team could have hiredbiomedical research, graduate-level more personnel to handle these incidents, but budget constraints dideducation in the life sciences and not allow for this expensive resolution. Thus, the team needed to find ahealth professions, and excellence solution that could help them survive the new security patient care. Solution: Automated Password Management The UCSF IT team turned to Password Manager to solve the above- mentioned problem. This product gives end users the ability to securely troubleshoot their password-related issues without the help of IT professionals or the IT help desk. This allows organizations to Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyimplement strong password policies in their Active “Password Manager was a big step to increasingDirectory environments, while keeping costs at the productivity and security,” Kraig said. “I seesame level. Thanks to Password Manager, when a perfect fit without any extra complications.users cannot log in or access network resources, Moreover, product support is great: I can’t waitinstead of picking up the phone and disturbing to tell them how appreciative we are of theirthe IT department, they can use a Web browser or responsiveness.”logon prompt to perform necessary actions with About NetWrix Corporationtheir user accounts, that is, resetting passwords,unlocking accounts, and even determining the Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationreason accounts became locked out. provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify and automate“We couldn’t wait any longer to spend our time the management of Windows networks.on routine work and were seeking solutions for With in-depth knowledge and experienceWeb-based password resets,” said Kraig Kluba, managing Windows environments of allthe manager of the Windows Server Support sizes, the company delivers solutions toTeam. “We chose NetWrix Password Manager, meet complicated business requirementsand that was the right decision. All of our users, while fulfilling the best expectations of ITincluding those using Macs, are able to handle professionals.their passwords with no hassle, and now we don’teven care how many incidents happen daily.” Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.