NetWrix Customer Case Study                                        Reducing Helpdesk Workload with Self-service Password  ...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                          NetWrix Customer Study                          Studyuse and low cost. ...
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Reducing Helpdesk Workload with Self-Service Password Management


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Reducing Helpdesk Workload with Self-Service Password Management

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Reducing Helpdesk Workload with Self-service Password Management “We have reduced the volume of helpdesk calls for password resets and unlocks by 80%. This has freed up staff to perform more critical functions while empowering our users.” Murray Harris, Senior Enterprise Systems AdministratorCustomer:APN News & Media APN News & Media, one of New Zealand’s largest mediaWeb Site: companies, is known for publishing many of the region’sNumber of Users: 3,700 users prominent newspapers and radio broadcasts. With manyIndustry: Publishing locations throughout New Zealand and Australia, the IT helpdesk was responsible for support requests fromSolution: employees stationed across the region. Identity managementIdentity Management issues continued to account for much of the helpdeskProduct: workload, and end users were looking for a more efficientNetWrix Password Manager solution to common IT problems.Vendor:NetWrix Corporation Challenge: Tremendous Helpdesk Workload Caused byPhone: 888-638-9749 Forgotten Passwords and Account LockoutsWeb Site: www.netwrix.comCustomer Profile: That is when the IT department at APN News & Media foundAPN News & Media is one of the NetWrix Password Manager, a simple solution that allows self-region’s most broadly-based and service reset of forgotten passwords, as well as resolution ofsuccessful media companies. account lockouts.APN publishes New Zealand’s leadingmetropolitan newspaper, The NewZealand Herald, and is the largest “We were looking for a solution to enable our users to resetoperator of radio broadcasting and and unlock their own domain accounts in a secure fashion,outdoor advertising in Australasia, thereby reducing the load on our helpdesk,” said Murray. “Weas well as one of Australia’s leading investigated various solutions from a variety of vendors, butregional publishers. we ultimately decided to go with NetWrix because of ease of Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyuse and low cost. The total timeframe from enrollment took only one month with almostproduct purchase to implementation took only four thousand users now successfully using theone month, and rolling out the product was system.seamless and trouble-free.” Proven Result: Relieved Helpdesk andThe easy-to-deploy Password Manager gives Happy Usersend users the ability to securely manage Since implementing Password Manager, thetheir passwords and resolve account lockout IT helpdesk has noticed a steady decrease inincidents in a self-service fashion without password management issues, and users areinvolvement of helpdesk personnel. This much more satisfied with the NetWrix system.allows organizations to implement strongpassword policies in Active Directory “User feedback has been extremely positive,”environments without overloading the said Murray. “By providing our users withhelpdesk with password-related support the ability to help themselves, we have placedtickets. the power back in their hands. Now they can unlock their own accounts at the logon promptThe product uses the challenge-response and reset their own accounts remotely ifverification security system for user identity required.”verification and allows users to manage their About NetWrix Corporationpasswords manually by answering verificationquestions, such as mother’s maiden name Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationor place of birth, specified during individual provides innovative and cost-effectiveenrollment into the system. As a result, users solutions that simplify and automateno longer depend on the helpdesk to resolve the management of Windows networks.identity management issues that cripple With in-depth knowledge and experienceproductivity, and the IT department can spend managing Windows environments of allmore time working on other important tasks. A sizes, the company delivers solutions totypical self-service password reset is as simple meet complicated business requirementsas clicking a button on the extended Windows while fulfilling the best expectations of ITlogon prompt screen and answering a set of professionals.questions.In APN News & Media’s case, the wholeprocess of planning, deployment, and user Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.