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NetWrix Customer Case Study                                        Saving Time and Manpower with Automated Active         ...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                              NetWrix Customer Study                              StudySolution: ...
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Saving Time and Manpower with Automated Active Directory Auditing


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Saving Time and Manpower with Automated Active Directory Auditing

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Saving Time and Manpower with Automated Active Directory AuditingCustomer: “Using NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter has led to anBidwells Property Consultants increase in the time that the operational staff can dedicate toWeb Site: supporting the business— the product is relied upon entirely toNumber of Users: 550 users log all changes in Active Directory.”Industry: Property management Nick Haynes, IT Manager, Bidwells Property ConsultantsSolution:Change Auditing Time was at a premium for members of the IT operations team at BidwellProduct: Property Consultants. Manpower was limited, but nonetheless essentialActive Directory Change to the improved support of business lines throughout the organization.Reporter Time that could have been spent on daily IT issues was instead dedicated to manual Active Directory management, and Bidwells decidedVendor: to begin looking for a solution that would simplify the process, in turn,NetWrix Corporation freeing up the IT staff to spend its time supporting the business in otherPhone: 888-638-9749 necessary capacities.Web Site: Challenge: Save Operations Time While Continuing toCustomer Profile: Accurately Audit All Active Directory ChangesBidwells Property Consultantsprovides a full range of professional Active Directory change management is an essential aspect of securityproperty services from a network of efforts within all AD environments. In addition, it is a mandated procedureten offices across England. As one necessary to meet the needs of many regulatory compliance auditors. As aof the largest rural land managers result, Bidwells understood the importance of adequate and accurate Activein Scotland, Bidwells manages Directory change management throughout its infrastructure. Nonetheless,over 300,000 hectares of land the organization struggled to find an efficient balance that enabled the ITand around 100,000 hectares of department to both manage the Active Directory audit process, and providecommercial and native woodland. the necessary IT support for improved business lines. Consequently, theFrom residential development company was looking for a solution that would automate accurate Activeto building consultancy, Bidwells Directory change management and allow the operations department to spendprovides an abundance of topnotch its time supporting other organizational endeavors. “We needed a tool thatservices to a wide range of would allow the operations staff to concentrate on providing support tocustomers. our business lines—not on inputting AD changes into the IT Change Log,” Haynes said. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudySolution: NetWrix Active Directory Change can suffer the consequences of limited time andReporter availability. The NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, however, saves time and money onThat’s when Bidwells’ IT department found the the resources that would otherwise have to beNetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, an Active spent auditing and reporting on AD changes. ItsDirectory auditing tool that provides automated AD, automated, detailed and accurate audit reportsGroup Policy and Exchange change reports on a daily give administrators the confidence necessarybasis. The Change Reporter has significantly decreased to spend their time supporting other necessarythe IT department’s workload by taking over as the lines of business development. Without thelone audit reporter of all Active Directory changes, implementation of an efficient AD change monitorthus allowing for a more favorable time allotment. such as the NetWrix solution, Bidwells might stillThe solution provides daily reports that track exactly be struggling with an operations department thatwho made what Active Directory changes, as well couldn’t find the time to offer a sufficient level ofas when and where the changes occurred, along support.side of the before and after values of each and everymodification—a welcome substitute for the old “In the past we have encountered issues whereprocess that required manual implementation of every accidental incorrect changes in the Activesuch occurrence. Such functionality has allowed the IT Directory have caused issues further down thedepartment to confidently rely on the NetWrix tool for line,” Haynes said. “The ability that AD Changeaccurate AD change reporting, and instead, spend its Reporter provides in being able to quickly andtime working in various other areas of support. accurately pinpoint the exact time a change was made means that these issues can be detected and“NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter was resolved faster.”identified through a simple Google search,” Haynessaid. “After downloading and installing the trial About NetWrix Corporationversion, we were so impressed that we didn’t need Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationto look elsewhere. NetWrix’s simple approach to provides innovative and cost-effective solutionsproviding tools that do exactly what they say on the that simplify and automate the management oftin made it an easy choice. With regard to the Active Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge andDirectory Change Reporter tool, the level of detail, experience managing Windows environments ofwhich would take a significant amount of time to enter all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetmanually, and the simplistic setup, are what sold it to complicated business requirements while fulfillingus.” the best expectations of IT professionals.Conclusion:Accurate and consistent Active Directory changemanagement can be a painstaking endeavor.Without ample support staff, the IT department Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.